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At The Beach TanningCustomer service and beds

I recently sent this email to the area manager Abbie Driscoll I still have not had a response. To warn all At the Beach customers or potential the store policy on handling customer complaints are handled though email only there is no one you can directly speak with if you need assistance anymore. I would like to start off introducing myself my name is Jennifer I've been a customer of at the beach for a little over a year. I currently visit the Mwc, OK location on a daily basis. I have several concerns about this store. I didn't know if you are aware of what is going in in your stores these past months, to start off bed 22 has not be working due to several bulbs being out for the whole month of September along with both of your stand up beds, Bed # 14 has been cracked this entire month witch is a fire safety hazard. I have reported this to you managers several times, Too top it all off 2 weeks ago I was ran out of the beds due to bees 🐝 flying around and had some prior issues with billing. Witch you did handle the billing issues Abbie thanks for that, but as a paying customer not only me but everyone that goes to that location is being cheated do to the fact that none of the beds work. I have always had the top packages, when I'm told the entire month i am unable to use the beds that I pay for is unfair. I feel that something needs to happen about this. I don't know what happened to amber but this was not happening when she ran the store. I think you need to really evaluate who you have running your store.

At The Beach TanningCancellation policy

CROOKS...Be careful. They will tell you that you qualify for a less expensive price if you purchase a monthly tanning membership with them. If you ever try to cancel this membership they will continue to charge your account after you follow the cancellation instructions they give you. Bottom line: YOU WILL PAY FOR SERVICES YOU DON'T RECEIVE for a long long time. Plan on making several trips and phone calls to their corporate offices before the monthly withdrawals from your bank account stop. The employees in their stores will give you different cancellation instructions than their corporate offices will. Their corporate offices will not honor what their store employees tell you and they will accuse you of not reading your contract and not taking responsibility for your own actions while they continue to charge your bank account each month.

Cancellation policy

At The Beach Tanning
  • Je
    jeffca Mar 10, 2012

    Dont waste your time with free tanning coupon. You must sign a contract for membership to receive free week. This is not stated on the coupon.

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At The Beach TanningBilling after cancellation

I signed up for one year of tanning and had my card billed monthly. At the end of my contract I thought the charges would stop, well the did not. I called on 9/10/10 and asked for a refund because my contract had ended and they told me my account is automatically charged the same monthly rate unless I call them. So the ending contract date means nothing! I cancelled my charges on that date (9/10/10) and to my shock today, I get my credit card bill and they charged me again on 9/18 and 10/18. This company has just overcharged the wrong person!

At The Beach TanningLies and deceit

In May of 2010 I visited my local ATB to cancel the renewal of my membership that was to expire in July of 2010. On June 28, 2010 I visited that same location (located on Bowles Ave in Littleton, CO) for one of my final tanning sessions. I informed the employee that I would no longer be visiting as I was only able to come once a month, and was confident that would not be sufficient time to maintain my tan. To my surprise, I was informed that by down-grading my membership to visit just once a month on their lowest bed option, I would still be able to keep up on my tan. After hearing this information, I chose to renew a 6 month membership. On July 1, 2010, I again visited my local ATB (this time located on Kipling Ave in Littleton, CO). The store representative (not the same individual) noticed that my membership level had been changed and was kind enough to let me know that because I had down-graded (at the suggestion of the other employee) to the lowest bed option, I would need to come in at least 4-5 days a week in order to maintain my tan! When I explained that this was not the information I had been given (I am not able to visit that often due to scheduling constraints with my 3 young children) and that I would like to cancel the membership as I would not be able to use it, I was informed that I would be assessed a $150 cancellation fee (which is more than the entire membership for 6 months!) as I did not cancel within a 24 hour period. Had I been aware that I would need to visit so often, I never would have signed a new contract. I based my decision solely on the advice of an employee that lied to me about capabilities of their equipment, as there is no such information available to consumers regarding the amount of time required to maintain an optimal tan. Upon my being informed of the dishonest information, I attempted to speak with a customer service representative via telephone as none of the store representatives would assist me with my problem. The woman was extremely rude, and informed me that ATB "is not responsible for what [their] employees say to customers". When I requested to speak with her supervisor, she informed me that she does not have a manager. When I requested to be connected to VP or someone that would be willing to at least listen to my problem, she refused. I was never able to speak with another customer service representative. She told me I would have to either pay for the full 6 month membership up front ($119.70) or pay the cancellation fee ($150.00). I did pay for the full membership, as that is the lesser amount, however given that I was lied to through the entire process (with the exception of the one employee at the Kipling Ave location), I feel that the company should have at least make an effort to correct the situation with their employees giving dishonest information, which they assured me they will not do.

  • Me
    Melinda Robinson Aug 30, 2010

    DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT 'AT THE BEACH'. It's a F-n FREAK-N place all right. Every time you go in they push more lotion, or gifts bags, or spray on tanning, or some special offer that is not really a good deal.
    Another SPECIAL………I got talked into……… In August another employee told me I could get on a program because of the new taxes & use the fitness place until my contract expired & I could cancel at any time. I asked, if they were any charges to cancel & she told me NO. I asked her if it would cost any more money a month & she told me, 'NO'. Why would I sign up for a contract for 24 months at $75.91 a month when I had 2 months left on my original contract I was on, which is now at a loss. I did ask twice, ‘When does my contract expire & she would not tell me’.
    I told her I could not afford more than the $10.80 a month (6 month contract) I was on. That's why I was on it. The employee's don't always know all the rules or regulations as I put my (6 month) tanning on freeze for 3 months, while on vacation. More charges they 'Don't tell you about', to put your contract on hold it cost $10.85, for each hold. But, corporate (as they are the only people that can help you with all your problems with, 'At The Beach', did extent my tanning for 3 months. This contract is not up until the end of October.
    Corporate WILL NOT HELP anyone. They are just people that answer the phone & tell you it’s a binding contract. If, you want to talk to the manager they don’t have one just another person to tell you the same thing.
    Today I walked down from ‘AT THE BEACH’, & found out you can join a fitness club for $25.00 a month. I have been to many enjoyable tanning businesses for a month to month tanning plan a whole lot cheaper with a lot less stress with no sales gimmicks or hidden charges.
    STAY AWAY FROM F~N, FREAKIN’, AT THE BEACH & their contracts. Keep your FREAKIN’ FRIENDS.

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At The Beach TanningBad Cancellation Policy

As many complaints as I have read about At the Beach Tanning, I can tell you it's all true. The salesperson tells you whatever they need to tell you to get you to sign up. They don't go into detail about the horrible and terribly expensive cancellation policy. They just say you can cancel at any time. The "fine print" is the whole contract and, yes, as an educated person, I should have read it. Being that is was for a tanning package, I didn't think I would have to worry about such ridiculous rules.

Good luck calling corporate. I left 16 messages over a 3 month span. Still have never gotten a call back for that particular question. I stayed on hold 1 hour and 23 minutes to talk to a person about cancelling the other day. Every few minutes, I would hear a recording, "average wait time is 1 minute." And I found out that the option I was told I had to sell my contract to someone else was not valid. Lied to again. What a feeling.

While the facilities are usually clean and the equipment is good, the employees are generally rude. There are a few nice ones, but most have a prissy attitude. 25% of the time I go in one of their computers doesn't work or the girl doesn't know how to use it. 20% of the time I get to the room and the bed is dirty or there is no towel. 50% of my visits the Mystic Tan is broken and I can't use it. Most of the time their is no towel, hair nets or barrier cream. Drying off with my work clothes is so much fun. Oh, I can upgrade for additional cost and extend my contract for another 2 years if I want to use the Versa. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

I am posting this complaint in every forum, outlet, backboard, workplace break area of every friend and family member I have, and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Do yourself a favor ladies, don't sign up for At the Beach Tanning and Fitness.

  • Ha
    Hailbop Mar 23, 2010

    I have had very similar problems with At The Beach. I learned my lesson, and I will always check with the Better Business Bureau before signing any contract with any company. If I would have checked before signing, I would have known that At The Beach has an F rating with the BBB. I also found out that At The Beach, Inc. has more consumer complaints than ANY other company in the BBB's system.

    The complaints I have against the company are numerous, but I'll tell you about the most outrageous one. I purchased Natural Bronzer lotion from ATB with much hesitation because I have very sensitive skin. I was assured by the sales person that I could return the product to the manufacturer if I wasn't satisfied. I had a bad reaction to the lotion, and after numerous failed attempts at trying to get the manufacturer's contact information from the corporate office, I was finally told that the manufacturer has a strict no return policy.

    After several more calls to the corporate office, they decided to give me $60 in Bonus Bucks (which of course, I would never use). However, while following up on my BBB case, I saw a comment from At The Beach that I had used $58.14 of my Bonus Bucks to purchase more lotion - which I never did. When I called corporate advise them that someone had "stolen" my Bonus Bucks, I was told that I needed to proof that I didn't make the purchase. After having my employer write a letter verifying that I was at work during the time the fraudulent purchase was made, At The Beach is still unwilling to admit that someone stole from my account. Basically, it's not their problem. I let every person I meet know not to do business with At The Beach. Today I was successful in preventing a new customer from signing a contract. At least I have found a little satisfaction. Dealing with At The Beach, I truly understand why people "go postal". Good thing I'll never own a gun.

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  • Je
    jenann Apr 28, 2011

    I strongly agree !!! I have also been a VICTIM of ATB and now I have to waste my 'precious' time to prove that I have been (and continue to be) wrongfully charged for absolutely nothing!! My 18 yr/old son and his friend, each printed out a 'one free week of tanning coupon' which was never honored. The so called Manager (her first day on the job . . . red flag--major turn-overs) wanted $83.00 from both boys. I consulted privately with my son and his friend, and together we took a second look at the coupon. No where on the coupon did it indicate that there would be an additional charge!

    What a shame for a company to have to deceive & cheat their way to the top . . . preying on the young & innocent !!! They need to do a disappearing act !!!

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  • Ji
    jilj Apr 22, 2012

    I just called within the 24 hour window to cancel and still have to send a certified letter to them today to make it happen. All of their business practices are silly and I will send in my letter, tell everyone I know, and drive out of my way for a tanning salon. All I wanted to do was change to a 6 month plan.

    Do not do business with these people. Tell anyone that is looking for a tanning salon to go elsewhere. I was a member at Planet Beach. They have a great business model and sensible rules. I just wanted a Versa spray tan that I can get elsewhere - it is not exclusive to At the Beach.

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  • Th

    First comment about " At Beach Tanning Salon"! I'm promoting and protesting against this establishment in Tulsa Oklahoma and yes (both stores here in Tulsa Oklahoma). I went to get a tan about 7:35 pm. The counter girl stated she was going to be closing at 8:00pm. All of a sudden behind me there was a guy leaning against the wall yells yes" I said "YELL" Were closing so you just need to go home" I quickly turned around and ask "who are you" ; he did not give his name. I asked the counter girl who is he? The counter girl stated " That is my boyfriend; I said "does he work here" ; She said, no but we are closing in 12 minutes. The boyfriend states again " Well she is closing so you should just go home". I asked for the manager's name, corporate phone number and her boyfriend name. I was so upset. I walked out after feeling threaten by a non employee. The counter girl ran to my car and said ms please don't tell corporate I will let you tan my boy friend shouldn't have said that. He aggressively comes to the car with his hand behind his back as he approaches the car. I look up and he said "ms please don't tell on my girlfriend you can come tan. Secondly, I did not feel comfortable taking off my clothes to tan while a strange male is bossing his girlfriend around in the facility by this time. I'm afraid of what else could possibly happen while I'm naked getting a tan if he is aloud to yell at customers in the manner he spoke to me, what else would she have allowed him to do . I pay over 75.00 dollars a month and to be treated like a dog. I recommend no one I mean no ONE should join this place. If anyone in Tulsa is looking for tanning salon please I recommend 24KT Gold salon or at least somewhere safe you will not feel as though a non employee is yelling at a customer. I will say the BOTTOM LINE I FELT UNCOMFORTABLE TO REMOVE ANY Clothing at this point! I'm posting this on FACEBOOK, YELP, Angie's List, Making everyone know at my job please do not go to this business. I have contacted my mothers who knows a vast amount of people at her job. This is just one of the many other complaints I've experienced with this business. The tanning beds do not work half the time some of the employees are rude. I'm telling anyone who seeking future tans please you are risking your life. I would especially recommend to teenagers who want a tan please be safe going into their business. Once you remove your clothing you have no ideal if an employee's boyfriend ( Who no customer knows if this man has a criminal record or what ) will walk into your private tanning session telling you to get out. I have never had anyone yell at me the way this lady's boyfriend yelled at me"! If my teenage boys had not been with me when this guy ran up to my car with his hand behind his back as if he had a weapon I don't know what I would have done. I have not mention the over charges I had been charged to my account that I over looked in the past. I never posted anything because I tried to not sweat the small stuff. This is a build of my complaints, the issue last night was unbelievable. A friend of mine stated she would show up 45 minutes before the business close and they told her they were closing early so she was not able to tan. There has been many times I go to tan and there's many teenagers hanging out with the employee because apparently these teens were friends of the counter help- these teens did not have an At the Beach uniform t shirt. One day I decided to sit in my car an observe these teens and many were jumping behind the desk, laughing playing grab ### as if this was a high school hang out! !!! No More Money will I give to them! DONE! PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE ITS A PLAY GROUND FOR TEENS OR VERY YOUNG ADULTS!

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  • Mi
    midge87 Aug 01, 2010

    Have you told your bank to block withdrawls from them as you have canceled your account with them and the attempts to collect are fradulent? A copy of the cancellation paperwork is all your bank needs.

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At The Beach TanningUnauthorized billing

Be careful of signing any "Releases" from the, its actually a two year contract requiring you to pay for there $55 dollar a month service. They tricked me and now it reports to my credit. Its way over priced and who really needs tanning for two years. Don't trust there sales rep and read every word of what your signing.

I would suggest going to a locally owned tanning salon instead of them, the people who own it might actually know something about tanning. ATB's employees are stupid and kinda rude.

Whatever you do do not go there unless you enjoy having them call you every ten minutes to try and make you pay.

  • Je
    Jessica Oct 28, 2008

    I was scammed by them as well. When I went in to the store I asked several questions regarding how long the contract was for and whether or not I could break it at any time. I had had a friend that was in a 2 year contract and I knew that I didn't want or need that. I confirmed with the store I was at that my contract was strictly a month to month contract and I could cancel it at any time. When I decided to cancel due to the poor results of the spray on tan they informed me that I had signed up for a 2 year contract. It has now been put on my credit and my fines have gone up past $500. This is a total rip off. Do not sign up with them.

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  • Un
    unhappy Apr 06, 2009

    They are known for lying to get customers to sign a 2 year contract. The beds are great but they lied to get me to sign a contract. Jason Jones is the associate that lied to get me to sign up. According to other employees he is known for lying to get customers to sign up. When I contacted the corporate office, they will not help me in any way, and said that they are not responsible for anything their employees say. I have worked in the tanning industry for 4 years and as a customer at numerous salons have never in my life been treated so wrong. I will tell anyone I can to stay away from this place.

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  • Kc
    kcbblondie May 01, 2009

    Contact :Heidi Hemmat
    FOX 31 News
    She is going to do a story on this (if you read about them they do this to everyone that walks in the door) She has all of my information, which will get us more attention and hopefully our $ back. She has been accumulating information. ALSO Contact:
    The FTC (the more complaints they have the more they will go after them, this will also help you with your credit down the line)

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  • Sh
    short stuff May 26, 2009

    I'm trying to reach Hedi and will have others with the same story contact her. Please anyone reading this help to hold this company accountable. They are supposed to open a store in Boulder wow talk about taking candy from a baby's mouth can you imagine the freshman college students that will buy this hook line and sinker.

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  • Kw
    kwoods Aug 22, 2009

    read what you sign! duh!

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