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Alliance LendingScam and cheating Co

I received a call from Gerald Coleman indicating that I was approved from a loan and all I needed to do was send 1725.00 via money gram by 5 pm on 11/30/07, I was not able to do this so I told him. I asked if this could be done on monday, he said that I the offer would expire I said fine then I will just re-apply, when he said that I couldnt do that. That is when the bells should of started ringing, but they didnt start ringing until after I sent a money gram to Jenesa Irby in Harlen Alberta Canada, so on monday when I tried to call the number all I got was thank you and good bye. I hope this will help others from getting taken and I hope this people are found.

Resolved Alliance Lending — Scam and cheating company!

I also sent the 4 month security payment ($1275) after getting a call from a Corey Hunt. Should have known...