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Adult DVD MarketplaceUnethical business practices

I failed to receive payment for very expensive items after they refunded the customer who also kept my merchandise. I tried to communicate with them, then I had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They refuse to communicate and do not try to resolve the issue. They are highly unethical in their business practices. BEWARE!

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    ADM Media Jul 15, 2011

    We have responded to every email sent from this seller. The order was refunded because this seller's shipment arrived damaged and the seller did not respond to our customer service emails.

    Customer Service Manager

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    Kwt62 Jul 15, 2011

    The customer service manager is a liar. They never contacted me and refunded the money. If it was damaged as he uses as his excuse it should have been returned but the merchandise was kept and money refunded. They have refused any communication or attempt to resolve this issue. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against their unethical business practices!

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Adult DVD MarketplaceI sold my DVDs through website and they refuse to pay me my portion of the sale.

I was a new seller on their website selling DVDs. I immediately sold 2 DVDs and promptly shipped them to the buyer. When I never received my portion of the sale, I tried accessing my account to no avail. Customer service stated "your account was shut down because you failed to respond to an ADM Customer

Service inquiry, regarding a customer complaints and listing DVDs in the

inappropriate category. This is a serious offense, considering communication and cooperation with the ADM staff is essential in providing top grade service to our customers. At the moment, your balance is at $0 and there is no funding to be reimbursed." I informed customer service I was not aware of any emails from them and felt that keeping my portion of the sale money, apprx $39.00, was highly punitive. I can understand closing my account if they felt I was not abiding by their rules, but to keep the money I was to receive from the sale of my 2 dvds seems highly inappropriate. I requested a copy of the emails in question and my money, no response received.

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    GREG MORROW Jun 08, 2009

    I have recently had a similar event. I have sold with ADMP for some years and up to the point of not reacting to the request of a buyer. The buyer said he did not receive a title and ADMP said I did not act according the way they wanted not refunding the guy on the spot. There responce was, "he" (the buyer)was one of there best buyer's and I did not respond to the request the way they wanted. I have repeatly apologize for the ordeal, stating the fact I just did not want to be scanned by someone I did not know and that I wished to contuniue to sale with them. I have recently relisted my other email and sold a hand full of dvds (only) to be banned again from selling. I am sure for now they are for real not wanting to deal with me with this reaction. Now, .. my recent request with them (ADMP) to know if payment for what I did sale was delayed along with another apology has led to respond with the statement " Please do let us know if we can assist you any further, Adult DVD Marketplace." I have to say I simple do not get this treatment! Meing remorse and trying to correct the matter as they want in of no value. I sometimes think, it is the other sellers who are in it saying to them, they do not to compete with me. at the same time, I simply do not know! But what I do know is this is an unjust business manner that has no real truth to it!
    Greg [email protected]

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