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BWP Magsits a scam

iwas called late at night and told thruogh my credit card companyi won a$1000 dollar shopping spree. gave up my card number and thanfound out that it wasbwp magsand had to pay $1000 dollars tried to back out than but they told me it was to late. and proceded to go on with the rest of the so called deal. dont be scamed like i wasshopping spree ended up being rip off to select your gift.comm itall is one bigb scam.

BWP Magsbwp mags

them broke ### lazey people can't make there own money so they still from the innocent i wish could meet them face to face so could brake there face but they do it from a distance cause there cowards

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    nes Jan 21, 2009

    hi. ive beeen a victim of this magazine publisher, and for more than 5 months theyve been ripping me off on my account although ive told them that the offer that was told to me was to pay only ONCE for $49.90 for the 20 months of subscription. i feel so stupid now for giving my account and i read online that im not the only one who suffered from their misleading offer. i read one that said that she changed her bank account number the next day. but in my case, i have signed a letter from them and i recalled on that letter, they will only ask me once for the $49.90 amount ONCE and i can have the magazines every month. i mean, they offered really good magazines but the way they informed you over the phone and letter is quite outrageous. so ive decided myself that today, im going to try changing my bank account too . but i wonder in legal matter if they can sue me because ive signed a letter to them? though the letter was quite misleading and different from what theyve been doing months already...

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BWP MagsCannot cancel

We noticed an amount of 49.90 taken out of our account from BWP Mags...called the bank and they gave us this number. Called the number and was informed that we had authorized this account over the phone. We told them that we had not so they gave us another number. The second person was quite rude and informed us that they had confirmed our account over the phone and that we could not cancel the subscription. This means that we will be charged 50/month for 2 years and we cannot cancel...I somehow doubt that is legal. She told us that we had a 2 week period that we could have cancelled... convenient how it takes a month to post to our account and 6 weeks to receive the magazines...far too late to do anything about it. Is there anyway that they can hold us to a 2 yr agreement if we didn't know the policy (as it was not stated over the phone) and it is not in writing?