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Resolved 1st Convience Bank1,000 overdaft fees

Reported id theft in less than 24 hours after first fake charges were noted in my account. Met with bank officer and talked to security department. Problem was a single business that was repeatedly sending through false charges. While I confronted the business scammer, my account was to be blocked from this vendor. The bank did not accept the false charges but charged me $34.50 per attempted transaction despite our agreement.
The Bank continues to add more charges and the total loss with OD bank fees are now > $1, 000.

  • Da
    DaveDinVA Mar 09, 2010

    take them to court.

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  • Ji
    Jimmy carpenter Mar 28, 2016

    My name is Jimmy carpenter and I bank with 1st convience bank in Houston texas, 2300 guessner blvd. 77080, while I had no movie in the bank I was charged with 2 two 36 dollars overcharge fees from the bank, net zero billed my account and 1st convience took it out without asking my permission. I had no intention of continuing service with net zero for 2 gigabytes of data for 43 dollars a month, I signed no agreement with them other than a 1 month service fee for 2 gigabytes of data. My account is now short over 100 dollars and I am now short rent monie.I did not ask 1st convience bank to do a overdraft on my account and I feel this overdraft should me refunded, possibly along with the 43 or so dollars they gave to net zero that I did not intend to give them. My pho. Is 832 974 7778, I would like to know why was taken advantage of in this manner. I should be the only person who can authorize a overdraft on my account, and I certainly did Not do that

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  • Jl
    J.L Abq Dec 07, 2019

    They Should change the name to 1st Incovience Bank. Make sure you check with a bigger bank before using them. Rip off. Employees are transactional and lack interest and have to repeat multiple times.

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Resolved 1st Convience BankOvercharged

My family and myself have been banking with this bank for about two years. A manager was nice enough to open my checking account and all five of my savings accounts. My wife and I were there a total of two hours while the manager went over every detail of each account. Free money orders, free on-line transfers from account to account, no minimum balance on kids accounts as long as five dollars is transfered from our checking accounts...etc.

Three weeks ago all four of my kids accounts were in the negatives, this went on about two or three weeks, keep in mind I go into this bank twice a week to deposit my check and my wifes check and nobody bothered to inform me four accounts where in the negative and each account was being charged 2.50 a day. I threw a little fit because after two years this was the first I've heard of this new rule, keeping a 100 minimum balance in each account.

The manager was nice enough to correct this at no cost to me, and exactly two weeks later i just happened to look online and I'm in the negatives again because at some point in time the decided to charge me five dollars for every on-line transfer and also charge me a fee for having mail they mailed me returned to sender. My address has not changed in two years... Needless to say this cost me 20 dollars this time around, i work too hard for my money to give it away to people in Kileen, tx, that I've never met. To make a long story short I feel like because I don't have a lot of money in this bank, I'm being picked on and pursued by invisible money-hungry ghosts that are not on my side. Who cares about us, the little people?

  • Ja
    Janie ALBA Apr 18, 2010

    My Husband decide when he first start to work with Walmart it was convience to bank with this bank. Later, thing went by as far fees of $2.50, question that i couldn't get the answer through tha automated service so I had to talk with a live person and he got charged $2.00. day went and other charge started to show up in his account went to talk with the Teller and learned if merchant do get the within two business days the money go back to my acoount that not fair to us customer how are we suppose to know that. Also I recently open an account for my son and daughter learn the same thing over drafts and charge did not know why happen to their accounts. If you gas with Walmart or H.E.B they say they hold upto $150.00 which can lead to overdraft fees cause we end go to charge what we that was even in the account and learn 'NO' CAUSE of the gas you piurchased at Walmart or H.E.B hold a larger of your money you become subtract money more than you thought . I all come down to because did math your way it wrong it has to be the Banks Math. Never think you have what was deposit until you use CASH Only.

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