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Award Payment Data Release Div.Send $19.99 check

Got the same award letter three days ago and it has the asking options of send check for $19.99, nope, ain't sending no monies, but checked it out here today and am adding the complaint with all the others. Why does not someone do something about all this junk which threatens our use of the internet by adding junk mail to the cyberspace and cloggs the communication systems for real business to transact.
Am not attaching the document as it has my complete info, but trust me I have one of these too... I think I'll frame mine as I will be reminded I still have money somewhere :-)
Thanks all,
Cols., OH

  • Ca
    Catfish021954 Mar 18, 2011

    Thanks All, Just saved me $19.99. This document sure looks real, had a dream last nite that I won and didn't send in the money to receive my winnings. Got up this morning and checked out this fertilizer on the internet and low and behold, lots of pep's got the same thing. Thanks for letting us all know this is a scam, I might have sent in my money just to see if I actually did win, maybe.
    Gerald Shaffer

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  • Ms
    Ms. D.Alcott Aug 13, 2011

    I got 2 of the same letter from the Award payment data release div. It felt like I hit the lottery . I tell you, it almost had me fooled . It looked so real. But my gut told me "no". So I looked it up . I'm glad I did . It was to good to be true . We all need to do something about this scam. Maybe go to the police or maybe the news . Spread the word around but make it to be seen . They need to be stop . If I didn't have Internet I might have just mailed my 19.99 . That all add up . Thanks to all for warning me. PS-others - PRIZE RESEARCH INTELLIGENCE AND CAPITAL RESEARCH CONSULTANTS . Thanks D.Alcott S.C.

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Award Payment Data Release Div.comments

After all this time this SCAM is still allowed to flourish. I am a concerned senior and I write this comment as an attempt to educate and warn others, especially seniors, about jumping on what seems like a windfall before thinking. Be suspicious about EVERYTHING and check it out DO NOT WRITE THAT CHECK!!!
If you have to send money up front believe me, it's a scam. If you win a contest or sweepstakes or lottery the sponsors of the event will notify you and you will not have to PAY them.

I received this letter and "DOCUMENT" and threw it in the junk pile. After a week I opened it and was struck with disbelief that anyone would fall for this pile of poop
Anyone with a grain of sense should be able to spot a scam even before opening the envelope.
1. PO Box 9035, Jericho, NY 11753 is typed above a blue logo with some really bad info beneath.
Who has a whole floor for a Notification Office?

2. Okay, so you missed that clue and you read the letter. Sounds exciting, right? Well, the request for $19.99 should be a red flag. No? Then how about the fact that you either did not enter any contests/sweepstakes or if you did, why on earth did they not mention the name of the company?

3. Missed that also, did you? No problem. You did read the back of the letter? Did you see the sentence on line five (5) that says "You have not won any money or prize."?

That being said I close with one word...RESEARCH!

  • Be
    benjwa Jul 19, 2011

    Its a sad fact that nothing can be believed when it comes to money! If you're checking this site then you already knew, but the idea is so exciting! They actually nailed the prize amount in the one sweepstakes I did enroll in which got the heart a pumpin! But no contact # whatsoever! No co. name! $19.99! And the sneaky back of the letter actually says you've won NOTHING!
    I sincerely hope they've made no ill gains with this mailing but we all know they're $ ahead! Know that law enforcement will never keep up! We have to be INTELIGANT hopeful idiots and stop sending our hard earned $ to slick villains with a printer and a pile of paper!
    Keep the faith! Your jackpot will arrive (in some form) ! And remember if you win, they won't ask for processing fees, they will tell you who's giving you the money, and they won't ask for return postage gdmit!
    See ya'll in paradise!!!

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  • Ja
    jamison1924 Aug 19, 2011

    Bogus lol glad I got the sense to look crap up before hand. Thanks for the info an yea hopefully others will research first :)

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Award Payment Data Release Div.Documents/Reports Prize Data Release

I received this letter stating that I won $1, 400, 000.00 from a sweepstakes but if you read on it does not tell me what contest and how I will receive the check. I am to enclose $19.99 payable to D.R.D Main Office- Payment Director. Receipt of Payment enacts Delivery.
With all the errors of capitalization, one semi-comma, no return telephone number, spelling or the number of the division in full made my wonder. So I just typed in the address and get came up on this site claiming this letter as a scam.
Why should I have to pay for transfer of my new funds? Again, where is the phone number to contact anyone in the office or the email address. I may be stupid but I am not crazy. Watch out for this kind of mail since the lottery and everything gets out of hand.

  • Sw
    sweetmlw Apr 15, 2010

    I too just recieved this letter. It does very much so look and sound legit, but I talked to the BBB better business bureau, and they said it IS a scam. Anytime you have to pay and amount of money to recieve money, is a scam. Iam so glad I checked into this before I made a big mistake.

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  • Ni
    nickita28 Apr 07, 2011

    I got a letter in the mail after i already signed one to receive 5, 000. I was told i, was selected at 10:17 am Pst. They said" this letter constitutes actual designation as me being the owner of 1.5 mil". That all monies are legally bound to be paid out based on laws governing the allocation of sweepstakes and no entry fees are requires. It's confirmed that i am the intended receiver. They are ready to issue me the entire 1.5 mil. Then i see send a process fee by check, cash, money order to prize data. I was hype for a couple of hours.Then i looked it up and found this cite, hundreds of ppl had been taken for $20, fake checks and so on.I showed their them forget lawyers and the aggravations. I sent that junk back with a $10 Monopoly money and a ounce of baking power. They wanna be diabolical!!!.

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  • Fr
    FREDDIE BATES JR May 14, 2011

    I got the same letter today thru our post office, why can't we sue this person robert richards he has to have a bank account somewhere well he won't git my 20.00 dollars its going to post master gen.

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  • La
    latonya ford Jul 14, 2011

    i just got a letter and yes to god to be true. thanks for the comments i'll put my 20$ in my tank.

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  • Em
    emilycharmed Sep 21, 2011

    i recieved 3 different award letters this past week prize data, data release, and then one long document comes from kannas city that looks real and claims I, ve won 2 million i but requires me to send 11.89.after all the fraud mail i recieve i really want to believe that maybe .but, they say if u have to send money to get money its not real. i really can't stand that companys get away with tricking people that there dreams have finally come true..any ones best bet is stick to pch and american family sweepstakes. send no money to any one..

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Award Payment Data Release Div. — Fraud

The documents resemble an actual award of One Million Four Hundred Thousand Dollars I can see where people...

Award Payment Data Release Div.Fraudulent letters

I recieved a letter in the mail stating my identification for the Award Payment Data Release has been Finalized and Approved! I did not submit any prize entries which first made me skeptical. Then it went on saying I am known as the holder of the identification of the winner. I was supposedly going to recieve $1, 400, 000.00 and their office GUARANTEES my 100% access for the Award monies and prizes. Then I read that to complete the document I had to send back an attached document along with a one time fee of $19.99. This made it official it was a scam. I googled it and sure enough found it on the website. I am happy I realized this before I sent in the money, but I am also upset because things like this seem so legitimate but are in reality so false. What if I don't realize something is false next time? I am very upset over this Award Payment Data Release Div.

  • Ka
    Kathy Nov 16, 2008

    I also received a letter stating that I had won $1, 400, 000.00. I was not sure about this claim so I searched for answers on the internet. I am also glad that I searched before responding. Places like this should have to fork over the money for their false advertising.

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  • Ka
    KASE' Nov 19, 2008

    Well, I just got mine today, 11/19/08 and it says the same thing. I wish there was a way to catch this person or people and get the money promised.

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  • Cu
    cueball Oct 16, 2009

    What I am wondering is why no one has taken any action aganist this outfit. They use the U.S. Mail therefore, operating across state lines. That makes it a Federal Crime. People like this need to be sent to jail. Makes you think that someone in Government is making money, or someone who has friends in Government is the operator of this fraud.

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  • Ps
    Psalm 119:143-144 nlt Nov 29, 2010

    Wow! I recived the same letter. How disapointing and ditto to the comment about federal crime. Wonder if there is an attorney or agency that would crake down on thease sort of scams?

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  • Co
    cocoNdallas Mar 14, 2011

    We just received one of his scam letters. My husband was ready to jump out the bed and go get a $19.99 money order. I told him, wait! hold your horses! I came online and found this. Wow. How disappointing. I can only imagine how many people actually fall for this (like my husband) and send money to these scammers!! My husband is puffing on his cigar like crazy, he's pissed now. haha

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  • Li
    Lillian Dasher Oct 15, 2011

    Received letter promising $l, 400, 000.00 if I would mail them a check for $19.99.

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