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America OnlineHarassment, threatening, cyber bullying

Over the past week, I have been in a chat room sponsored by AOL called Born Again Online. Another chat room individual called NICKYBEATEMall has harassed, bullied and threatened myself and others with death. This person has posted personal informtion of other chatters including names addresses and telephone numbers. In my case AOL is the only source that has both my screen name and my name and address. I can only conclude this individual works for aol or knows someone that does. This individual bashes gays, blacks, and tormetns another chatter who has lost a nephew in Iraq (died in action). He rejoices and describeds the marines death in graphic terms. I have written 4 letters to AOL, I have emailed thier security team, I have notified Aol right at the times of these violations through NOTIFY AOL. This individual has continously violated AOLs own community standards by bashing minorites and tormenting others with vile language and posting personal informtion. This individual is clearly unstable and I am not sure why AOL has released this sensitive informtion in a way that he could find it. I would like AOL to investigate this matter. I have logged his comments for the past 3 days and have logged his threat to kill me. I have proof of it.

  • Ka
    kathyghms Apr 15, 2009

    I tried for an hour to cancel aol's call alert. I just kept getting different web sites to go to.

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America OnlineElectronic fraud

A few yrs ago i enrolled with america online when i purchased my first computer, their subscription required a credit or atm card and so i used my check card and the monthly fee was withdrawn from my account but after 4 years of service i switch to broadband and so i called and also send them email to america online to cancel my account before my billing cut off date, their customer service representative was rude but assured me that no funds was to be withdrawn any more... Well it did not happen ! For the next 3 months my check card was charged for the monthly fees... Every time i emailed them i had no response and when i called they were very rude and did not provide any help nor solutions to the problem!
I was never able to recover my money.

  • Vi
    Vivi Oct 12, 2009

    I helped my mom sign up for AOL years ago. I cancelled my account in summer '05 and went through the same things written about here. But when my mom tried to cancel a few months later, the customer service, or lack thereof, was ridiculous.

    She couldn't get through online via the keywords 'cancel' and/or 'billing' so eventually she just cleared AOL off her computer and set about trying to phone AOL to cancel her service. When that proved futile, she thought, 'well, my card expires in April, so they can't bill me after that anyway.' She was wrong. AOL was the ONLY vendor who she had automatically billed to that credit card who kept billing her on an expired card. Every other company contacted my mother and told her she needed to update them with a new expiration date in order for them to bill her automatically.

    Finally - after trying to call them for months. We decided we would search on the web for a way to cancel AOL - assuming someone out there had gone through a similar experience and written about it. We were shocked to find this site and read so many stories that were eerily similar.

    We used a phone number someone posted on here and did get through to Customer (lack-of) Service and were treated like complete idiots. They used phrases with us such as, 'okay - once again - to reiterate, since I don't think you are understanding me' etc. They were so demeaning and rude my blood was boiling. They kept asking when we had tried to call before. I finally got on the phone and told them that NONE of that mattered. The history of us trying to contact them was insignificant, we want it canceled now. He then said, 'Okay - well please listen to my instructions so you don't have to call me and scream at me again if your account isn't properly cancelled.' Scream at him. Please...I was reserved considering how angry I was.

    We were told that if we didn't listen to his 'instructions' we might 'accidentally reinstate the service and void the cancellation.' What the flip does that mean? Finally - he started to hang up without giving us a cancellation number. When we asked for one - he THEN said, 'do you want an immediate cancellation?' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! 'YES!' So THEN and ONLY THEN did he start the cancellation process. I asked him how many months he was going to reimburse my mom for and he said that he was going to reimburse nothing because the account hadn't previously been cancelled. He told us it was OUR responsiblity to get them the correct credit card information and the credit card company's fault for letting an expired card go through. He was so rude and condescending that I asked if I could speak with a Supervisor. He said, 'well this call isn't 'escalatable.' I said, 'oh really - well, I'd like to speak to him anyway' and he said, 'well I can see if he 'wants' to get on the phone.' WANTS???? OH MY GOD!

    Finally a Mr. 'Willy Williams' got on the phone and was ten times ruder than the first guy. He kept talking down to me, and acting like we are the only customers to ever have this problem - basically calling us idiots. He then said they would email us at the AOL address with a confirmation. I was so frustrated I said, 'SIR! She hasn't used her AOL account in over six months - so emailing her there won't help.' To which he replied, 'well, I said it was going to be emailed there, I didn't say she had to read it.'

    Finally - he was so rude I grabbed the phone and told him about all the websites containing dozens of complaints of customers similar to me and about the Attorney General's decision in New York which was to reimburse thousands of previous AOL customers millions of dollars for their cancellation schemes and tactics. I told him we were NOT idiots even though he was talking to us as if we were and I told him he could act like this is the only time this has happened with AOL and a customer but really AOL Is known for being shady and sneaky. I said, we will take up the reimbursement issue with our credit card company and I hung up. I am incensed. I understand that they don't care about us now b/c we are no longer customers, but that was beyond bad customer service. I can't believe those people get paid to talk like that. What jerks.

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  • Bo
    Bokssyes Mar 02, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am so sick of having to log back on CONSTANTLY from being disconnected. I'll bet with each internet session I am disconnected an average of 5 times.

    I wouldn't be surprised if I was bumped offline while typing this complaint.

    In fact, just now, as I was TRYING to check my emails, I was disconnected. I'll bet I was online for 10 seconds at the most.

    The only reason I've put up with it for so long is because of all the nightmares I've been hearing as far as trying to get rid of "America Offline". I just don't think I can take it much longer.

    Plus, you would think you're asking the world of these people just trying to get some kind of customer service.

    It is my opinion that they deserve to lose every customer they lose!

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  • Cr
    Cracker Aug 04, 2016

    I could not recommend you to stay AWAY from this company anymore. I could list endless pages of their incompetence, ineptitude and what I class a bordering on fraud, but I won't waste anymore of my time on them.

    Suffice to say I will never use these people and their premium rate numbers and I have let my friends know. I use BT now and have no complaint with them, although I don't like the adverts with the family who inherits a new family very much.

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  • Th
    thurz Aug 04, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A Prodigy subscriber apparently has rigged up an elaborate system--including a toll-free number--to talk other members out of their credit card numbers and other private information, CNET learned today.
    With rising frequency, scam artists are trying to get passwords and credit card numbers from members of online services, raising concerns among Netizens and Internet service providers. The problem is so pervasive that America Online (AOL), the nation's largest online service, constantly posts messages telling members that they never will be asked for their passwords.
    But this may be the first time that someone has set up a toll-free number to get them.
    Prodigy members are being sent instant messages by an unknown user while they are logged on to the network, telling them to dial an 800 number. When they call, they are greeted with a professional-sounding male voice telling them they have reached Prodigy's billing department.
    "If there is a mistake in your last billing statement please leave that information at the tone, " callers are told. "If were told to call us by one of our online representatives, please leave your name, billing address, valid credit card number, expiration date, phone number, and birthday. Your problem will be handled by the next billing day."
    Prodigy says it never asks for credit card information over the phone, said a billing representative, who declined to give her name. If Prodigy has a problem with a credit card, she said, it will send an online message to the customer asking him to go online to fix the information.
    "We never go through instant messages and ask for credit card information and passwords, " she said.
    The representative said members have called to complain about the line but, so far, have not identified the screen name of the person sending the instant message. Prodigy, she added, cannot legally go into instant messages looking for the person because those are considered private.
    Meanwhile, anyone with questions or information can call the real billing department at (800) 213-0992.

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America OnlineBeing billed during trial, no refund!

I tried setting up an AOL acct and during the registration process I received a "fatal error" twice, finally on the 3rd attempt I was able to set up a screen name. A few days later my Visa was charged $25.90 twice, turns out even though I received an error message the first two times, the service set up those 2 accounts also and since only one acct is able to receive the "free trial" AOL decided to charge my card the $25.90 for EACH of the extra accounts. When I called to see what happened the rep said I should have called technical support when I received the error instead of starting over, so I decided to cancel both the accounts that I didn't want, plus the one I did - the rep then disconnected the call so when I called back in and waited on hold for another 10 min the next rep said a refund was issued -- well, its been almost 2 weeks and I haven't received the refund to my credit card. I tried emailing Customer Service only to be told to call in, which doesn't help either -- where should I go from here?? I know one thing, I will never even think of using AOL again.

America OnlineFraud business practices - bill after cancellation!

AOL offers free trials and when you don't cancel aol continues the service even when the 30 free trial is up. They then bill you 3ys. later through a collection agency and threaten to seek judgment. How do they get away with this!

  • Valerie Jan 30, 2007

    I also attempted to cancel my aol acct. after being with them for over 10 years, and also being a beta tester for new versions. Yes, I got the same run-around as what everyone else seems to get, I was offered "2 free months" to "think about it".

    I called again and told them to cancel, which they said they did. I started getting past due notices and when I called I was told that I was past due on the month prior to the "free 2 months" they gave me. Ummm, I was on auto payment, so how did this happen? I commented to the Branch Manager at my bank about this, she told me they did something similar to her and that she had to close her checking acct. and re open a new one because they kept debiting it. I also closed mine and then the fight was on...
    I got calls DAILY from the collection dept, sometimes 2 or 3 in one day. I told them I was NOT paying and to stop calling me. I also told them I was recording the calls per my attorney, at which I was told that was against the law and then they would hang up on me. Are these adults? This went on for 3 months, yes daily calls for 3 months, I even had to change my phone number, for a total amount due of $29.95 + tax. I switched to Earthlink, which wasn't much better. I was with aol since version 1.5, if that tells anyone how long I was a "valued" customer. LMAO

    STAY AWAY PEOPLE!!!!! Go with a smaller company, seems they are easier to deal with, not that any of them speak english, which last time I checked was OUR national language...

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  • Valerie Feb 02, 2007

    We have been AOl customers for 10 years and paying $12.95 for limited minutes and then began billing us $14.95 for limited, while at the same time they were offering unlimited minutes for only $9.95. Sure was nice of them to raise our price for limited minutes, while at the same time they were offering unlimited minutes for $5 less per month. Guess they certainly appreciate their loyal customers, huh? When we called to complain, we got no satisfaction. They assured us three times that we would at least get the $9.95 rate, but whenever we checked we were still being charged $14.95. I think there should be a law against AOL!

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  • Valerie Feb 09, 2007

    To anyone who has aol/ or thinking of using aol please be advised of the nightmare this company has put my husband and i thru and 1,000's of other customers.

    I had been with aol for sometime, we started out with the free 6 month trial. our first mistake was giving our checking account information. Later down the road my husband and i wanted to cancel and switch to my local phone company who offered highspeed at a better price. thats when all hell broke loose. first of all you couldn't reach any one , i tried 6 different 1-800 numbers only to be on hold for 20 minutes at a time, when i did reach some one they were rude, some laughed at me said they couldn't help me i had to try another number, it was such a run around and then they would hang up on me. So in the mean time i had signed up for highspeed with my phone company and still trying to get aol to cancel me. I even wrote them a letter and e-mailed. Then they began double billing, so i tried to reach some one and was told it would be reversed with in 72 hours to my checking? guess what never happened. Finally i was able to reach some one after weeks of frustration to cancel them. Guess what i was slapped with surprise fees for leaving them. When i argued i would not pay these fees i was told i would go to collections. I have perfect credit and did not want my credit ruined. I just wanted the nightmare to end so i paid the sur charges, guess what 6 months later i was turned into collections saying i owe more money. Im at loss as to how this company has been able to get away with this. what is the Americans peoples recourse? how do we stand up to the corporate bully. would love some help?? Im so frustrated....

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  • Ex
    exavierdotnet Oct 11, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • An
    AndrW11 Dec 14, 2009

    Charged my debit card without authorization.

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