Resolved Retail Point of sale SystemNon-delivery of POS hardware

After getting my written order & payment by e-check, Elite not deliver certain product at all and deliver certain cheap product after long time in parts.

I ordered complete POS solutions hardware & software in written on last week of July2009 and talk to Mr Nick about delivery. He sent me email for making 100% payment first.After making payment on Aug1, 2009 e-Check from INGdirect bank, I received cash drawer & receipt printer in last week of August.After severe followup he assured to send other stuff shortly, I received only computer CPU in second week of September.
All this three items were not as per order specification.
Computer is with Intel Celeron processor instead of Intel Dual Core ordered,
Drawer was of unknown Taiwan Brand instead of Heritage MMF ordered and
Receipt Printer was of Grandi China make instead of Epson TM88IV ordered.
POS Software ordered was of Alexandaria Computers version POS Maid 2.29 which was installed on computer but cannot run without administrator password.
I email to Alexandaria and elite business for password but no response from Elite. Alexandaria asked me to contact Elite directly as they have black listed Elite and removed them from Reseller.

Thus all above stuff was received by me but of no use as they are not as per order. Part delivery put me in lot of trouble. For other item which I didn't received are as under:
Touchscreen Monitor Planar 1510MX
Cordless barcode Scanner HHP IT5620
Pole display:Logic Control PD3000 black

Such type of delivery hampered my business and put me in great loss. I could not order other POS.
Thereafter since Oct2009 I wrote various emails, try to contact over cell phone and business phones numbers but only voice mail even on business phones. I feel that I have been cheated by such fraud. I tried to go through their Principal company for whom they work i.e. Alexandaria Computers LLC but they were also helpless

Beaware of Elite Business Technolgies .
Still if you want to buy something from them --- Do not make payments before checking all stuff delivered are as per specification and brand. Because once payment is gone no one is there to answer email or even phones.
Phone will go in voicemail and if its for new business they will answer.

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