Resort Condo Plus/Global TimeshareFrauds and liars


Don't believe anything they say, we came on board when this company was Global Timeshare, they said they had a buyer and that the closing would be be on December 26, 08. When I called in January they said that the buyer they had and a lien on past property that needed to be settled before it continued. The sales person that started this proceedure was an R.J Porter who has since been fired (that is what I have been told). I have called every week trying to talk to a manager or who ever is handling out contract. The response I get from the receptionist Heather is someone will call me back, guess what no phone calls. The two owner Mr. Jackson and Ms Johnson never answer or return calls.

I called to get our contract number and was told only a manager can give it to me and that the owners were on a business trip, I presume to take others money. When I asked when they will call me back Heather could not tell me for they were closing in an hour. She stated that only the Manager could answer my questions, and he was out of town. So I asked that means this property will not be shown for a week and half, she said that a manager will call me back.

In December when I google the company and read only negative reports the salesman and receptionist said it was from a company that bribes companies for money. Now I know it is a bunch of bull. This company is a ripoff. They take peoples hard earn money with no intention of selling or buying these time shares.

A Very Upset Customer
Chester, VA

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