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4wheelparts.comterrible customer service

I have made the expensive mistake of buying aftermarket wheels from this company. First of all the shipment was over a week late. When the wheels arrived they were the correct style of rim for my truck but they were the wrong center-bore. i had purchased these by phone to make sure they knew all the vehicle details and even told them the part number of the item on their website and had them double check it. then i was assured i was receiving the correct wheels...wrong. i didn't receive the part number i had ordered and at this point i had already paid over a 100$ Canadian in customs fees. So upon discovering that the order was wrong i contacted their customer service dept explaining the situation i spent over two hours on the phone bouncing back and forth between customer service and sales each claiming it was the others responsibility and accomplishing nothing. I finally got to speak to a manager who said there was nothing he could do about my customs fees, installation, and almost a whole day wasted trying to clean up their mess. So i told him i would like to return the product, he said that is fine he will email me prepaid shipping labels back to the states. It has been 3 business days, several more polite phone calls inquiring and still nothing!!. thankyou 4wheelparts.com for over 200$ un-necessary losses directly due to their mistake, 3 hours of long distance phone calls, and 750$ $ on my credit card and nothing accomplised. HANDS DOWN WORST EXPERIENCE EVER WITH AN ONLINE VENDOR!!! NEVER AGAIN...

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    Hoogle Mar 24, 2011

    By far the worst people I have ever worked with. Everyday they keep promising to send me my parts that I purchased. I should have received the parts over 3 weeks ago. One time I even asked to talk to a manager, so I left a voice mail. Well 2 weeks have gone by and surprise I still haven't gotten a call. I would not recommend this website to anyone.

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  • Ti
    Tim - Australia Apr 08, 2011

    Agreed an upfront paid in full for goods and delivery. They sent the order less 1 item that was out of stock. When it came in they took a further payment for both the part and the shipping. I am still not getting this sorted - I have called, emailed etc. Be very carefull if you want to buy from them

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4wheelparts.comCharged me extra for no reason

If you think you are going to get good prices, maybe you are right. But if you think you are getting customer service ( in case they goofed up your order ...well ) they are less than ZERO stars. Placed an order on their website on 10/17 using Google checkout - received my confirmation email ( from Google checkout ) on 10/17 telling me about my order. ( order total $71.79 which included shipping) After 4 days my order shipped and Google checkout provided me with a UPS tracking number. Following day received another email from 4wheelsparts.com providing me a tracking number ( a different one). Called them up asking what was that tracking number for. They explained that it was for the order I placed. I told them that I have already received my tracking details from Google checkout and it provided the lady with the UPS number. She confirmed that there was an error in their system and it had generated the same order TWICE and it was their mistake. She assured me that I would not be charged for their mistake and would be refunded the amount charged on my CC. She requested for a UPS intercept and assured me that once they receive the shipment back I would be refunded al my money ( $71.79 which included shipping )That was that...After a month I received a refund back for $52.61. Called up 4wheelparts.com, talked to a gentlemen, he transferred me to another person, waited for about 5 minutes ( due to high call volume) ...and finally spoke to Curren, he explained me that I was charged $9.90 $9.28 for restocking fees ...all this for a non-existent order WOWSo I explained him the chain of events, he went on explaining me the strict policies of 4wheelparts.com and that they do not refund shipping charges and charge restocking fees - A NICE TRICK TO MAKE SOME EXTRA MONEY ...I GUESS ITS THE RECESSION FOR THESE EXTREME EFFORTS.He said I was only eligible for a refund of $52.61 and that shipping was not to be refunded and since items are returned ( technically speaking) I AM going to be charged restocking ...well I understood this as a mistake on their part, but no ...its my mistake that their systems generates non-existent unrequested orders. Customer service for this website sucks ...I would never be placing an order again with them, their are far better places for Jeep and 4 wheel partstry 4wd.commorris 4x4 center and many more...avoid 4wheelparts.com ...