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Adele Services — Fraud Charges on MasterCard

On Nov 20th, they charged me .22 cents on my MasterCard, they are fake. My MasterCard canceled my card and...

Adele ServicesBank Fraud

I was just called by my security team at my bank about a .24 charge on my account that I had overlooked on statement, it was Adele Services. The bank hot carded my account because of it. The .24 isn't much but the inconvenience of having to wait for new cards, and resetting up all the bank info is a real pain. My question about this kind of fraud is: WHERE THE HELL IS THIS MONEY BEING DEPOSITED? Why can't they catch them from that? If they can track .24 coming out of your account they should be able to track its destination...correct? This really makes me mad that some lazy scammer can make us look like idiots for only .24 of our money. I certainly hope that these people will get caught and have to pay back more than they got.

Adele ServicesFraud .25 charge to credit card

I was also charged .25 by Adele Services with a transaction from Irina Stacy on November 20, 2008. I called the credit card Company to say I have not used my card since July of 2008 when it was paid off. They told me they would remove the name. I asked what about the .25? They said I was responsible for it, I had made a purchase online from a pet store. They would mark it off and put it down as in dispute. IN dispute for what? I want it removed, as I did not make any purchases. I told them I do not order pet supplies online, and would never charge .25. I told them forget it, cancel my account. They then told me they would waive the charge, cancel my card and re-issue another.

I called Adele Services at the number on my statement [protected] to inquire, and the message said the number is not working.

  • Mi
    Mike Dec 01, 2008

    While on vacation and visiting family for the holidays in NY State I tried to extend my rental on my car. They told me my card was rejected, and they wanted their car back NOW or asap. Being late and in a different time zone I had to put it off till the next day.
    The next day we went to the bank to get additional money for the car rental where our message was 'card deactivated'. Being four hours difference from Alaska our home. We had to borrow money to cover the rental!
    Finally got a hold of our bank where we were told it was not of our normal auto pay so they closed our card.
    Prior to this I had called our bank on an 800 number and must have misdialed the third time around-when I heard a foreign voice but being busy I did not listen to his presentation. This was that Adele Services!!!
    It made a mess of our vacation and we are anxious to get home after the holidays!
    This is MY .21 cents and am very upset with this Adele Services just think how many people have been dooped by them and each .21 cents adds up.
    I am not happy.

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Adele ServicesFraud Charge of $0.22

I just checked my November credit card statement and there is an unauthorized charge of $0.22 that was posted on 11/21/2008. Here are more details of this fraudulent charge:

Merchant Information:
Adele Services
[protected], NY [protected]

Merchant Description:
Pet Shops-Pet Food and Supply Stores

I called my credit card company and reported this charge and had them cancel this card and then issue me a new one. But this horrible fake company (I know this is the case b/c when you call the 800 # it is not in service) is going to cost me many hours of working to call all the companies that I purchased online recently to change the old credit card number to the new one before they will ship the items.

Adele ServicesFraudlent charges to bank account

This company charged against my CC $.21 for ???? I did not give them my CC #. This was on 11/21/2008. On 11/30/2008 I had to have my computer cleaned for spyware that had attached to my Interent Explorer. I also had charges pending for the New York Times. I did not, or have I ever subscribed to this magazine. Then came the $.21 then came $151.00 to Amazon all within 1 week all charged to my CC account. OK $.21, who would pay attention to $.21 on there bank statemnet, but multiply that x 100, 000 people, BINGO- pay day and fraud..

The Attorney General for New York needs to investigate this. The Amazon is also in NY along with the Newe York Times magazine.

  • Li
    Lizard Dec 02, 2008

    We were charged .25 on 11/22/08 against our debit/credit card. I'm cancelling our card tomorrow w/our bank. I am hearing reports that the company/persons in question has the 3 digit pin number from the back of the card. The only place we have used the card with the 3 digit pin was on 11/16 at Circuit City. Apparently all the computers were down at the store we shopped at. The girl had to copy our information on a carbon copy booklet and then imprinted our card. On our copy I noticed the 3 digit pin was wrtitten down along with our name and address. This is the only store I can think of that "may" have "allegedly" stolen our card info. Anyone else shop at circuit city lately and have the same happen to them. I'd be interested to know.

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  • Th
    Thomas Dec 03, 2008

    I shopped at Circuit City on 11/17. I bought one item and paid for it by swiping my debit/credit card through the reader. On 11/20/08 I have a charge of $.24 to ADELE SERVICES. I just now noticed the charge and tried to figure out who Adele Services was which led me here. Needless to say I will be canceling my card today.

    I don't know if shopping at Circuit City and the Adele Services charge is a coincidence but something strange is going on.

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