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12vadapters.comExcellent company!

Great company!

They have super cheap prices on standard power adapters and their UL-listed power supply are super high quality products!

They also have great wholesale deals!

They ship fast and their costumers service is super responsive and nice.

I recommend this company to anyone who needs a power cord or adapter.

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    Howard Johny Jul 25, 2012

    I agree with you. is a very reliable company. I strongly recommend their UL-listed power supply.

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12vadapters.comOnline fraud

I bought a 12v 6a power supply from, mostly because this guy has a listing on ebay with my tvs picture and model number. However after seeing other complaints on this site about this guys business, I feel I should report my findings as its very dangerous what he's doing. Let me explain,

My tvs model is Sharp LC-20B6U-SM, he's got this listed on ebay with the picture of it saying his power supply is the proper one for a replacement for this tv. IT IS NOT. The OEM Sharp power supply is 12v6.6a not 12v6a. That's over a half an amp more then his power supply can safely handle! Not to mention the OEM power supply is about 3 to 4 times the size of his physically. Basically after purchasing this item yes it did work, powered up my tv, ran it. His power supply was too hot to touch with in an hour and smelled smoky. I used it sitting on top of a metal cake pan (for safety) for about 45 days before it finally melted the outside plastic housing and burnt up and failed. Why did it fail you may ask? The extra .6a is like driving a car 110mph that's only rated for top speed of 80mph safely; eventually it's going to fail.

I contacted him to let him know his power supply was getting very hot after 1 week of owning it, he declined to return my money, Yet he still has ads on ebay for model Sharp LC-20B6U-SM. I Since then purchased a new 12v 8a power supply that more then covers my tvs 6.6a requirement and it only gets luke warm like it should after an hours use.

I want buyers to know they need GOOD homeowners insurance or rental insurance if you use this guys products cause your likely going to need it when the fire department puts out the flames.

  • Ho
    HotSauceMarie Apr 21, 2009

    I too ordered an adapter from I wish I had done research before buying from this company because although the adapter fit my device and was the correct amp and voltage the power cord did not fit a standard wall plug and was therefore useless to me. It doesn't show this end in the pictures. I returned the item but have still not received a refund and they are not responding to my emails which is the only way to contact them.

    M. Shaelo

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  • Kr
    krotto Aug 31, 2009

    I also purchased an adapter from and when I received the adapter it didn't fit the portable dvd player it was intended for. So I returned the adapter within 2 days, followed the instructions for returns and 30 days later still have not received a refund. Anybody know how to contact them via the phone?

    K. Rotto

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  • Da
    DallasDeckard May 23, 2010

    I'm not sure how smart it is to use an 8 amp adapter for a 6.6 amp device. That could very easily fry the electronics. Many modern devices deal with over voltage and over amperage well, but some don't. You are pumping 1.4 additional amps into your device, there are many things that could go wrong, especially if the device doesn't have over amperage protection. Over time, you will destroy this device. It will some capacitor, or transistor, or whatever, which isn't even addressing the very real possibility of overheating. Why don't you simply order an OEM replacement? If you can't find an adapter that has the exact specs, then pay the extra bucks and get it from the manufacturer of your device. Trust me, you'll wish you had when your TV goes *pop* and starts smoking.

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  • Ga
    Gabriel Siqueira May 01, 2012

    Big companies like Sharp keep changing the voltage and amperage of their devices without further noticing it.

    I don't think this is a problem with the online store you bought it from, but the company you got the device from.

    Also, you should always check on the user guide before buying replacement parts. You actually misused your device and you are blaming someone else for that.

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  • Ho
    Howard Johny Jul 25, 2012

    Over the past few years I've been trying to find a reliable supplier for 12v dc power adapters and supplies.

    I finally found them:

    Their UL listed CE certified units are of the highest standards and they always respond and ship very rapidly. Very honest company, I'm proud of being their partner.

    Congratulations for the excellent work!

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  • Bo
    Boothby Jul 25, 2012

    K. can't pump more amperage into a device than it is designed to take. Unless your device (in this case, a TV) is broken and damaged, and has a lower resistance than it is supposed to have (something approaching a "short"). In that case (and pretty much only in that case), a higher-amperage power supply will supply up to its higher amperage, and you could blow out your TV. But, as I said, only if your TV is already broken.

    (So says the guy who once--successfully--used a 12V CAR BATTERY to power up a 12V Car Alarm keychain fob!!)

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