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I agreed to a trial and would pay shipping only. I received the trial and within a week or two received a second shipment with no paper work, I assumed this was an error and they had sent two trial offers especially since there was no paper work. Today, several weeks later, I received a bill from my credit card company with a charge for $87.13 plus fees dated May 24th and then one dated June 10 for $83.16 plus fees.
I spent 45 minutes on the phone waiting to talk to someone, then when she did answer she was very unhelpful, said another shipment was on the way and that I would be billed; when I asked to be transferred to a supervisor I was told it was pointless, then I was put on hold for 1.5 hours. I tried to contact through the email and it was sent back as being invalid, the on-line chat will not chat and I can not get to an appropriate link online to make sure I won't receive additional charges and to get reimbursement.
I tried to call back was told by the computer that I would have a 15 minute wait, after 15 minutes the computer said thank you for your call and good-bye and disconnected.
I'm not sure what to do next, but I do not intend to have to pay nor do I intend to see others suffer this same thievery.

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      Jun 12, 2009
    Reversatrol Ultra - Refused to refund money
    United States

    Cancel order on 30 day trial. Charges were still taken out of account. The company split the charges in small amounts causing Visa to charge service fees also taken out of my account. When I called I got argumentative person. Refused to refund my money. When asked to speak to a manager, was told one was not onsite. eventually was told that a Supervisor was onsite but I wasw kept on hold for over an hour. Was forced to hangup - which I think is their intent

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      Jul 07, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. I answered to an add for a FREE trial, only 3 dollars for shipping. The next credit card statement I got showed a charge for the shipping as well as a charge for 85.oo. I chalked it up to maybe not reading the fine print. Howeber, the next month my card showed another 85.00 charge and I had not received anything. I reported this to my credit card company and they took care of it for me. A completely unethical company!

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      Aug 09, 2009
    Reversatrol Ultra - Buyer beware
    Reversatrol Ultra
    United States

    Almost ordered Reversatrol Ultra on-line but changed my mind after typing in my personal information. The next day, the owner, Robert Davis [protected]) called me at home and asked me if I would be interested in an off-line offer for $29 and no shipping charges and no auto order. He asked me if I had a credit or debit card. The normal price is $89. I thought it was odd that he would call me at home, and fortunately, I did not order from him. I just read the many many complaints regarding this company.


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      Aug 10, 2009

    hope you guys are reading your comments . I was burned by them on the free trial bottle. They charged me $88.87, 15 or 16 days after the order went in . I called, got an rma number and returned the remainder of the bottle. My point is there has to be at least a million prople getting ripped off . So how about a class action law suit. Someone out there has a legal background or is a lawyer. This racket can't be legal to operate and scam people all over the country even if they are on the internet.I wish I knew how to go about it I would be the first to put my name down. If any other victom reads this and has an idea write me ...[protected] .Come on lets get together and do some thing . This guy is scaming millions at a doller a wack, dont even add up the $88.87 he's burned millions for. That price is not even mentioned on the web page, I copid it.

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      Aug 12, 2009

    i also have canceled immediately because of the information not giving correctly. i sent the bottle back, and i am being charged. worse part, they don't even send the product, they just charge your acct.

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      Oct 16, 2009

    Completely agree. I ordered a "trial offer" in August, and received the bottle after about 3-4 weeks. I did not request any other orders, but the next month the company charged my account the $88.00, as they did the first "trial offer." I have yet to receive the second order. The third month, October, I was charged in another $88.00. Have not received that order. I've come to realize (slowly) that I was scammed on the first "trial order" shipment - my bad. When I finally caught on to this scam I called the company. The customer service agent told me it was too late to send back the second order - I was 32 days past shipment date (30 days is the limit). I cancelled the third order. I don't expect to get my money back on that one either. What a bunch of ### buckets! These A-holes get your account numbers and just keep charging your account until you notice two or three months later. By then it's too late. I don't know what actions to take. I am going to ask my bank if they will intervene.

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