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Resolved Big Block KennelsTerrible company

One week ago we received a puppy that we bought from Ann and Everett of Big Block Kennels. The entire process just to get the puppy on the plane to California was a nightmare, they procrastinated and lied about putting the puppy on the plane the first time (Saturday) and then finally he flew out Monday. We were told he was a teacup maltipoo that would grow to 3 pounds. We paid $1300 thinking it was accurate and worth the money. When he got here he seemed a little bigger then we expected and not the size she originally showed us in a video via email. However, he was happy and energetic. Yesterday we saw a bug crawling on his crate and decided to clean it out only to find it infested with roaches. We immediately panicked and I jumped on the internet to do a little research about Big Block only to find multiple bad reviews from previous customers with sick puppies who died. This morning is the first time he would not eat and so I took him to the vet only to find he is already 3 pounds at 6 weeks old!! She originally told me he was 11 weeks when we corresponded via email. He also was tested for parasites and came up positive for a parasite that is contracted from infected water and dirty environment. I am absolutely sure she is running a puppy mill or possibly something worse. I am devastated about what has happened. Please DO NOT buy from her!!!

Big Block KennelsSeller lied about puppy breed and size

Seller/supposed breeder disclosed that we were buying a tiny teacup maltipoo. The dog is friggin huge and had worms.

While we like the dog, it's not what we paid for or were told we were getting. We spent a lot of money for an animal that was not what it was represented to be.


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    Elaine Summerhill Nov 20, 2008
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    Next time, invest your money in a pure bred dog from a reputable breeder. Malti-poos are nothing more than a cross of two breeds. They are mutts. Let me state, I have nothing against mutts. We have one. However, you need to know that a reputable breeder does not pass off malti-poos, goldendoodles, etc. are purebreds. Mixing two purebreds, a purebred does not make.

    Please do your homework!

    For more information on how to find a puppy and a good breeder, please see some of the links at, specifically under the heading, "Ethics, etc."

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  • Ev
    everllong Nov 22, 2008

    Mr. Trammel,

    Now by " huge" do you mean your puppy will end up weighing 5 lbs instead of 3? You are a bit vague and unless you are God no one can really know for sure how big a dog will get. The best anyone can do is an educated guess based on size of parents, size of siblings and size of puppies in past litters by same parents. So unless your puppy ends up weighing (say for instance) more than twice what the estimate was, you really shouldn't be that picky. It's a puppy not a car.

    And to Ms. Summerhill,

    Hmmm... I don't see anywhere in the complaint the mention of the word pedigree. You apparently like to seek unrelated venues to try and discourage people from finding a puppy they like. Not everyone is interested in a purebred. A reputable maltipoo breeder will, for instance, only breed first generation crosses and the parents WILL be purebreds. Your comment does not at all address the actual complaint, and you seem to think the complaint was based on the Mr. Trammell's desire to have a purebred dog. Get off your soapbox unless you have some positive suggestions to make. There's nothing wrong with a crossbreed dog. My sister raises and shows several of the top Welsh Corgis in this country and she does not share your attitude. Lighten up.

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  • B2
    b2537 Jan 11, 2009

    That is the problem with "designer dogs" they are essentially mutts and you have no way of knowing what you are getting. Either get a purebred from a good breeder or go to the shelter and take your chances. Don't pay good money for a mutt and then complain that it wasn't what it was supposed to be. ITs a MUTT

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