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Acai OptimumComplete scam

Acai optimun is a complete scam!!! Don't waste your money!!! There is so many hidden fees that they do not tell you about, on purpose that is. Then when you notice the outrages charges on your bank account and try to stop them, they say it was in the agreement! This company is a total scam. I was skeptical about it all, and I should have just listened to my insticts! I have never written a complaint about a product before but this time I felt angry enough to let people aware of this horrible company! Please don't but this product, it's not worth it, I promise!!!

Acai Optimumfraudulent charge

I signed up for a 14 day trial of Acai optimum and agreed to the promotional charge of shipping and handling. I received 2 bottles of 60 pills each and was charged $99.96. I called [protected] and through a phone rep and then a supervisor, I was able to get that charge reversed. At first I was offered a $30.00 credit, then $60.00, then $80.00. After threatening to call Chase and report the fraudulent charge, I was given a full refund. I will call my Chase account and give them the information. Be persistent!

Acai Optimumfraudulent charges personal bank card

Was sent email advertising a product for weight loss and offering a 30 day supply free only charging you a shipping fee. Before recieving product my personal debit card was charged an amount of 99.96. I immediately called the no. that I had for the company and was adamant about not shipping the product because of the false
advertisement and was told at that time to check my email for a confirmation no that could be sent back on a rebate form to recieve the amount in full back to my bank card. I called my bank and requested they put a stop on the debit charge however they put it thru in a different company name so my bank was unable to stop this process. Again, not a full 30 days later my card has been charged again an amount of 99.96. I called the company and requested to speak with someone in billing and then someone in their legal department only to get nowhere. I have still not recieved any confirmation from the company to mail any rebate form and am highly upset. I believe the BBB and FTC needs to be aware that many people are being scammed by this company and deserve to have their money refunded and this company needs to pay for their terrible business scams and horrible false advertising all over the internet. Please, Please help me in this battle with this scamming company and help get more information out to those who are being scammed on a daily basis by this madness. My email address is
[protected] and if I need to contact the BBB or FTC please let me know. I can not afford this to happen to my family. My husband is a minister and we do not have extra money every month to throw away on lies from some scam company. Thanks in advance, Lisa

  • St
    StephKelley1234 Sep 22, 2010

    I wished I would have read these complaints BEFORE buying the Acai optimum pills. When I went to place my order online, after reading what I thought was a legitimate testimonial about a news anchor trying the pills, I thought the website seemed a little strange, but placed my order anyways (I rarely buy online). They sent me very little paperwork with the pills, and did not charge my bank account the trail price of $1.98, rather, $99.96. I am still in the process of trying to get my rebate, but after reading the other complaints on here, feeling a little helpless. If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated in the rebate / refund process. [email protected] Thank you.

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Acai OptimumHidden information

I read Channel 5 News report on this product & was impressed - thinking wow this may work and a free trail offer with not gimmicks. Well that is not true - I went to order and they have the terms and conditions in a place where no one would easily see them - it looks like one you put in your information you will get the terms but the y never show up and next thing you know they have your credit card & you are being billed for $99.96 WOW. I did not have that amount even in my account. SO I called in a panic and spoke to Ken #142 who over talked me constantly but finally gave me a supervisor
Charlene # 471 - who told me she could not cancel this order only future orders. I said YES you can I am the customer and this was only submitted 5 minutes ago & I want it canceled, that I don't even have enough money in the account. She rudely says, well the bank already approved it as if I was lying & I said now way, I did not believe her she was pushing me to keep the order I did not want or could afford, it made no sense. Anyway after me getting upset and insisting she finally intimated what she calls a refund of $99.96 & gave me a refund conf # as well as a Cancellation #. I would like to try the product when I can afford to but based on the poor customer service I received I doubt I will. #417 was so not customer centric and basically rude to me

Acai OptimumFraudulant Charges

I tried to cancel my account on July 7 but was told I was a day late and owed the company $164.00 which they debited my account the day before. So I had to pay an additional $160.00 in NSF charges. So the dude I talked to said immediate cancellation was made July 7. Now the same thing happened in August. They said that I only cancelled my account for one product and the other product had been shipped. Another fraudlant debit to my account for $98.00 plus $160.00 in NSF charges to my bank account. There is no phone listing in Hollywood Florida so they must be dba another company name altogether. My frustration level, as you can imagine, is over the top but "there's nothing they can do". Don't get involved with these products and never give your account # over the internet. I'm now changing my account # with the bank and als0 my direct deposit which takes 2 months to activate. I'd rather weigh 500 pounds than have to deal again. ARGHHH!!!

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Acai OptimumTook out money from my bank account

Called them immediately when I found out that they where taking $99.96 out of my account for a free trial. They told me for $39, 99 they would cancel the order and I would get the free bottles (That I just paid $39.99 for) I went into my bank account and found that they had deleted the $99.96 and had taken out the $39, 99. Well I went back into my account and they had taken out 7 withdrawels. They deleted the $39.99 and charged me for (Service fee .04, service fee .04, service fee .04, Purchase $1.19, purchase $1.49, Purchase $1.49 and the $99.96 on top of that making a total of $104 .25 I am going to call them again at [protected] and to see if this can be straigtened out. If not then I am going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Df
    dfgrtu Aug 07, 2010

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  • St
    SteffR Aug 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Try calling 1-877-823-1667 for a refund!

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  • Ja
    jandoe2468 Sep 10, 2010
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    Verified customer

    No were on the site does it say free offer, it says trial bottle. You all cry about it but your the idiots that go and put in your credit card info, name and address and click submit, without reading the terms and conditions, its clearly stated in the first paragraph whats going to happen. You think running to your credit card or bank that they will reverse the charge?? they dont cause you signed up for this noone else but you..

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I have had the experience that most the previous complaints have outlined! I was filling out the FBI scam...

Acai Optimum$80.00 charge for free sample

Charge $ 80.00 for what was supposed to be free sample. Never used it --bottle not opened they will not accept it back. Quite a scam!!! Visa disput center not helping much at this point very discouaged!

  • L5
    l57e Jun 08, 2010

    Heads up!!! Here is a way to get them to remove the chg's. when you let them know what you have in front of you they will do it!!!
    BELIEVE me I was in for more than $190.!!! I was shocked. There were 4 cancellation #'s given to me with what the amounts were.
    Good Luck:

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  • Su
    Suzanne Motola Jun 20, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It may not be a scam, however, it is designed to take money from the consumer who merely wants to try a product. The 14 and 30 day back-out conditions guarantee that the company will get money from most of those who try their product. The free sample is really not free. After for 14 days the consumer who has not canceled within that time is charged $79.98 for what was supposed to be free. The free sample is actually more expensive then the product that is sent as part of the automatic reorder to the one who has not carefully read and followed all the conditions...And can you really try a product and know whether it works in only 14 days???? Asher Motola

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Acai Optimumcharges to my credit card

What a rip-off. I was willing to try the product for 1.50. That's fair - and IF iit actually did something may even be worth continuing to purchase the product. In no way did I intend to become a member for $79.95 per month. But apparently I did. I received the product but they conveniently did not include any paperwork for you to be able to contact them to cancel. On the website if I tried to cancel it didn't work.

So I became an un-willing member. Received nothing else and when I called them they refused to issue a credit - said they were unable to. We all know that is not true and if they were an ethical company in the least, they would offer some customer satisfaction. They would not budge at all and said it was my fault. They must be making a fortune on suckers who actually believe when they order a trial product they will be only charged for that product. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT. IT IS A TOTAL RIP-OFF AND YOU GET NOTHING FOR YOUR MONEY. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

  • Ja
    Janet Mendoza May 05, 2010

    i have acia product righ now and so far i have not seen any changes in my body!!! i already cansled my order and i havent had any additional charges to my card but i hope it continues to not charge me. But the pills acually never worked!!!

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  • Bl
    Bleisure Jun 03, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I signed up with this company the first of April and then canceled with them on 4-12 - they sent an e-mail stating no further shipments or charges would be made. July 22 - postmaster tries to delivery a package - told them I refused as had cancelled - checked my charge card - there is a charge of 99.95.

    Contacted them - they pretty much stated I was out 99.95 since I had refused the shipment as the customer is responsible for shipping back to them even through the subscription was cancelled - spoke to two people and was told there was no one higher up in the company that would talk to me.

    Called my credit card company and disputed the account - they are getting nowhere with this company. I called them again today 8-5 and nowhere is correct.

    I actually got a Salina ID #340 on the phone and she starts by telling me she is the Customer service supervisor, then she changes her title to Sales Floor supervisor then changes her title to owner - not likely -

    Such a scam. I am going to have to cancel my credit card to keep these people from charging me - I don't trust them and they shouldn't be allow to do business.

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Acai OptimumFraud

I only wish I would have known about this site first. I am now one of many who believed this was an honest company only to be defrauded. I am meeting with my bank and attorney general. I told this to Acai Optimum and they could care less. Obviously this is how they make money-through fraud.

  • Br
    Brookelyn_ May 14, 2010

    I fell for this scam too. Literally as soon as I had ordered the "Free Trial" I came across news articles about the fraudulent activity. Luckily, I called my credit card company right away and cancelled my card. That was a few weeks ago and today I received my AcaiOptimum and Advanced Cleanse in the mail. I was very nervous to see them arrive and didn't want to be charged. I called the customer care line they supplied me with and they said I had been charged for the shipping ($4.99) for these two items and had tried to charge me another $80 but it was declined. I was so happy to hear it was declined. So he cancelled my subscription and everything is great! And he said I can keep the items I had received already. So I get to try them out and not get scammed for loads of cash! So if you fell for this, I would highly suggest you immediately cancel your credit card!

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  • Uh
    uhbri16 Jun 25, 2010

    I ordered Acai Optimum/ Advanced Colon in the beginning of April 2010. I canceled within the 14 days. I have both cancelation numbers. They said I had to send the bottles back with the RNA Number. I also sent them back and fortunately I sent them through USPS with a delivery confirmation. On June 26, 2010 I receive to charges for $79 each. I called the company spoke with Louis - ID 031 and he said sorry never received them, the charges are validated and nothing that him or the supervisor could do. I said I was reporting them and he said rudely go away, it won't matter. I reported them to my back with all the cancelation numbers and delivery confirmation. The warehouse received it on April 19, 2010. Nice try Acai Optimum. Fortunately my card is now canceled and the money will be refunded immediately. I called back Acai Optimum because I wanted my delivery confirmation number in my file. ID 011 - boy he was a very rude. This incident may have been inconvenient for my however I am so thankful for my $1.80 delivery confirmation!

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  • Go
    goodgenie Aug 15, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband had similar problems with Acai Optimum. While on Facebook, he clicked on the link for a free trial and completed his informations. In the confirmation email, he did get the mention that if he didnt cancel within 30 days, he would be charged 79$ per month. For some reasons, he seemed to think it was a good deal. My husband is a supplement junky... anyways, a few days later (not 30 days as mentionned on their email) he got hit with 2 charges of $165 on his cc. He had no idea what it was and called his cc company. Lucky for him, the customer service representative who took the call had actually dealt with this fraudulent company. So she explained to him how they operate. They tell you on the false advertisement that you are signing up for a automatic enrollement that will cost you $79 per month should you not cancell your free trial within 30 days. What is confusing is the amount of time you have to cancel your enrollement. The web site says 14-day trial, but the confirmation email you receive states " If you wish to cancel your order within your Trial Period, simply call 877-825-1528 and return your bottle (Even if it’s empty!) within 30 days from canceling and you will not be charged anything other than the shipping and handling fee." And that's where they get you. What they dont tell you is that 79$ is for each product you try. So you're charged $79 for the Acai Blend and another $79 for the Advanced Colon (so total 158 us = 165 Cad). Then the representative also explained to my husband that the reason he got hit twice with the $165, is because, the products for your "free trial period" are not actually free. Should you not cancel within 14 days, then you are billed for them and then your automatic enrollment also starts! So the representative, with my husband on line, called Acai Optimum customer service departement. After being on hold for more than 30 minutes, they finally get through someone. The person rudely tells them that my husband should have read the small prints and that the contract is clear regarding what customers will be billed. The credit card representative then asked to speak to a supervisor and gets disconnected! They call again. To make a long story short, after finally being able to speak to a supervisor, Acai Optimum agrees to cancel his enrollement and reimburse him a full $165 charge. They said that the trial products had already been shipped, so they wouldn't reimbursed him the other $165. After the call, when my husband asked the credit card represantative if he should put a stop payment just to be sure they wouldnt charge him again, she told him that if the charge is declined, they then try to charge the credit card under another company name!!! She told my husband that they best thing for him to do what cancel the credit card altogether. I'm gonna post my story every where I can because people need to be aware of how fraudulent this company is. We called the Canadian Consummer Protection line and we were told they had received thousands of complains regarding this company, but it was difficult to do something about it because they operate under so many names. Pass the message along, they need to be stopped!!!

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  • Gu
    gumer medina Nov 21, 2010

    this people take $49.79 from my bank account, with out my .authoryzation

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Acai Optimum — Scam Deceptive Terms and Conditions

ABSOLUTELY STAY AWAY FROM ACAI OPTIMIM!!! You will be lucky to have found this page, since they have created...

Acai OptimumOvercharged

I was charged $79.98 after ordering a product that was only to be $4. I called the company to see about a refund but they did not even want to listen to my situation and just told me that it was not their problem. I understand that there is sometimes there are misunderstandings but most would feel that a company would help a person out instead of beating them down with their agreements. I will be calling my bank and have them help me work on this and also if I have to I will be getting a hold of my lawyer.

  • Ca
    California Girl2 Mar 05, 2010

    Hello, I had the same experience. They ship you 30-day supply of pills -BUT YOU ONLY PAID FOR 14. This is their gimmick. Then you have 14 days to cancel. I canceled 16 days and WAS NOT EVEN TOLD TO RETURN THE PILLS. They didn't work and the bottle is in a drawer.

    BEWARE - they get your credit car number and hook you in. The OPERATORS tell you there is nothing they can do - that's because they just DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD. I wonder how many complaints a day they get. We need all jump on board and report them. I'm checking out the Better Busines Bureau now!

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  • Te
    Texas2 Mar 06, 2010

    California Girl2, you got out a little cheaper than I did. They got me for 98.78. I called last month because they had charged me $26 so I told them to cancel. When I called today the Operator said I had only canceled the journal subscription. They did not tell me anything about a subscription when I initially called and canceled. I have not received the pills yet. I asked if I could return the pills, (that is if I even get them) and get a refund the Operator said the pills were nonrefundable. California Girl2 you are so right about they get your credit card number and HOOK YOU IN. BEWARE!!!

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  • Ac
    Acai Optimum Team Apr 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm sorry that you didn't understand the terms of the offer but it is very visible right on the order page and not hidden or misleading. I'm sure if you call customer support they will be happy to refund your purchase for you, or you can send an email along with a link to this page to [email protected]

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  • Do
    Domstar Jul 01, 2010

    I hate them! I cancelled my order as it didn't agree with my body and made me sick. They took money from my account and then after contacting them they said they were going to refund me.
    I recently lost my card and was issued with a new that has a different number than the previous one.
    I have called them and emailed and have gotten no where!
    I just want to give them my new card details so they can refund me like they said they would.

    They are completely incompetent!
    It's reallu upsetting me, it isn't hard to take my new number for the refund!

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  • Sd
    SDavis_ Jul 17, 2010

    This is a scam. I hope this saves someone the hassle I went through in trying to get my money refunded. I sent the 14-Day trial back within the 14 days, then I received 2 bottles the month after and was charged $99.00 and sent that back. NEVER did I receive a refund and I do not have any of their products. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!

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  • Pe
    Peeved Ann Aug 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish I had seen these comments before I ordered the trial, which customer service said was not available in my area. I was charged twice, 1st time $108.76 second time $109.76. Don't anyone else fall for their scam. Extremely PO'd.

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