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Resolved Capitol One Credit Cardstealing my money

I am a new customer of Capitol One and I got the card solely for business purchases, for travel etc. that I would be reimbursed on. The first month I payed over my minimum balance before 3pm EST and it was drafted out of my bank account the same day I payed online. My agreement states that for payments received before 3pm EST they will be posted to your available credit the following day. Not mine. It took 10 days for my available credit to increase AFTER the money was deducted from my bank account. Since I am a new customer I gave them the benefit of the doubt and assumed it was because it was my first payment. The next months bill arrived and I payed over the minimum once again before 3pm EST. Once again the same thing…….payment posted to my checking account and NOT added to my credit limit. Here it is six days later and NOT added! I have contacted them and they are giving me the run around. Basically Capitol One STEALS my money for ten or so days and then tells me that it did come out of MY checking account so I had them call my bank with me on the phone to have them tell Capitol One that YES in fact it had. I told my bank they called me a liar. My bank was horrified and guess what……Capitol One Scammers posted it to my credit limit within the hour. Needless to say I am applying for a different card today and we will see if Capitol One STEALS my money for ten days next month.

Resolved Capitol One Credit CardFraudulent Use of Credit Card

Do NOT use Capitol One Credit Cards. In January 2009, my husband paid a company a partial payment for a building he was having constructed with our credit card. He had previously paid two other amounts to the company by cashiers' check. We have a statement from them showing two amounts were paid and the total that was due. The company changed hands and in May 2009 they charged our Capitol One for one of the amounts that had already been paid without any authorization from us since it wasn't due. They just used the card number from the January transaction. Unfortunately my husband paid it with cashier checks and didn't keep a copy, however, we had the statements showing it was paid. We never authorized anything on our credit card except for the one amount in January. In June 2009 the same company but with a different name charged another amount to our credit card. This was fraudulent and unauthorized use of our credit card. It would be no different than someone stealing my card from my purse and using it. When I protested and sent Capitol One numerous documents, including an e-mail stating that the company had received the money, they still gave the company the money and charged my account. I am going to seek legal action to fix this because none of my calls or letters have been successful. They just continue to let anyone charge unauthorized charges on my card. Even the company names aren't the same but that doesn't seem to matter to them. By the way, I changed my credit card number so they couldn't charge on the old one again, however Capitol One changed the charges to my new number so that helped a lot too. Do not use Capitol One!!!

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    chatty45 Aug 22, 2009

    Capital One is a bad choice for credit card services. Was late on pmt, then turned to collections for $3500.00. It ruined my credit..when I paid the account in full capitol one promised to remove report from Equafax, , report still remains after 2 years of dispute. After Capital One excepted my money this company refuses to remove from my credit report??

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