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I seem to be one of the less fortunate with this scam. I cant seem to stop the charges by acaiaslim either. its getting me pissed off. why cant companies just try to be honest. sounds like the old snake oil deal to me. what goes around comes around. and i'm getting closer to finding these fraudulent people. its now become a sport for me. and I cant wait to see who wins... good luck dirtbags...

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    stephanie Dec 27, 2008

    I was charged for more products than i requested. Also charged extra for a fitness program i have no idea where it is.These charges are outrageous!!! Cant something be done about this? I cancelled my credit card to stop these charges. I suggest anyone who ordered from this company to do the same!!

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Resolved AcaiaSlimUnauthorized charge to visa Miss-leading advertisement

I was scammed into purschasing the FREE 14 day trial of Acai-aSlim not knowing that they sent 1 bottle that was a 30 day supply not a 14 day trail as noted on the ad. I was then charged $79.95 for the 30 day supply 2 weeks after the original $4.95 shipping & hangling charge. I did not see in their ad (I looked for this information when I orgered) that unless I cancelled within 14 days (& returned the original bottle) I would be charged for 30 days and would automatically receive the product monthly until I called to cancel. I thought they would email or send correspondenc to me on how much it would be to continue. At no time was I aware that I was signing up for a automatic monthly charge to my credit card.

I called the number on my credit card f or ACAIASLIM - [protected] and was informed that the charge stands and that I needed to read the fine print (which I never found). I then requested they cancel any future unathorized orders and I cancelled that credit card with my bank as I don't trust this company. I'm looking for the address of this company so I can return the unused portion of the bottle.

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    Rue Dec 20, 2008

    I totally fell for this scam too! I was told that I should have read the "fine print", but I am here to tell you that there was NO fine print. I checked and double checked before ordering! Be advised that there is more to it...I just found another charge on my card today from a "FitFactory". When I contacted them, they informed me that it was also in the "fine print" that I would receive a "FREE" trial subscription to their company and be billed if I didn't cancel! They are now refusing to refund my money as well. I am heading to the bank first thing Monday morning to close my account because it is hard telling who else they gave my card information to that was supposedly included in this elusive "fine print"!!! Who can we report these people to?!?

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