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I am an attorney that is researching issues related to companies selling auto warranties and vehicle service contracts. If you have received a letter from such companies, which included information about a vehicle that you own, or have owned in the past few years, please send me a copy of the letter, any additional documents received, notes about any telephone call, and contact me. All information and discussions shall remain confidential.
I am very interested in the following companies:
Endurance Warranty Services (EWS-vehicle division) 400 Skokie #105, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, [protected] ;
Vehicle Protection Service, 339 MidRivers Mall Dr., St. Charles, Missouri 63376, [protected] ;
Motor Vehicle Services 178 Jungermann rd St. Peters, Missouri. [protected]
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Auto warrantyharassing phone calls

I keep getting calls from this number talking about my car warranty is about to expire! I have an older vehicle an haven't had a warranty on it for years. The message is always automated and when I call the number back I get a recorded female voice telling me if I want to opt out from future calls to press 1. Before I can even press 1 they hang up!
What really bothers me is that they call both my house phone and my cell! I thought that the gov't was going to put a stop to unsolicited phone calls?

Auto warranty — Auto Warranty Services

Not sure how they got my cell phone number, but the Company kept calling and calling. Finally I talked to...

Auto warrantySCAM Extended Auto Warranty

At time of sell they offer 30 days money back guaranteed, that you will receive a package by mail, but they would never mention that from the time you buy the extended warranty takes two weeks (15 days left) to receive the package. What comes with that package is a bottle of a liquid (DURA LUBE) product you have to put on your car oil engine in order to get your auto warranty active, you get too the booklist with terms and conditions. I refused to put that liquid on my car and followed the instructions to cancel process, they never mentioned at the time of sell that in case you decide to cancel you will be charge $75 fee, that's on the booklist but you will know that until two weeks later. You will have to pay UPS second day aprox $45 dls to get on time to cancel and start calling. This is SCAM their getting $75 from customers from something they never mentioned at time of sell and I never agreed with them neighter by phone or signed. Somebody has to stop this company of doing that.

  • Ji
    Jim K Nov 12, 2008

    I was suckered by the phone sales pitch. About two weeks later, my supervisor told me my hours would be reduced and I called to cancel. The sales was worse than a used car salesman. He reduce the price, offered to deffer payments and basically said I could have the coverage for free! I told him over and over I wanted to cancel and my money back and raised my voice to talk over him to end the discussion. He put me on hold, but left his mic open and called me an ### hole. When he came back, he continued to badger me and eventually hung up on me when I asked when I would receive my refund. I'm calling today to dispute the charges on my credit card.

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  • Au
    autowarrantyripoff Jun 18, 2010

    they didn't pay a claim

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  • 44
    44 bob Jun 08, 2011

    I have heard of some people having trouble with their extended warranty, but i bought a Gentry Auto Warranty and had no problems.

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