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Bright House NetworksPitiful Service

I have experienced one failure after another and am absolutely frustrated with Bright House at their complete failure to correct customer service and technical related issues.

Back in the fall of 2009, on the day of my installation, I was held hostage by your installer, from approximately 11a until 9:30p. Unfortunately, when he arrived and installed my cable at my new home he failed to do it properly. He failed to confirm before leaving my home that the service was working appropriately. After he left my home, I discovered that I had no service. I phoned Bright House and spoke with a dispatcher who advised me that she was not certain she could have someone come out the same day. She offered me an appointment later in the week, however, I advised that I was not willing to take a day off of work. She then advised me that she would contact the original installer to see if he could make it back to my home. He left my place at approximately 9:30p after apologizing that he installed incorrectly.

When Brent was installing my service on 8/22 my parents were also present as I was also moving in boxes, etc. from my previous house. Brent advised us of a “referral” bonus of $25.00. My parents had mentioned they were interested in moving from DirecTv as their contract was expiring. At the time, Bright House was running a promotion where both parties would receive a $25.00 credit once the switch was complete and the accounts remained active for 30 or 60 days. Brent advised us that we should not request the credit until we both submitted service orders for new service. Well, trying to get this credit was a nightmare. We were advised that we were required to request this credit when I activated my account, however, we were advised that my parents should request the credit for I and my parents when they ordered new service. First, my dad went round and round with Bright House and eventually gave up. More so than the $25.00 credit was what I felt the principle of the whole matter, so I took up the fight. Because I wanted everything documented I began to correspond via your online customer service department. This is when I began to get many different responses on how we didn’t follow the appropriate steps to how we did not order the services which resulted in the credit - even though the refer a friend or family email advertisement I had certainly stated as such. After a number of emails back and forth, on 11/20/09 a Supervisor in the online customer service department issued ME the 25.00 credit but not my parents account. And so it goes…to date, my parents have yet to receive their credit. For your comedic relief, I’ve enclosed the email chain.

When I received my statement in December, I noticed the following credit:
11/20 Service Interruption - 28.72

On December 16, 2009 I contacted Bright House and spoke to a nice young lady. I was inquiring about the “service interruption” adjustment of 28.72 as I had not experienced a service interruption. To me, a service interruption indicates that my service was interrupter for some reason, but I wanted to make sure my account was not being shown as interrupted for non-pay. The lady to whom I spoke indicated that the credit was not for a “family/friend” referral, it was for the service issues for which you have experienced since installation of new service. I advised her that I felt it was the “family /friend” credit that the online customer service supervisor issued as the date was the same as when I last communicated with him. She assured me that he had not issued the “friend/family” credit and that she would send him an email and ask him to do it. This note is on my account as I confirmed as such on 12/29/09 with the representative. To date, I have not received a credit (even though I do now believe this is what the 28.72 is for (with taxes)) nor did I receive a follow up call as she indicated I would with an explanation from the Supervisor. UPDATE 1/27/10: Finally received agreed upon referral credits to both accounts.

Moving on, I have 3 receivers in my home. Two digital receivers and one DVR receiver. Since my initial installation, with the 2 digital receivers, almost daily or at least every other day, I have some sort of issue with each of the boxes (both are PACE boxes). In one instance screens fail to load on my new televisions, the navigator guide stays in a “loading” mode continuously or I cannot tell from the tv display what channel I’m tuned to. Almost daily or at least every other day, I’ve had to unplug the receiver and allow it to reset itself after 5 or 10 minutes. Sometimes the reset works, sometimes it does not and I begin the reset process all over again. On 2 occasions, I contacted Bright House and had them walk me through a reset. Your technician advised me that they have many issues with the PACE boxes. She advised me that I could “upgrade” my boxes by returning them to the Bright House office. I said ok, but had not had the opportunity to get to your local office. I reset the boxes and again in a day or two later, I experience the same issues.

This brings me to December 29, 2009. Today, I decide I’m going to exchange my two PACE boxes for the “upgraded” boxes your technician advised me I could do previously. I took a ride to your Sanford, FL location. I asked the representative if I could replace my two units for the newer/upgraded version. She indicated they did not have the upgraded version at this location, however, she could give me 2 new PACE boxes - the same boxes BRIGHT HOUSE knows are faulty - or she could contact the office near UCF to see if they have the newer models available. She attempted to call 2 numbers at the UCF location and neither location was anyone available to speak. The UCF location is approximately 25 miles from my home. I opted to take 2 PACE units. She advised me that I would need to call to have them activated. I asked her if she had another customer service number so that I did not have to wait on hold as I did yesterday for a period of over 25 minutes. She indicated she did not have another number. In frustration, I then advised her of all of the issues I had been experiencing since installation. When I advised her that I was awaiting a call back on a billing issue, she indicated that customer service representatives do not call customers back, only supervisors. I said, it is a supervisor who is supposed to be contacting me. I then asked her why Bright House would distribute cable boxes they know are inferior and do not provide the product or service as advertised. She then stated “I don’t make those decisions”. We do have other boxes, however, not at this location. My question to you is, “why would Bright House continue to distribute these boxes if there are wide-spread and known issues”?

When I arrived home, I installed the 2 new PACE boxes. They seemed to be working fine at the moment, however, one of them I am unable to read the time or the current channel in the display area. I then phoned Bright House as advised by the technician at the office to make sure my boxes were appropriately activated. I advised Bill that the channels seemed to be working fine, however, advised him of the display issue. I asked him if he could contact the UCF location to see if they had 2 newer models in stock. He indicated he could not contact them but would provide me with their contact number - [protected]. I advised Bill that this was the same number at which I contacted him. He laughed and said “you’re right, they must have changed it”. I’m going to have to place you on hold to see if I can find you another number. After approximately 10 minutes or so, Bill returned to the line to advise that he had 2 internal numbers (cannot be given to customers). He tried both of these lines and both went to voice mail. He then indicated that must be the reason they changed the numbers for customers because they don’t have enough staff to handle the call volume as well as the customer walk-ins. So, Bill comes back to me with no solutions. He advises me that he could have a technician deliver new boxes to me, however, he could not guarantee that they would not be the same PACE models. I then inquired as to my call on 12/16 and the reason that the Supervisor had not yet returned my phone call. He stated that he did see that the representative I spoke to indicated on my account that she emailed supervisor Craig asking him to issue me the credit, but Bill was not sure why he had not issued the credit nor responded to her email. After approximately 75 minutes on the line with Bill, I gave up.

In closing, for 4 months I have received nothing but the runaround from your organization. I have spent countless hours online, on the phone and in person trying to resolve service related issues. I have encountered many employees who have empathized with my issues and even some who have agreed, however, not a single individual has taken ownership of my issues. It seems as if I’m just offered lip service. “Yes, I agree with you“, “I wish there was something I could do for you“, “I don’t make those decisions“, etc.

I’m paying for a product or service that Bright House cannot stand behind.

I’m afraid that Bright House will not be able to drive down their customer service costs, which I know must be exorbitant, until issues such as I’ve outlined here are rectified. Again, I know it is quite costly to acquire a new customer and is not in the best interest of Bright House should a customer drop their service within a short period of time. I’m one who is seriously contemplating a switch to another provider who might be able to meet my needs in regard to entertainment and television.

Fast forward. Upon my sending of the above letter to Corporate I did receive a call back from a manager in the Bright House Resolution Department. He was kind, professional and apologized for my experience. He then set an appointment for a technician to visit my home. 2 cable boxes were switched out and things seemed to be better for a couple months, however, it was still necessary to unplug one of the boxes continuously so that I could determine what channel I was tuned to, to have the navigator guide appear, etc.

It is now July, 2010. I have replaced several of my boxes, both DVR and HD, by either dropping it off at their service location or replaced by a technician. Two weeks ago, my DVR box deleted my recorded shows and the channels began to freeze. I went to the service center to have the box replaced. When I returned home the channels continued to freeze, I was unable to record anything, etc. I called Bright House again, waited on hold for approximately 15 minutes. The service representative scheduled another appointment for a technician to come out. Signal was strong, but the 2nd box he installed did not work either. He went to his truck and retrieved yet another box. This one worked and seems to be working ok now. Prior to him leaving the home, I asked him to check the last PACE box on another set. I advised him that I have to unplug the set approximately 1 time per week. He indicated "the Pace box is the original cable boxes used by Bright House and are known to malfunction". This is at least the 3rd Bright House employee to tell me the same thing about the Pace box. He advised me that I could return it for another brand. I did just that, at least my 4th visit to the service center in 6 months. This time, the representative gave me a Scientific Atlantic box.

I haven't even commented yet on the level of service at the Bright House office. Their representatives are rude and extremely unprofessional and can give two hoots about you. I've had the same rep on two visits and I'm not sure how she has remained an employee. Very poor attitudes, no apology for issues, etc. Each time, just to make myself feel better, I asked them "why does Bright House continue to deliver set top boxes (PACE specifically) if they have known issues?" And the general response is "I don't make those decisions."

I cannot begin to describe the frustration experienced with the Bright House company. My brother and his wife have experienced the same issues, both with their cable and attitudinal employees. Likewise, employees at my place of employment have experienced similar issues. I am baffled at the lack of caring and failure to take complete ownership. And in the end, for all of my issues, Bright House has not ONCE offered any compensation for any of these inconveniences - not one! Not a simple 25.00 courtesy credit, etc. I've spent countless hours either driving to their service location, waiting for/on repair personnel, waiting on hold and even taking extra time off work because of a product and service failure.

My sister-in-law and I were talking about how we just call them and/or visit their service location and simply just say "yes, thank you" because you know your expectations will not be met.

Companies want to know why customers churn. Well, until they deliver a solid product - including customer service - they will always be grinding their gears and continue to fight for customers, scratching their heads all the while wondering why customers continue to take their business elsewhere. Why haven't we left Bright House if we're so unhappy? We're simply waiting for another competitor who will deliver service to our community very soon.

Bright House NetworksOvercharged

I paid two months in advance to turn on my service. And I was told that I would only have to connect my equipment and it would work. I did as they requested and when I did nothing worked. (No surprise there). That also told me it would cost $29.00 to have a technician come to my home to fix it. This took place in April of 2008. I was not able to meet with the tech until August. But in August I scheduled the tech to come out and they got 1 of my TV's working out of 4. And sent me a bill for $190.00. After 8 days they shut off my service and said I owed those 270.00. Again I have had service for 8 DAYS. And not all of my equipment works .I am a sounded that a company can be allowed to do business like this in America.

I will be seeking a Small Claims suit against Bright House Networks to get back the money I paid in advance plus time and mental duress from speaking with customer service for hours. I would also welcome a Class Action Lawsuit to make the responsible for the deceptive billing practices they seem to make there lively hood.

Bright House NetworksPosting Payment to Account

I received a notice about my account being past due on this months statement. I had paid my bills using online banking for a little over four months now. I remembered paying that bill. When I opened my bill, I received a large number of flyers informing me that my account was seriously past due. I started going through my online account and found that I did indeed pay this bill the same way I always had. I tried to contact customer care. They requested a bank statement to show proof of my claim, which I provided. It took forever for them to let me know what was going on with my account, so I decided to go to my local office.

There one of the people insisted it was my banks fault (even though they have received this payment the same way 3 times earlier). Then when i showed proof of where the payment was received by them, she insisted that electronic payments were not truly electronic, that they were still mailed a check. I did not understand this because my bank has a way of stating whether they did the transaction electronically or by mailing of a check.

It wasn't until after some time that another person came to the counter and explained that something had happened at the payment center and that it was their fault the payment did not get credited. They would remove the late fee and that was it.

I contacted customer care again to find out exactly what happened to my payment. I did not want this to happen in the future. I receive an email telling me that was inside information and just to know that my account had been credited. I am happy that my bill is not past due, but I do not like the way they handle the posting of their payments or the way they handle a past due account. I had never missed a payment in my 5 years with them. If they had sent notice prior to the next billing cycle or looked into this once they saw a pretty consistent account had missed a payment...maybe I would not be looking at dish network or direct tv right now.

If you have an option over Bright House, I would say take your other option. Between the constant elimination of channels, rate increases, and lack of respect for their paying customers, I don't think they are the company for you or me.

Bright House NetworksDigital Phone

They have the worst service in the world. I would not recommend them to anyone. The workers are lazy and the customer service reps. are rude. I have went a month without service due to error on their part. Guess what it is out again. Supervisors never call you back. Corporate never replys to your email and it is a waste of time. AT&T prices are a little bit high but you would never have this much trouble with their service. They are a rip off and I would really advise you to use two cans with a string rather than deal with them!!!

  • Bh
    BHouseIsAIDS May 12, 2009

    Agree! Everything about them is terrible. It is borderline criminal how awful they are. They only survive because they are the only option in some areas. How anyeone who works there can sleep at night is beyond me.

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  • Sp
    Sparks123 Aug 10, 2009

    Totally Agree. I used to think their service was a joke but I'm no longer laughing at how consistently I lose internet service and how often premium channels are unwatchable due to what can only be described as at best extreme pixelation and at worst complete seperation of audio and video and entire blocks of video not refreshing on the screen. By the way whats the point of DVR if they come replace your box every 2 months?

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  • Mi
    Mikey-Boy Mar 05, 2010

    It's true. Overpriced, unreliable service and the customer service is more like customer "disservice" or disdain. I'd love to see the FCC shut 'em down and let a good provider in.

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  • Ce
    Central Florida Oct 13, 2010

    I agree, I too have been considering canceling service. There aren't many other options in my area, but I would consider DISH Network or AT&T even if the cost is higher because maybe the customer service would be better. It's sad that a consumer would be willing to pay higher fees just to have decent service.
    The worst part, however, is the customer service. Very rude, unhelpful, condescending. I will be switching the first chance I get.

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Bright House NetworksTerrible company

I have been with BH CFL for 3 years. I have a bundle including phone, cable and DSL. I have been having problems with them over the last few months. Not only billing issues but also cable and connectivity issues as well. It takes at minimum 20 minutes to get through to a customer service person which tells me they are not only having issues with me.

I had my wife speak with them tonight because I could no longer deal with their incompetence. She has a communications major so I thought maybe she could make some sense out of what they were trying to tell us.
They are requiring people to pay a month in advance and had interrupted my on demand services due to the fact that my advance payment was 7 days late. Now keep in mind that I have been with them for 3 years and have never missed a payment. They are trying to tell me that I am one payment behind however can't show me when I missed a payment. I have record of every payment I made to them on each month. I refuse to pay for their services a month in advance and that I obviously what they are trying to accomplish.

After 20 minutes on the phone I took the phone from my wife and finally decided to cancel service. It is a shame that a monopoly can treat loyal customers like crap. I will switch over to DISH and hopefully have better luck with them. I would recommend not using BH services to anyone. I also use them for my business and I will be canceling that as well.

  • Ma
    MadassduetoBH Jun 11, 2011

    Bh is the biggest imposter of business I know. I have have had this HORRIBLE service for awhile and it has finally come to an end of using their services, they shouldn't even be taken "AIR' orders. This company has the most incompetent customer service reps, supervisors, team leads, Im only here to get a paycheck so don't bother me employees it is UNREAL. I have paid several times thru the automated system with a check and it never comes out of my account and they have the audacity to say it was an "NSF" r u kidding me??? I had to get several letters from my bank saying the payment was never presented for payment-no record of submission for payment. Then they have the nerve to say im being charged 10.00 for a non-collect fee, what the ?????? they said they sent me a letter, uuugggghhh I get all of my mail I advised I never received this ghost letter your claiming you sent. Then I ask a rep if she could tell me my billing cycle so I can pay to avoid late fees, would you believe she could not find the darn thingy???????? And the endorsement of J D Powers and Asocciates has rated BH the number 1 company for customer service was a slap in the face. My God this company needs to be indicted for lies and poor services to all who have been affected. I wouldn't recommend them to be set up in a graveyard, my experience with BH has been aweful, bitter, sickning, and any other useless vowel ive missed. Please choose your communication companies wisely for your family entertainment because this one is a JOKE!!!

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  • Ve
    veronica esquivel Apr 20, 2013


    ACCNT: 0989705-01 CUSTOMER CODE: 6712


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  • Bright house is a horrible company's there employees are not well trained, make up lies, the management team are pathetic and have no clue. They took on more services then they are capable of handling. When they were Time Warner I had absolutely had no issues and had them over 25 years been with Bright house 15 years because they at
    the only cable providers and Internet provider in my area nightmare experience ever since . I am not alone many of my friends and neighbors have exact same issues and they never can be resolved. Have had about 50 service calls to my residence in last two years and have not resolved issues. Only meet with resistance and lies and more lies. I've read so many of consumer complaints posts about them and the stories people are telling are all similar to the issues I had so definitely they are garbage. It is a shame since they control our telephone as well they don't fall under the department of public utilities...

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Bright House NetworksThey turn off cable at the drop of a hat

Today I awoke to find all my cable and phones services shut off due to a past due balance of a little more than 50 dollars. I admit that I forgot to pay this but having been a customer for many years using three services, cable, phone and internet, I did not suspect that they would simply cut off all services. They informed me that they had no control of this because the computer automatically shuts you off. The machines at Brighthouse are in control. I promised Brighthouse that I would let others know about this. Watch out for this company.

  • Ca
    cable vent Oct 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree... I see computers... there everywhere... watch out before they come into your home and monitor everything you are doing. The computer will come in and turn off your power even though you have paid your power bill for the last 20 years...

    Scary stuff!!!


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  • Gi
    Ginger Mar 14, 2009

    I always wonder. If they can disconnect you at their office, why can't they reconnect you so easily? They charge you $30+ to come out to do a reconnect. What? Can't your computer just flip the switch again?? Or is this just a way to jerk more money out of you?

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  • Ro
    robinwp Mar 19, 2009

    They also send goons to come collect equipment a couple of days later. Dont understand why they do this if they want to keep you business.

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  • Ly
    lynn123 Dec 03, 2009

    im a brighthouse custon and bighthouse take off 51and52 and53 and i watch them.

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  • Ly
    lynn123 Dec 03, 2009

    Im somebody who get51 and52 and53 and their weretake off.

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  • Mi
    Mikey-Boy Mar 05, 2010

    Been with Time Warner and now BH for years. These people are pretty much crooks. I guess it says something about me to stay with them so long. Anyway, I think I'll finally bail. Poor service on all fronts, even worse customer service. And I've spent thousands of dollars for this?!?! Time to move on.

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Bright House NetworksIncorrect payment information, not recording payments to Brighthouse

I have received a letter from Credit Protection Association stating that they have not received any payments for my Bright House account. I have made the payments to Bright House and Credit Protection has not credited me for them. The payment address is to Bright House.

Credit Protection states they have turned me over to the a nationwide credit company for non-payment even though I am paying.