Applied Linguistic Corp Complaints & Reviews

Applied Linguistic Corpoccasion of [praise and allahamdulahi] at shell nigeria hall ] ready be paid through [bill c 55 /c 58 ]record

good day

to the shell nIgerIa hall
beside [onIkan]mainland

report over csn I enroll fees to shell banquet hall

I want these report to always be at minded of the student involved as the both hall at [muson center ] at [onikan] as the report of occasion will be by 27th of july ] 2019 both shell /a g I p will be at occasion to the old school gap occasion as the essence of the none marriage but [praise and allahamdulahI] while the occasion will continue as follow till through 3 month then 1 hall will be relief as the [canadIan security nationalization inspectorate ]with [bill c55 /c 56 /58 c59] record there fees up to [3.1 million ] naIra] end by december] the occasion need to be influence on the board after today to canadIan] need to be influence the [shell nIgerIa ltd ] board at nIgerIa] mainland lagos beside onIkan stadium preview ongoing review as the involved edify is know to be [brItIsh council] with jamb office lagos /jambosun state /jambabuja] with fender of the occasion should resume as with immediate effect as the [agency 9 radio ]stated I have gone to see the surround

thank you

Applied Linguistic Corpreport of fund at united nation to client below marginal alert

United nations assisted programmed
Directorate of international payment and
Transfers. united nations liaison office
London united kingdom
Wire transfer/audit unit
Our ref: un/cpo/wb/845/2018

Reportedly to client as below address marginal to underline a delivered of a t m visa card name and compelled address from united nation delicate margin before client sum of 7, 500, 000.00$ as with stated narration,

united nations board of trustees and auditors with old secretary to the united nation general ban ki moon, delivered package from above written to address and name

[m o n d a y k o l a w o l e ]11, o g u n t o k u n street a p a p a / a j e g u n l e l a go s 23401 n i g e r i a ]

As the necessities package will be deliver to a marginal reportedly as section of [u s p s 1583 delivering accepted ] to address and airport margin to seal package

Your, s

Applied Linguistic Corpreport projector with amongst [julius berger euro 65 german, slavabogu italy, bari engineer tech cn, feng construction hk, etco usa. ng,]

Good day

Reported while the project around the school complex a p a p a a j e g u n l e l a g o s, t o l u village b e r g e r metropolitan [option 1 beside police station down to inhabitant class with house should wedge down around the place pier fence pave clapping ]option 2, water corporation not planner but loose edify project out school front, option 3 [big field size plain with w 2 project station while resident loose both at back of the fence with gate entrance ]the report will be give to those taking a planned remark with conjunction abnormal project fees sum 4.5b n a I r a ]reportedly old school committee outward name & address [11, o g u n t o k u n street a p a p a/a j e g u n l e l a g o s n I g e r I a ]payment role tax /x p r e s s institutional account ] planned withdraw sum 50, 000.00$

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