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A Plus Van LinesTerrible experience

I only wish all of these complaints were posted prior to my research on A Plus Van Lines back in July 2008 - it would have saved me a lot of headache, money and furnishings. As a public service I decided NOT to take their settlement for my damaged goods which amounted to $108 and an agreement to NEVER speak publicly about my settlement (the items damaged and destroyed totaled more than $7, 000). Instead I decided to voice my opinions on every complaint site available to me in an attempt to save others the trouble of dealing with this company.

Since I was moving some very valuable inherited items I opted to use their 'professional' packing service at a cost of $400 to 'professionally' pack those items. Out of the 7 large items THEY packed...3 were damaged and 1 was completely destroyed. In addition to the furniture, my boxes were damaged, crushed, destroyed. 7 boxes were a complete loss. They even 'repacked' 3 of my boxes.

Like the others that complained, I too was charged extra to actually ship all of the items that they included in the quote. I paid an additional $500 for the 'additional' cubic space - however we had to leave off the truck the entire patio furniture set that was included in the quote. They wanted an additional $900 to put that on the truck? This company makes a lot of promises. Melanie, who claimed to be the manager, was AWFUL to work with and provided nothing I would call customer service.

As my items were being unloaded from the truck I could tell there were problems and I immediately called Melanie. She actually told me now that I had made the final payment she would no longer speak with me and that I would have to contact the claims department from now on. She said A Plus Van Lines had no further obligation to deal with me. I will always regret being the one who made the decision to use this company.

  • Kr
    Kristen Feb 04, 2009

    I too was taken by this company. I plan to file a claim and contact any company I can to report them. I had pictures of 20 years ago when my daughter was a senior in high school (large at least 16 X 20 with frame) that is gone, lost, whatever...and no compensation. Pictures of grandchildren of 5-6 years ago that can never be replaced, gone, lost, who would want pictures of strangers???? These things can never be replaced...I intend to contact several companies and the better business bureau also.

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  • Sk
    SKJ118 Sep 16, 2010

    I also worked with A Plus in 2008. At that time, I couldn't find many complaints against them and I thought they were reliable. They were the worst. They charged me extra to package items that were not packed correctly. They charged for extra space. But the worst of it was they left my boxes in a warehouse during a rainy weekend and my sofa and clothes arrived in very damp condition. Not to mention broken dishes and some broken furniture. A subcontractor was hired to deliver my boxes and the first thing they told me was that we should bring any complaints to the company, not to them. They were supposed to carry the boxes to the first and second floors but they were visibly unhappy to deliver to the second floor and we ended up having them put everything on the first floor.

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DO NOT USE A PLUS VAN LINES!!! They will lie to you and steal your money. It was a disaster arranging my pickup, then I was promised a certain delivery, which ended up being 2 weeks later. I was quoted one price and had to pay another. AND THEN THEY DAMAMGED 1/2 OF MY FURNITURE!!! I have over $2000 worth of furniture that is damaged and they offered me $69.00, are you kidding?