Budget Truck Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Budget Truckcustomer service

Budget Truck doesn't properly maintain their vehicles. If you value your life and sanity, don't you dare rent from Budget Truck! It is the most mismanaged vehicle rental company in the world. I was assigned a truck that broke down on me suddenly at 70 miles per hour on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, leaving me stranded on a portion of the road with no shoulder. Within minutes, I was side-swiped by another truck. I could have been killed. Their 'roadside assistance' (snort) arrived after a few hours and the mechanic told me that the fuel filter was 'clogged beyond belief', but that he didn't have a spare. He did the best he could with an air compressor and re-installed it. The truck actually made it another 50 miles before limping into the Budget Truck place in West Virginia. After waiting for hours with no decision from Budget 'customer service' [snort-chuckle], the dealer let me take one of his other trucks so I could make my freight pickup in Ohio that afternoon. After making my pickup with minutes to spare, that truck died too. Six hours later, the 'roadside assistance' had that truck's alternator replaced and I had to drive all the way back to West Virginia to pick up my original cargo. Budget refused to pay for anyone to transfer the cargo from my first truck to the second, so I had to do it myself - 10, 000 lbs. By myself. In the middle of the night. By hand. It took me 7 hours, and in the process I slipped and fell, nearly breaking my leg.

So I proceed to call Budget 'customer service' [yeah right] repeatedly for the next few weeks, begging to speak to someone in authority who could provide some level of compensation for my troubles. I could never get past the unintelligible low-level clock-watchers who always seemed to have to 'go ax their supervisor' for every little thing, couldn't make a decision, were quick to charge my credit card, slow to credit it back, and in all respects splendid examples of why customer service in this country is a joke.

Budget Truck is a company that deserves to go out of business. Do not rent from them.

Resolved Budget Truckbad service

I rented a sixteen foot moving truck from your franchise in Southfield MI. I reserved the vehicle in November and picked it up on December 28th to move the remaining household goods from Michigan to Atlanta. My son and I departed at 5:30am Monday morning in a truck that was so loud in the cabin we could not speak to each other and had an oil gauge registering 80 from the beginning.

At 2pm that same day the truck began swerving on I-75 in Tennessee approximately 35 miles north of Knoxville. I thought we had blown a tire and my son began to panic as we slowed down on the freeway and pulled to the side. When we got out, smoke was coming out of the engine department and the front passenger wheel was sitting at a 45 degree angle. We were fortunate we did not have a tragic accident. The truck SHOULD NOT have been released for a rental of that distance if at all. This represents an act of total negligence on behalf of your company.

What ensued was many hours of constant lies, on-hold times and disrespect. We waited on the side of I-75 for 4 hours for a tow to arrive. The garage said there was no way to fix the vehicle. Backup trucks were nowhere to be seen. More promises that were lies. I had to drive 30 miles to pick up the replacement at noon the next day. The move crew shows up an hour after we move and leave. NEVER rent a Budget truck, un-safe trucks and zero service.