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Blue Star Directunauthorized withdrawl from checking

Good morning,
To begin, I called [protected] spoke with Kirt advised about non-authorization for my banking account to be "hit" for $15. Kirt hung-up without assisting. Second call made to [protected], spoke with Veronica, she said this transaction was authorized 11/12/09 @ 3:39pm. I had been on various sites to inquire about "payday loans", she said in doing so your company charged this as a fee. Nonetheless, she cancelled the "membership" today, conformation #140187. I do not want to see any charges on my account.

Inquiring about Blue star Direct, there are numerous complaints, I do not want to be another in a pending class action suit.

Should you wish to speak with me further, call [protected].

  • El
    ELENA Oct 09, 2008
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  • Ol
    Olivia Feb 19, 2009

    They ripped me off of $20 to my checking account. I reached them by phone, and they kept me on the line with music for a solid hour, then 2 different individuals got on, and insulted me.

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  • Me
    melissa scarberry Dec 30, 2009

    i also had blue star take money out of my account and when i called they would tell me they tried to put money back into my account and it wouldn't go back into the account i would have to contact the nevada address to get my refund. i sent them a letter three weeks ago and still have not heard anything

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  • Me
    melissa scarberry Dec 30, 2009

    i think something should be done to the company so they don't keep ripping people off.

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Resolved Blue Star DirectUnauthorized charges

I checked my bank account and an 8.95 debit from Bluestar Direct was listed! I have never even heard of this company!! When I try to call them about it, no one will answer the phone, I just get put on hold!!!

  • Ro
    ron s Jan 29, 2009

    bluse star direct is taking money out of my account without permision how can i stop it

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  • Be
    becca Feb 27, 2009

    I just discoverd a ach debit form this company i never heard from they ever.

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  • Bi
    BIG D Feb 27, 2009


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  • Mi
    Michelle D Jul 21, 2009

    Does anyone have a phone number for this company, they took two $20 debits from my checking account in ten days time and i have never heard of them. My charge just says Bluestar that's it and I am freaking out because I have this USA company billing me for like 5 charges for identity theft protection and I never signed up for any of them. One charge was for USA Credit for $149.95 and when I called them they were rude as hell and basically laughed in my face, said they'd cancel and when I asked what about the money they said they were keeping it and when I asked what I was going to get for it they told me straight up, not one thing. This has gotten so bad that I had to cancel my checking account. I think what started it was looking for an online checking acct advance and all these service companies come up and you can click yes you want it or no you don't. But when you click no, you get stuck there and you can't get out of the program or it will let you go on and you get charged anyway even though you specifically said you were not interested in their products. That is how they got my financial info and it was the stupidest thing I have ever done. So far it has cost me well over $1000 between the charges and all the NSF fees that my bank has charged and now the bank is mad because I am calling them every day with more of these charges and they are sick of it and finally I got ahold of someone with some sense who suggested closing the account and opening a new one. Had they suggested this after the first 2 or 3 charges I wouldn't have lost so much money. I live pay check to pay check like a lot of people and I had an emergency with my car breaking down which was why I was looking for a cash advance. If you needed to borrow money why in the name of all that is holy would you spend several hundred dollars on junk you don't need and don't want? It makes no sense but now I have to go file a police report, call the FCC and fill out all this paper work and there is no guarantee that my bank will give me one dime. The first few times they gave me back the money and the fees I was charged but after the fourth charge came in, the one for $149.95, that one they would not even investigate. Those people are good, they billed it in such a way that it can't be charged back. I would have to get a lawyer and file a civil suit, which would cost a couple grand, to get back my $149.95. And as for the rest, until I do all the crap they have asked me to do, no demanded I do, I am stuck and at their mercy as to whether they will help me or not. Somebody needs to put a stop to this crap they have going for these online loans. You're not even dealing with an online loan company but you are giving them all your info and then these sneaky little companies stick their advertisements in there and they have access to you banking info and next thing you know your bank account is empty. There has to be a law against this and if not, then they need to pass one. Yeah you can dispute charges made on your debit check cards but if they use your actual checking account numbers instead you can get stuck. The worst part is having your own bank, who knows this is all crap and that you didn't order any of this stuff, charging you $37.50 a pop for every charge that puts you into the negative in your bank account and refusing to even remove those charges. The banks have sure changed in the last couple years. They are just cold blooded. I hope that no one else is as stupid as me and gives out their private information like I did. I don't know if I will ever get any of that money back and I am not in a position where I can afford to just lose $1000. Be careful. And if you want to order anything on the net buy one of those prepaid visa cards and use that, don't use you bank cards or your own credit cards. One more piece of advice, be very careful about trying out stuff for 2 weeks to a month, like the acai or make up or lotions, be very very careful and for goodness sakes stay away from the identity theft protection services or the so called grants that people say they can help you with. They supposedly give you 2 weeks to try the product and if you don't like it, you call them, they give you an RMA number and you mail it back. If they say they didn't get it or the really good one, they don't send you the info you need to call and cancel and the next thing you know you are involved in monthly charge usually anywhere from $70-$100 a month per product. Be very careful these people have a license to steal because you have no way to prove when your two weeks started and they will nail you to the wall with these charges. It's a bad world out there now, people are stealing your money in ways you never would have thought possible. BE careful

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  • Dr
    drhult Jan 27, 2010

    unauthorized charged online by bluestar direct online. once a week $35 charges.

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