Resveratrol UltraWas charged for a 2 bottle free trial

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Dr Oz who appears on Oprah, and who I respect, endorses Resveratrol Ultra. That's the only reason I ordered the free two bottle trial. The first bottle came (I had agreed to pay the few dollars for shipping) free, but the second one I was charged $83.18 for.

Then there were two unsolicited amounts on my charge card for Top Body Cleanse for $40.00 each (one was refunded for some reason), which I have never heard of, nor did I order, nor receive anything, but assume it must be connected to the Resveratrol debacle as it appeared on my credit card a week or so after my Resveratrol charge.

What do I do now? And how do I get my money back?

Thanks so much,

Hilary Goldblatt

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      Jul 10, 2009

    When you get your statement contact the credit card company, indicate on the statement the charge you wish to dispute and why. Each month you must check your credit card statement to see if charges from unknown sources are on the statement. If so dispute those charges as well. These guys go under numerous company names and will keep trying to charge you account. Contact you credit card company if this is happening frequently and get issued a new credit card number. Hope this helps. I'm going through this right now and was informed by my credit card company that these were the correct steps to take.

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