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aboutastro.comWe need to clean out the Internet from such scammers urgently

There showed up on my computer a letter from an Astrolgist- lady called Jenna telling a lot of things- finally she directs you to a personal website set up for your case and where she wants cash to be transferred from your bank account. Looking on Google I found out that Jenna is also a fraud. She charges 60 to 80 $ for her predictions and people found out that everybody receives the same letters. So take care, log such mails directly as SPAM in gmail and delete them from your computer. One should have the power to persecute the servers which distribute this spam and scam and confiscate all equipment by police forces. The Scammers used in this case a site called messaging-master.net to distribute this spam. We need to clean out the Internet from such scammers urgently. If we can catch the Internet servers or close them down because of fraud, scammin and spamming would be great.

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    Sotnick May 31, 2014

    Paid for astrology reading to Jenna www.aboutastro.com, so far, no reading received but money collected from my credit card.

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aboutastro.comShady, bordering on illegal, Business Practices

jenna has a slick business going in that she has a convincing website based on very shady business practices. she does not read her emails and, once a card is sent, she will debit it. there is no contact number, no address of record unless you look it up under "whois", which i did. this website is listed under network solutions, llc out of drums, pa, usa.
i purchased a reading and almost immediately thought better of it. emails were left unanswered and she did not respond to the request within hours of purchase to NOT submit the order and then sent a message later that, sorry, little girl, it has already been debited. i'm filing a complaint against her with mastercard as she has not provided the basic information required by them on the debit.
more folks have to file credit card/debit card complaints within 60 days of purchase so the agencies will investigate and pull her ability to accept the cards except with a very high rate. eventually, she may just scam those too frail to fight back. good luck to all of you. there are alternatives when we stick together!

aboutastro.comNot a trustworthy site

Not a trustworthy site - Having looked through at many of these psychic/astrological sites, I decided to get a free reading from this 'jenna at astro.com'. This first free reading seemed very good and hooked me in to pay for my own personal report. I sent my money and was assured of a two day turn around for a 'comprehensive response'. Since then I have heard nothing, despite sending at least 20 emails. I have no other way of contacting this site, unless of course someone out there knows of a way of contacting these scam artists, as I can only imagine that this site is completely fabricated.

aboutastro.comThe man behind AboutAstro.com

AboutAstro.com is a fraudulent astrology site.
There is no Jenna the Astrologer.
The owner of this company is a man named Terry Davis.
Terry employs people to answer emails
He uses a software program to generate Astrology Reports
The company is located in Winsted, CT .

If you have had a problem with this company, it is very important that you contact The Federal Trade Commission, The Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection, and the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office. The contact information can be found below.

It is important for you to register a formal complaint with these agencies. This is the only way to shut down Terry Davis and his fraudulent business.

Please also give these agencies Terry's personal contact information and the his website registration information:

Terry Davis
840 East Wakefield Blvd
Winsted, CT

AboutAstro.com is registered through Network Solutions (a private registrar company)
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA

**** Any mail sent to Network Solutions must be USPS Express Mail
or Certified Mail for them to accept it. You must also include
the registrants domain name which is AboutAstro.com

Please report Terry Davis, AboutAstro.com, and Jenna the Astrologer to:

The Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Response Center
600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20580

The Connecticut Better Business Bureau
94 South Turnpike Road
Wallingford, CT 06492
FAX: [protected]

Connecticut Consumer Protection Agengy

Connecticut Attorney General's Office
Richard Blumenthal
55 Elm Street
Hartford, CT

aboutastro.comScam and fraud!

Obviously I did not read this this page before paying $30 for a report. My experience is similar to the other stories. I paid for my report on 18 Dec 2007 and to this date have not heard from jenna. Trying to chase up my report I just get automatic responses. Going by the other responses I guess I have done my money!!!

  • Po
    Popnfresh Feb 29, 2008

    About the peole that run www.aboutastro.com

    1 route de Bordeaux
    Langoiran, 33550

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