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AKAI USAAwful overall

I bought an Akai 42" Plasma T. V. from eCost.com on 9/3/08. Around 10/8/08 there was a 3' black stripe down the right side about 3" from the edge. I have sent numerous emails to Akai USA and to several different departments and have not gotten anything but an auto-responder stating they received my email and will get back to me. Which they never did. My 1 year manufacturer warranty is about up and I am on a fixed income and cannot afford the $715.00.

I filed a complaint with the B. B.B. and the company did not respond and the B. B.B. felt it was adequate enough to close the complaint and take no further action to help me. They currently have about 193 complaints filed against them. 113 of which have gone unaddressed and the B. B.B. and the government has chosen to let them continue on with business as usually despite the claims it keeps racking up. No one is helping me or anyone else when it comes to this company.

AKAI USAPoor service

A Scott LCT32SHA which is defective. I have since June 13th or 14th made 10 calls to Akai, sent 3 letters and made a 80 mile round trip to a repair shop that I was told by Akai to take it to only to be told that that do not and will not repair it! I have sent 9 emails which Akai did not bother replying to! On July 31, after the 30 days to locate a repair shop had passed, I called and was told corporate would contact me the next week to set up the return and exchange and on August 11 I called corporate and talked to Mr. Eddie Palacious the Parts and Field Service Manager and was told that I would be contacted on August 12 to set up the return and exchange. Well I was not contacted on either occasion! I also talked to a service center that was listed on their web site but is 400 miles away from me. They told me they have an Akai TV under warranty in their shop and that Akai has not responded to them about the replacement part so that they can complete the repair.

I have never seen a company that has so little or no regard for their customers. Telling your customer that it could take up to 30 days to locate a service center plus the time it takes to repair the item. That is not acceptable! Let alone having 2 months go by. That customer would be demanding a refund. Then of course the negative word of mouth advertising they would be doing regarding Akai products is not good for your company. So it seems to me that Akai is living up to the �F� rating given them by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has 193 complaints on file of which Akai did not respond to 115 of the complaints. One of which was mine.

Finally on August 22 I called Akai and through their phone system I obtained the phone number for the CEO Mr. Philip Asherian at [protected] extension 2201. I explained my displeasure at being ignored. He asked who my contact was, I said Eddie Palacious. He said he would take care of it. Eddie called me within five minutes, sent via email a prepaid return label. Said they would exchange it in 10 days. No exchange, they repaired it and shipped it out on 9/18/2008. The process took over 3 months!! Stay away. Above phone number may help. Eddie"s extension is 4120.

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    Maureen Cram Oct 10, 2008

    I totally agree with this customer's feelings. I have had a similar problem with my plasma tv. The TV was just 13 months old and the main board failed. They totally refused to work with me in any fashion or to discuss a compromise about the repair. The quality of the product when it was working was excellent. The fact that they were not at least interested in their reputation as a company was astounding to me. I will never buy a product from Akai again and at every opportunity I will be happy to discuss my experience with them with anyone who wil listen. Stay away from this company.

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  • Ti
    tina Nov 08, 2008

    I have call them twice about my t.v that only had for 16 month, and no
    respond at all. They have no interest in the customer feeling

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    Daviseg Mar 01, 2009

    I brought a 42" Akai Plasma TV (PDP 4273 M) for $1500, after about 14 months the TV stopped working, no picture, but sound only. I sent 12 e-mails and made sereral call to (818-887-0700) but could not get any one from Akai to tell me where a repair shop in my area. It took 8 months to find a repair shop the do the repairs, but the repair shop is unable to complete the repairs because the faulty circuit boards are not available. I have sent many e-mails, but Akia did not bother to respond.

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  • Tv
    TV Guy Cincinnati Dec 17, 2009

    As an independent service shop I find that this is not just an Akai problem. It seems that manufacturers of home electronics are no longer answerable to the public who keeps them in business. I find that I can no longer find parts for RCA, GE, some LG products and the list goes on. I have been a TV tech for close to 40 years and the industry as a whole has declined steadily over all those years.

    TV Man from Cincinnati

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