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They sent me an unordered bottle..for $87..last month. I returned it; Visa did not pay them. Bingo...this month, they try the same scam. I contacted ResV's fine printl; i f you acceppt the trial offer, they will bill you every mont (credit card fraud) for $87..and send you pills. They say they will not accept returns; they say a lot of things. i suspect they have more l;awyers trying to threaten you with your credit rating than acuall employees. If ANYONE OUT THERE HAS BEEN A VICTIM OF THIS. I AM READY FOR A CLASS ACTION SUIT!!

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  • Pe
    Penny Tompsett Aug 10, 2016

    I have also been billed on my credit card for a trial product and I thought I had a month to trial this product but I only received it recently so have had very little time to try it. I have rung the UK to cancel alll further supplies and also alerted my credit card provider. Now I find a large amount on my credit card statement I wasn't expecting.
    This is not how a trial should work.
    I advise you NOT to debit my credit card with any further payments and request this amount be credited back. I will not be dealing with your company or products again

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  • Ja
    Javier Avella Feb 22, 2010

    Soy colombiano y actualmente tambien fui estafado por esta empresa, en diciembre de 2017 hice un cargo a mi tajeta de crédito, pero estos deshonestos me han hecho cargos hasta de 500.000 pesos colombianos.

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  • 19
    1977harry Feb 08, 2010

    just found out that the same has happened to me, hopefully i'll get my money back from bank as i have not received any goods from the company, the bank were really helpfull, i also cancelled my card to stop the ### getting any more of my hard earned cash.

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  • Ab
    Abramczyk Jan 17, 2010

    I do not appreciate you charging on my card these supplements that I did NOT ORDER!!!
    My number is0 [protected]. I INSIST that you take me off your mailing list for "FREE SAMPLES? and for coming shipments.
    Using my card number without my permission is FRAUD! And I will reporting you to the Attorney General's Office Now...
    If this is not the end, you will hear more from me and the civil complaint court!
    Don A.

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  • Th
    thomas moreau Jan 12, 2010

    I am an ex Local Billing Limited employee, the owners of,, and another sites like www. with these fake diet products (colon cleanser, acai berry, resveratrol), and fake cosmetics products (dazzle white, face factor, etc.) . They are operating using various companies: Viv3Labs for Europe, FMW Laboratories for US And, lately, to avoid the problems caused by the scam using Viv3Labs, they are using Trading Planet Ltd for Europe and Information Tech Systems LTd for US. Also, they are using PurpleSky LTD at Cyprus for Europe. Lately, they are using some companies opened to process credit cards for the porn industry (LB Pride Studios, LB Envision Net Worldwide, etc.- all of them are Local Billing Companies – LB stats for LB).
    The business model is to offer a FREE SAMPLE, only charging you the postage (this is an excuse to get your credit card number) and, then, due to HIDDEN Terms and Conditions, charge people incredible amounts of money for pills and nutraceuticals (in some cases more than 80€ /bottle), which in any retail place cost less than 6 US$ per bottle.This business model is, basically, A SCAM.
    The owners of those sites are Deepak Argwal (, who, apart from this business –contactcenter, legal-, is running more than 2.000 Porn Sites –see, Clay Douglass ( and Mitch Platt (
    It is easy to find them through the information that appears on the site registration of
    Now, they discovered this hole on their ability to remain hidden and are registering the new sites using a Marketing company located in the US, Moniker OnLine Services
    ACAIBERRYEXCLUSIVE.COM - Whois Information
    Douglass, Clay [email protected]
    Viv3 Lab Limited
    Unit 5, Mill Road Industrial Estate
    Linlithgow, WL EH49 7QY
    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
    viveraglobal, Hostmaster [email protected]
    Viv3 Lab Limited
    Unit 5, Mill Road Industrial Estate
    Linlithgow, WL EH49 7QY
    Another evidence that Local Billing is behind those companies is consulting the impressun of the web pages (for example, and seeing that is a Local Billing company behind them:
    LB Pegasus Limited
    29 Wordsworth Gardens
    Co Durham
    DH9 9LG
    United Kingdom

    LB is for Local Billing….
    And also resveratrol product site,, the impressum of the page ( is the following:
    Trading Planet LTd.
    56 Thorton Close
    Chester Le Street
    Co Durham
    DH2 1QH
    United Kingdom

    Also, they are using a company called Phytoscience, located in the same address than viv3, to make the handling and the postal distribution of the products. The manager of Phytoscience is called Chris Swanson and his email is [email protected]
    Other addresses to find those sca...ers:
    Local Billing Ltd, Pau Claris, 100, 08009 Barcelona, Spain (they are operating from here under the name Tucana Corona, it is an useful contact for the police)
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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  • Pa
    paintpony1969 Jan 06, 2010

    Also scammed! Invoiced A$ 138.83 for a bottole of Resvmax that I did never ordered! I've had to cancel my credit card and raise a dispute claim in an attempt to get my money back! Also, anyone else who is getting scammed (credit card fraud) by these people be sure to CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENTS VERY CAREFULLY!!! I found an exta charge of US$83.34 from '' that I did not authorise...don't even know who they are or what they do. There is a '' website but is is supposedly 'under construction' and there are no contact details or any other information whatsoever available on the site.

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  • Ve
    verap Nov 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi. So sorry to hear about your problem with credit card charges. What side affects did you have after using thtis product?

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  • Sa
    sandra R Nov 12, 2009

    i to have be scammed i received my bottle 2 weeks after i ordered my free trial and i was charged 130.60 as i purchased from AUS i called them to see why they have charged me twice in a space of a month and they are debating tdid i not understand the terms and conditions; i have received my one free trial bottle and have been charged $270 what a scam i have now cancelled my credit card, not sure if i will ever see my money again.

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  • Pi
    Pissed Off in California Nov 02, 2009

    I orrdered this product as a sample and gave authorization for them to charge my card for a ONE TIME fee of $3.95 shipping and handling. I called them again four days after receiving this product and told them about the unsatisfactory side affects I was having and they reassured me that they would not be sending me another bottle. I received two additional charges on my credit card about one month later, with a bottle of product to arrive in my mail a week later. At that point I had been charged twice for one bottle of product that I did not request nor did I authorize them to charge my card. About one week later again, I received another bottle. Both bottles were sent back to them at my exspence with a tracking number. Now one month later the products being sent back and my card still having the charges, since my bank is saying that I have no proof that I did not order the product. WOW Every time I try to talk to someone in the UK about my order, they are totally rude and say sorry, you should have known better!!!

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  • Li
    littlebrain023 Aug 31, 2009

    I ordered the free trials and I didn't accept the package when the postman brought it to me because of the expensive customs cost. They received the package at the head office real quick. But the fact is they charged me for the product when I don't have it and I returned it to them. I try to communicate with hem by email at the adress they give for complains, but an automatic mail arrives and tells that they don't give support by email and call the toll free line in English or French. I called the Canadian french toll free line and there are online english people who answer me and they give me a toll free line in France. So, it is impossible to communicate in frenc with them to know why they charged my credit card without my authorization. I talk with Visa and I have to wait 30 days before they can help me with the problem.

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  • Cr
    Cronan Aug 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The advertisement uses Dr. Oz's name as if it is endorsed by him. The internet order form shows you get a free trial for .99 for shipping & handleing. I am attaching the agreement which gave me 30 days to cancel, which I did. The product made me nervous.
    During this time my credit card was charged 2 months at 87.13. When I called to find out why I had a total of 174.26 in charges. They told me to send the product back, but I had been told last week that my account was cancelled and I would not receive any more product. I did send all of the product back(balance of free trial which cost me full price, and new shipment which I received today). I asked for a full refund. If I do not receive a refund on my credit card, I will turn it over to them to dispute. See agreement which I have copied and pasted to a document. You can not copy it off the internet any other way. Please do not order this!!


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  • Da
    Darlene01 Aug 09, 2009

    My card was charged $87 without my permission...this is fraud and I have contacted my bank...I did not give anyone permission to take money out of my account!

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  • An
    Angry Howard Aug 09, 2009

    I agree, I just happened to check my card. RESVMAX tried to get money off my card prior to the 15 day trial period. What's funny is that I did not verify the order and called them 3 times to cancel it. The first time, the guy who answered placed me on a 25 minute hold. I called back with the number they provided and cancelled the order via an automated process. Today, RESVMAX charged my card for $87.13 and insisted they had no record of my cancellation! I did cancel it officially today but I do not have my cash. I only hope I can get the transactions reversed tomorrow via my card company. Get this, I have yet to receive any products from them. How can your 15 day trial start before you receive any product(s). This is, in my opinion, the ultimate scam and I am willing to join any class action against them!

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  • Ma
    Mary Gaspich Aug 05, 2009

    After reading the above complaints, I called my visa scompany and was told that they did not okay the charge for s/h of $4.99 Cdn. The postman knocked on my door to-day with a parcel from Viv3 Labs which was the name I was told I would be billed from and he asked me for $10.00. I told him I heard ResVmax was a scam from the internet and he marked down that I rejected the parcel. The ResVmax I was dealing with had a U.K. address. Would it be the same company as the Florida company?

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  • Sc
    scq Aug 05, 2009

    Well I won't be ordering-but does the product work ?

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  • Le
    Lee Alexander Aug 03, 2009

    I have been billed on my credit card for a trial product and I thought I had a month to trial this product but I only received it recently so have had very little time to try it.
    Now I find a large amount on my credit card statement I wasn't expecting.
    This is not how a trial should work.
    I advise you NOT to debit my credit card with any further payments and request this amount be credited back. I will not be dealing with your company or products again

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  • La
    Latonya Buford Jul 31, 2009

    this company charged my credit card for acai max I have no idea how they got my info. I called them to cancel charges they cancelled the so call subscription, but told me that they can not give me my money back. I am still fighting withb them to get my money back!

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  • Ch
    Chritre Jul 21, 2009

    I had never even heard of this company until I had a routine fraud monitoring call from my credit card company today. There was a charge for $87.13 on 7/7 that I didn't recognize, so I talked to the credit card company about it and the rep told me there was another charge for $83.18 that just came in today! So I looked back and they pinged my account on 6/21 and on 5/23. There were charges of $1.95 and $2.00 on each of those days. Complete fraud! My credit card company closed my account and is investigating the charges. I've never had this happen to me before. It is criminal!!!

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  • Jo
    John Link Jul 15, 2009

    I experienced the same thing. Billed by RESVMAX for $0.99 on my Visa then 15-days later I received a bill from RESZPUR (which I never heard of) for $87.13 on my Visa. Visa security group called me to alert me to the potential fraud and I placed a hold on the purchase. Then called the RESVMAX [protected] and had them cancel my account and charges.


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  • Lo
    LORI G SWANSEA Jul 15, 2009

    I to ordered the FREE SAMPLE and I never received my order. When I went to check my debts acct balance to go grocery shopping I notice there was a charge for 87.13, I called the company to tell them I never received this order, and that I have since moved they told me that it was mailed to my old address. All my other mail has been coming to my new address but not there's. They told me they would sent my info to
    there refund dept and I would know in 3 to 5 days that was June 22, today is July 15 and no REFUND. Ths was the first timeI ever ordered a Free sample and the LAST. I was screwed out of my money that I could of use that week to fo grocery shopping

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  • Je
    jeff boaz Jul 11, 2009

    this company stole money out of my account for a product i never heard of. first i just wanted a trial offer and it turned into a tremendous negative ordeal. these people are the example of what is wrong with on-line purchases. it is not the individuals we have to worry about, it's these big companies. how are we supposed to retrieve are money. they don't tell you that. i never inquired about this product, never received any product. just oure theft. i am low income on social security disability income and can't afford to just be ripped off. but who is going to help me get my money back. i am not computer literate so they just automatically take advantage.

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  • Ar
    Arlene De Jun 26, 2009

    The same thing happened to me and never received the free trial, but a 60 capsule supply and billed $87.
    and the same excuse about cancelling. My credit card (Chase) would not reverse the charges.

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  • Mo
    MorganNicole Jun 21, 2009

    I never even ordered the free trial and I have a charge to my Visa card! A whopping $87.13 which as a student I can't afford. I am definitely calling the company and then my bank to get the charges reversed. I'm only 20! What do I need an anti-aging pill for. Something is very worng with all of this!!!

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  • Wi
    wilsonny Jun 10, 2009

    The same thing happened to me today.
    And the same excuse:-(
    Well I need to call my bank to block any charge from this comany.

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  • Al
    Allison Jun 06, 2009

    I ordered free trials of Colon Cleanse and Acai . They were charged separately before I had a chance to complete the trial and cancel. However-I never ordered any anti-aging product and never got any anyway.
    At least the charges were denied so I didn't pay anything -but I will be cancelling my debit card!

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  • Ju
    Judy Bodnar Jun 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is an anti-aging product which I have seen on multiple tv programs. I saw it as a free trial and tried to order but my credit card rejected it. A few days later someone called me at my home and asked if I was interested in receiving this free offer. I told her I had tried to order but because of my credit card holder has been doing security checks, I was not able to order online. She said she could order it and took my address and credit card number because of the 3.95 shipping charge. She said that she would called me back later to give me a confirmation number. She did not call back and about 10 days later I received the product. When the credit card statement came there was a 87.13 charge on 5/18 and 3.95 charge on 5/1/09. I called the contact number and was told by a customer service person that because I had not cancelled the order within 14 days I was responsible for the charge. I told her I was not informed of this policy. She told me it was stated on the site I ordered from. I told her I did not order online but she told me that was the only way an order could be placed. While trying to find my order, she asked for my email address. She said my email address was entered as something I have never had. I DID NOT SEE ANY ACKNOWLEDGMENT Of A 14-DAY CANCELLATION POLICY when I tried to order online although it is there now. I WAS NOT INFORMED by the person who called me that this was their policy. I tried calling another phone number from their website but kept getting a loop where I was directed from one voice message to another.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Apr 22, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. What do you do to get it off your credit card? I called the company and they keep telling me we have a bad connection, I can't hear you.

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  • Cy
    Cynthia Apr 09, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. I ordered the free trial offer and I didn't receive it until half my free trial period was up and then the next week they charged my account 87.13. I called to say I just got the order and they told me that the trial offer started the day I ordered it online. I argued with the lady that couldn't speak english very well and I said I need to talk to your supervisor and she kept telling me it won't do any good that she would tell me the same thing. Very misleading. I called my bank to dispute it. I hope it comes out in my favor but I doubt it. Cynthia in OKC 04/09/09

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  • Su
    Sue Apr 02, 2009

    I mistakenly ordered their free offer. I received it around 10 days later. I never opened it, and was shocked to see my account charged for the price of 87.00 plus an international fee for around 2.00. Great signal we were dealing with a scam. I called their number and spoke to a woman from the Phillipines, who kept saying, "did you not understand the terms & conditions?" I finally told them to cancel my subscription and added to get a job for a legitmate company. I called my bank and they reversed the charges & sent me a letter informing me they were investigating the charge & if it was found it was valaid the charges would be added back to my account. I have until 04/24/09 to wait as they gave the company 45 days to dispute it. I have never even opened the pills and offered to return them. The number for their company either rings & rings with no answer or goes thru the menu & then states "please stay on the line & then the call disconnects." I also called from my cell phone thinking the system had recorded my home number & refused to take my call. Same thing happened. I have never ordered anything like this before & will never do it again, I will write back in to let all know if they try to rebill me and win or if I win. Sue from Michigan 04/02/09

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  • Yo
    yomamma Mar 31, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. They actually changed their web site to be clear. When I ordered the product it was not clearly stated that the FREE trial wasn't really FREE. This is a very serious internet scam.

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  • No
    no more trials Mar 27, 2009

    "Try with no risk for 15 days" is the key. I've had the product for less than one week and they charged my card. I had already cancelled my "subscription" (the automated call stated that my only order was my trial order) and was charged prior to cancellation, it just hadn't shown up on my credit card yet... I called to dispute the charge and to see if they could stop the shipment and they argued the charges then hung up on me (no verification on shipment). My husband tried to call back and they are not answering when our first call was answered within seconds... Disputed charges to Visa immediately...we'll see what happens...

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