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ApartmentCheating customer after taking money

This cheat Niranjan Hiranandani owned private company Hiranandani Palace Garden chennai has cheated hundreds of people laks of money running into crores. Several buildings for which 20% money was taken in 2007 to 2008 no progress is made, not even excavation done. Till date its already 2012 Hiranandani and his crook pimps still dont have an answer when they will start construction, All the media adv about clubhouse, retail, biz park, hospital is total fraud. BEWARE PEOPLE of this HIRANANDANI cheat and his PIMPS and HIS ...

  • Ra
    Rawr Jun 03, 2016

    this apartment is just awful. my daughter stayed there for a total of two months until a rainstorm came and flooded the complex. this was no humungous rainstorm and you can tell that they have tried to fix it before but they did a very mediocre job of it. one section of the ceiling was held up by tape! the porch was bowing and it was held up by a rotting piece of wood. they dried the carpets with a dryer instead of taking the carpet out. part of the ceiling came of and the rest is really bowing. they gave back only part of the rent (she had only been there a few days that month) they're trying to keep $200 of the pet fees my daughter paid and they want to charge a cleaning fee after we worked our butts off and we cleaned it. i mean that baby was CLEAN. so reminder, Hartford Place: No.

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ApartmentDissatisfied Tenant

These apartments are by far NOT LUXURY apartments as advertised. They are somewhat new. However the manager will promise you the moon. I was promised new carpet, that the balding grass was to be repaired, pained accent walls and that I would have a 3rd floor Gulf facing unit. Instead I was double booked for an apartment, and one day before moving was informed of this with only two units to choose from. One smelled like a dog pound and still had pet hair all in it, the second a three bedroom on the second floor with worn out carpet and 100 more a month. Not having time to look for another place to live, I took the 3 bedroom. I recieved nothing I was told nor promised nor was I discounted for their mistake in assigning me to an apartment that they rented to someone else. Fortunately this manager is no longer there since Alexan sold to Ashley.

TAKE NOTE: Walls are pourly insulated and not sound proofed properly. You can hear your neighbor sneeze. And the pipes in the walls are not insulated. Your electricity will run you about 175 a month. I keep my unit set on 76 degrees with is nearly sweating. Your water and trash will run you about 150 more a month above your rent. They don't tell you that up front. You never know how much your rent will be each month because they build in the water and trash fee on top of your rent. I pay on average 1, 100 a month for a 3 bedroom. Rent is supppose to be 967 a month. My apartment has flodded three times due to the people above me stopping up the drain. I have had poop and sewage flood my place. They apartment complex never compesated me for the incovience of having this happen. The first two times I had to clean it up myself. The third time it flooded my hall and childs room. They shampooed the floors and ran a dehumidifyer and loud fans for a week in my unit. My power billd that month was 258 dollars. I couldn't sleep because of the noise. My five years old got sick, I got sick. We both had strep and respiratory infections. I still struggle with allergies. Once I leave my place I am fine.

The floors above me creeked very loudly like a broken floor joist. It is insainely loud. However I haven't complained as I don't want to be one of those tenants that is a nag. But warning to the wise. Do not rent here. You too will find it to be very daunting.

This is not a true gated community. The gate is alway broken and people that want in, just wait for a car to come and follow them in. THere is not security to this community. It is an illusion.

I am so disgusted with this place and struggling to breathe that I descided to move. But that is now not an option. I was misinfomed about what I was signing. I signed what was explained to me as a clause to write a 60 day notice with an additional months rent to get out of the lease. NOT. You write a 60 day notice, pay 2 months rent plus rent for the remaining 60 days. Let me put that into plain English, that is FOUR MONTH RENT TO GET OUT. I knew up front that I would move sometime with in the year so I payed particular attention to the termination clause. But my ingnorance and lack of leagal terminology and the sales approach, I was mislead.

From day one I have been miss lead, miss treated, and had pour living conditions. This place is not for the person looking for quality living and honest managers.

The maintenence people are superb. Very polite and respectful but they are limited to the managers descretion.

Don't take my word for any of this, just ask around or google Alexan Back Beach or Ashley at Breakfast Point. Best of luck to you!

  • Ch
    charina manalo Jun 09, 2011

    this apartment management is ignoring my call regarding some issues and i call and leave message you return call.please help

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  • Sh
    sherrlhostings Mar 24, 2012

    These apartments are trash and just plain HORRIBLE! Someone got people to come check the ponds with water samples and they were contaminated! My husband and I were discusted by that point! Not to mention that during summer we got in the pool and it was really hot like a bath tub and the bathrooms smelled like feces and urine! Dont rent these apartments!

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  • Pi
    pissed off resident Dec 08, 2012

    Living here is like living under the Taliban the new manager thinks she is god and does not understand the fact that the rules set in place at the time of me signing my lease are the only rules I MUST abide by from parking passes, to lights out at 10 and god forbid you should smile in the pool area that you pay 1, 00 dollars a month to use that fascist ### will be out there with her alcoholic boyfriend trying to pick fights with you before you can get a laugh out. The parking system is all jacked up too so help me god if someone puts another sticker on my car window telling me I need to hang the parking pass from my mirror instead of having it obstruct my vision, the irony of this of course is that the manager drives the blue dodge ram with the coexist sticker on the back and guess what hangs from the mirror. Not a parking pass as you may have guessed but a handicap sticker. Yes the lady that walks around the complex all day slapping stickers on cars is the one parking in the handicap spot. And since your reading this how about instead of enforcing parking "laws" you enforce people picking up their own dog ###. If I step in one more pile of ### I'm going to go on a dog punting rampage comparable only to Spartans throwing babies off cliffs. And what the f*** is up with this light bull ### my rent goes up ten dollars this month to compensate for this "spectacle of lights" crap so Ashley will lure more unsuspecting souls to it's pit of despair. No says I anyone that asks how I like it here I say "f*** that place, lake town wharf is the life my friend" not only is it cheaper but its also nicer none of this ply wood counter top white goodwill appliance bull ### I'm talking granite counter top, stainless steel kitchen epic granite bathrooms and oh yea a view that's worth a damn instead of these radiation stricken "ponds" I'm 98% sure I can get six quarts of water from any pond here and replace my trucks oil with that ### and honestly it would probably run better. bottom line dont move here as soon as my lease is up I'm outta here I would rather ### in my hands and clap than spend another year here.

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  • A2
    A2nic21 Mar 24, 2014

    I do have a few nice things to say about the apt complex but those nice things have been overridden by a big issue for me. When renting anywhere you always take a gamble but this place is not worth it. Please learn from us all. The noise factor is huge, the walls are so thin and you most likely will have upstairs neighbors who have dogs, kids or both. And if you do then your in for a long year. The walls are so thin you hear the showering, the numbers 2s, the walking, running, the barking, crying, yelling you hear it all. I had really inconsiderate upstairs neighbors and they had me up at 5ish and sometimes past midnight. Running around and yelling, or playing with their kids and dogs. They didn't care that they had someone below them.

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ApartmentNonpayment ?& Liar


This woman is a diabolical and incessant liar. Don't do business with her or you will get an endless string of excuses for why she can't deliver on the goods or a refund. . . all connected with great detail. She preys on your capacity for empathy and ruthlessly spews her unlucky and unfortunate fate. . .all fictitious!

Her latest scam is to rent a place and not pay until she is discovered. Therefore, she is a 30 day renter and when she runs she leaves a filthy and smelly mess. . .besides an old mattress and a fridge full of rotten food.

She has two children and a sister named Emily Jean Paskett . Her mother's name is Roberta Parker and lives in Seattle. . .maybe. . .They both aide her in making up excuses. She came here to Utah, she said, to be closer to her children, who currently live with her ex and new wife. But. . . .in 6 weeks that she stayed here, she only had them over one time. She told me that she pays her ex alimony of $1000 per month. She has a main boyfriend named Shane, that works in the oilfields of NV and he has no idea how she can spin lies. She has several other boyfriends that she just uses to transport her places and buy her drinks. When she left, she had 3 empty quart bottles of gin in her garbage. . .all from one week. . .so you know what kind of a world she lives in. . .

The picture below was taken after she felt the compulsion to change her looks so she tinted her hair brown and started wearing it down. . .so look carefully because she usually wears it blond and up in her other pics. . .

This lady needs to do some jailtime so contact me to compare notes and to join in putting her away.

Nonpayment ?& Liar

  • Updated by terry h s · Jan 25, 2018

    UPDATE..Rachael wound up doing jailtime as her ex's wife sent me a Mugshot pic of her. Oh, and did I tell you that before she moved into my apartment, I discovered later, that she had done some jail time with the state of California for embezzling $50, 000 in funds.


Upon moving out, I attempted to do a walk through with the office, which they declined. I took multiple pictures and had multiple witness statements regarding the wonderful condition of my place. I turned in all the keys. 3 weeks later, I have no heard anything from them regarding my deposit. Upon calling them to check on the status, I was informed that the financial lady "had not gotten the paperwork yet." I am still waiting on my deposit return.

  • Cm
    CM1986 Sep 30, 2010

    Send them a certified letter demanding the deposit if they don't give it then take them to small claims court.

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ApartmentIrresponsible management

Future Westgate village residents...beware!!

I had lived in this apartment for year and half and service is absolutely pathetic. The front-desk office are rude and not even want to hear anything.

Once we had bugs/roaches in our apartment and their response is for us to wait for 2 weeks for exterminator, and meanwhile if we find bugs they want us to kill it. Nice response!!!.

Please never never never ever get into this apartment as the rents are overrated and people live here just because of its location. They make complete use of it and exploit the residents.

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ApartmentBad customer service

The management is ridiculously disorganized and unfriendly. I am generally easygoing and has overlooked a few repairs and maintenance in the apartment that were incomplete.

The biggest problem was they entered and changed the lock of my apartment when i was out of town FOUR days before my lease was due. They cleared away my things claiming that i was selling my tv to one of the maintenance crew and they came in to take it away. This is untrue because i have sold the tv through craiglist and never promised the crew to sell them anything. Does not stop them from clearing away other items.

This is a flagrant violation of my contract. What makes it worse is that they concocted a ridiculous lie trying to justify their obviously wrong actions.

Be forewarned: Do not trust the management of this apartment. Please forward this message. I would hate for someone else to go through this mess.