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Resolved AP9 Privacy ProtectionUnauthorized Billing 29.95

Just received my Visa Bill and I have no idea how these punks managed it but I now have a billing of 29.95 on my Visa. Who are these people. I contacted the number [protected] and a 'rude' nasty punk answers the phone. Upon questioning why the amount and for what service, the punk continually stated please check the number. Now I followedup and called the same number and an Automated Voice picks up this time round and states 'to cancel your blah blah blah visit "www.privacyplus.ca" and select cancel your account otherwise please give us your credit card number inorder to cancel'. This should be reported to the RCMP. Very ticked off

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    CARL CONGRAM Apr 27, 2011
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    I wish to cancel my Privacyprotec 242109495 888-999-0535 QC as I have no recolection of ever applying for it and dont know what it is for.


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Resolved AP9 Privacy Protectionunauthorized billing misleading

This company provides a misleading 'pop-up box' when you try to get a reputable credit report through Equifax. I was asking for an Equifax report and this company somehow has you sign into their company and has you sign up for free - but than starts charging 29.95 per month on your credit card. Their website offers not much info and I've called twice now to get it cancelled - both times they promise it will be but so far no results. They also stated I received e-mail messages on this from the company but I have not. This has to be a scam and they are somehow sending prompts to people who think they are conversing with a reputable company like Equifax.

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    benamghar Mar 03, 2009

    j'ai été menée au site internet la protection de la vie privée d'un "crédit gratuit" . Après avoir soumis des renseignements à mon sujet, je n'ai pas pu voir toute chose, même sans le savoir mon id membre, la protection de la vie privée m'a déjà chargé de 29, 95 dollars. Je demande a la société pour annuler mon adhésion dés que possible et de rembourser mon argent que je n'ai jamais utilisé le service .

    benamghar belaid

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Resolved AP9 Privacy ProtectionOnline scam

I just checked my credit card statement to find out I was being billed by AP9*Privacy Protection. I call my visa company and they gave me this number to call up the company. I call them to find that I was being charged because I once checked 'free-credit-report' online and did not know that I had be duped into signing up for a service which required me to call them up to unsubscribe. They were able to sign me up online but did not have the option for me to unsubscribe through the same process!

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    Mason Feb 18, 2009

    I was also scamed by this company. Its only free for 7 days and then you pay. Talk about misleading. Does anyone knows how to get our money?

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