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In June 2012 I ordered an Item online in the amount of $78.41 & on the same day Bellabrite also charged my...

FulfillmentScam! Scam! Scam!

I ordered a trial of Acai Berry and Authorized on my Visa for the shipping charges of $3.95. Two weks later I get a 30 day supply in the mail and my Visa had been charged an additional $89.31. I finally got throught to the company and was told to send the product back priorty mail and when recieved back my card would be credited the $89.31. Since, I have contacted this company numerous times and was told to be patient that my credit was being processed. It has been several months now, with many, many many calls to this company. Still NO CREDIT...NOW, I try to call and the number is just BUSY!!!
I will be more aware of what I try with online companies...
I seen this on Rachel Ray, wonder if she know she is endorsing a company that is ripping people off????

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    Georgia Mar 25, 2009

    Looks like AT&T is in on the scams...Today I received two cordless phones from AT&T and in addition to the phones there were two bills...one $88.00 & one $67.00. I phoned the phone company about this and the very nice lady told me they would send me a return order within the next ten days...Here is the kicker, I will be billed for the phones and when they receive them I will get a credit at a later date...I am still in awe that a huge company would do such a thing...SO, beware people !!!

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This company sent me a bottle of Acia Berry and made an unauthorized charge to my credit card. I placed an order with a company named fit-fac.com for a sample and a delivery charge of $3.95. When I looked at my statement on my credit card, I found that they had charged me $29.95. I called them and they issued a credit balance of $29.95. A few days later, I find a charge from Helthier for me in the amount of $89.31. Knowing that I had not ordered, I called and was advised that I had joined a club and would be receiving a shipment each and every Month. The male on the phone stated that I could cancel the membership with him but that the $89.31 would not ber refunded. I called and placed a dispute with my credit card and recalled Healther for me and found that the name of the company is FULLFILLMENT of Davie, Florida. I asked for a credit to be giving on my credit card ajnd was advised that I would need to send the Acia berry back to them at my costs and to obtain a tracking number. I spent almost $5 with the Post Office for this service and called FULLFILLMENT with the tracking number and was advised that a refund would be issued. I called fit-fac.com and found that they are a company in the Manila and they advised me that FULLFILLMENT is actually a company in New York named Bluesky at 303 Park Ave, New York NY 10010 but refused to give me a phohe number. I again called FULLFILLMENT and asked why I had not received a refund on this unauthorized charge and I was advised that one had been issued on 12-15-2008. When I asked why it had not shown up on my account I was aksed to wait at least 5 days more. I filed reports with the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General of Florida in hopes that these swindlers can be arrested before they commit this fraud on others. Fit-fac.com is brazen enough to use the name of Oprah in their ad so watch out. I was advised that they were located at 4650 SW 61st Street in Davie and in suite 211 but the other complaint shows this company at 4650 SW 51 Street suite 711, so I do not know which is correct or if any are correct

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    THIS IS CRAZY Aug 11, 2016

    This same fraudulant charge has repeatedly been hitting my bank account. The only number I had for the ACAI Berry free sample (whice I canceled within 10 days) has been disconnected.
    I want this company to be held completely responsible for all charges not only to my account, but to all others who have been affected.
    Any way you look at this, IT IS FRAUD!!!

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    MRS CLARE WITCOMBE Aug 11, 2016

    I ordered a trial of Acai berry from you in November 08 without realising that unless I cancelled further orders within a specified time, I would automatically be sent further tablets and the monies would be taken from my account. I rang your 0018773508480 number the following day and was told that any further transaction would be cancelled and was given a number by a member of your staff to verify this. The number is 1732427. To my dismay I have had two unauthorized payments taken from my account, the first on 21.01.09 for £5.76 and the second on 10.02.09 for £5.94.
    Could you please respond to this email asap and reimburse my account for the money owed to me.
    I have tried to ring your office taking into account the time difference, but a recorded message told me that your offices weren't open. This would have been at 9.20am your time.
    I have instructed my bank to take action and treat this as fraud if I cannot get any response or replies from you,
    regards, Clare Witcombe. [email protected]

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    Steven Lohr Aug 11, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I ordered a trial offer of a deitary supplement on the internet and used my VISA card authorizing a $3.95 chrage in late October, 2008. I received the supplements.

    On November 28th, I received another mailing with a larger order and checked my on-line statement. I noticed two unathorized charges. One for $29.95 on 11/12/08 and one for $89.31 on 11/19/08. I did not authorize either of these charges and have notified my credit card company.

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    devane gordon Aug 11, 2016
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    Verified customer

    The ad did not tell me that we could expect future orders. I agree, you can't contact them by telephone number given. all you get is a message and musick

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    Jen Aug 11, 2016

    I just wanted to provide anyone who is struggling with this company a legitimate phone number to contact them. The number 1-877-859-1105 will actually get you through to a person. I do have to warn you though, they probably won't be of much assistance. I, too, was scammed by this company and am still awaiting my refund. HA! The best thing to do is to file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, the Attorney General of Florida and with your bank or credit card company. If we all continue to bombard them with phone calls and numerous complaints are filed against them, hopefully we can put them out of business or at least warn others about them.

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  • Bo
    Bonnie Piatt Aug 11, 2016
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    I ordered the free trial on October 21, 2008 and used my credit card to pay the shipping and handling. They shipped the non-prescription toxic cleansing pills on the 8th of November, 19 days after the order. In the package was a notice that I would be billed for the next shipment 14 days after the original order date.
    They also gave a number to call to cancel the order but when I did they tried to substitute other pills but I insisted on cancelling. They said there was another number to call and then hung up on me.

    I had to call my credit card company and cancel my card. The second shipment of pills arrived and my credit card company told me to return them by registered mail and wait for a credit.

    The only way to stop this is to cancel your card or put a stop payment on your account.

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    Katy Aug 11, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I have just received an unauthorized shipment of Acai Berry from Fullfillment in Davie FL. I have calle my credit card company to cancel the charge but they say the only amount recently charged is $89 for a company called VIP Fitness. The phone number to call is 18773508480. I would like to know if anybody else has this particular company and phone number on their statement.

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FulfillmentBad service

I placed a internet order for a trial sample of Acai Berry on November 4th. I had 14 days to try it, decline any future orders or continue to recieve a future order. I recieved my sample on November 7th and on November 11th my checking account was charged 89.00. When I called the number attached to the charge on my checking account, I was told the first time that my 14 day trial was up and that my order was recieved on Oct 20th. When I got upset and told her I did not place a order on oct 20th she diconnected me. On my second attempt the girl I spoke to told me it was non-refundable. When i told her they could not run a 14 day trial and then say its not refundable, she too hung up on me. After several attemts after that, I was disconnected each time I asked for a supervisor. My last attempt on Nov 12th, I spoke to a girl that said they would refund my money once I called them back with a tracking number, for returning the product. Not only did this company falsely charge my account but in doing so over drew my account, which I was charged with 85.00 in NSF fees. When i called again I was able to talk to a floor supervisor and in explaining to him that I did not place this order on Oct 20th, he said I did as that is what his computer said. I told him I had bank statements that could back up my claim of not ordering until Nov 4th and he then went on to tell me that would not be accurate as the dates would be off. When i assured him that in todays world of modern technolgy, the dates would be within a day or two of the order, not two weeks. After a heated conversation with him, I choose to hang up and decided to do find the orginal enevelope i recieved the sample in. I found it and the ship date is for Nov.5th the day after I placed the order. So I called the company back again, and spoke to a girl named Racheal and asked her if they had a corporate office and she said yes and I asked for the number and she then told me she was not allowed to give that number out. So I then asked her did they package and send products from their location or did they take them to UPS to mail. She told me they took them to UPS. When I asked her why the package I recieved was dated nov 5th if they are telling me I ordered on Oct 20th, she replied they have no control over the packages once they take them to UPS.

NOW here is the clencher, this is not the company I ordered this product from, I ordered it from Supreme Blends.

I do not know how Fullfillment got my info, but they are falsly taking money and shipping a orders that were not placed through them.

Be aware, Websites are monitored by more than one company and not all information is private.

I am still not sure how they got my information but I know this is not the company that I placed the order with. I recieved the order with a reciept for what I ordered!