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Repy Real Estate Rip Off;

Reply Real Estate service rep called to sell their lead generation service. I did not sign up for their services, did not receive any services, nor did I have access to their system to access any leads. Several weeks later two charges were placed on my credit card by Reply Real Estate.

Reply credited one of the charges, acknowledging that I did not enroll in their program, but refused to credit the second charge claiming that it was a non-refundable fee.

I've been working for 3 months to get this resolved.

Warning to anyone checking out this company. Unauthorized charges were placed on my account. Do not trust what any service rep presents in their phone sales pitch.

There are numerous companies out there which offer lead generation. Find one which is credible and adheres to reputable business practices. Reply! Inc, aka Reply Real Estate is not one of those companies.


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    Rosa Hands Oct 30, 2008
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    Reply Inc. is using the Internet offering a service to Real Estate agents which is deceptive. I bought the service yesterday and immediately noticed they were sending leads to more than 1 agent but when asked they stated they do not or it might have been a mistake… The sole lead they sent to me was unreal... The purchase price did not match the prices of this area. They charge for every lead they send... After I noticed there was something funny about the service, by e-mail, a couple of hours after I did my purchase, I asked to be terminated and refunded my $49. Ms. Colette Munker is refusing to do so. I hope this helps others not to be taken by such a fraud.

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    amy eskew Oct 30, 2008
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    Thank you both SOO much for posting this! I was on the phone with a rep from their company, and did some internet research and found these postings- and hung up. I wish more people would post a complaint when things like this happen- it would save so many from having to go through grief!

    Appreciate you!

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  • Sc
    Scott Nov 06, 2008
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    If you said no to the service, and never signed up and did not have any access to the system; how could they possibly have gotten your credit card information to place the charges???
    An no need to work 3 months on something like this, contact the bank your card is from and tell them it is an unauthorized charge, they will take care of removing it from your bill.

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  • St
    steven Nov 07, 2008

    So you never signed up for anything, and never had any access to their system, and yet somehow they got your credit card information out of your wallet over the phone? Seems like you may be the one to blame here- furthermore, if you never took on a single lead from them, how can you possibly have any idea as to their ability to perform? You gave out your credit card information over the phone and then proceeded to not allow them to provide you with any leads. I have been receiving leads from Reply! for quite some time now and have been absolutely thrilled with the results. I've closed two deals and made $7.5K and $6K respectively from each of them in a matter of 4 months with another on the way. If you thought highly enough of them initially to give out your credit card information, I think perhaps you should have given them a chance to perform. It seems to be working exceedingly well for me.

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  • So
    sonny kwan Nov 26, 2008
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    I just signed on with reply without talking to an agent, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and try it first. I'm sure any company who goes into business would clearly want to do the right thing and service their clients, Right?
    I trust Reply will do me right.

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  • Ch
    Chantelle Dec 03, 2008
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    Be careful with Reply! I was sold one thing over the phone (monthly service fee) and after over $700 of charges found out that they also charge per lead! I asked specifically about this and the sales person straight out lied to me. My leads were extremely disappointing on top of it. They do not screen leads, I had 2 brokers actually sign up and sent to me as leads. One person has their house listed with another agent and most of them didn't have valid emails or phone numbers. Frustrating and a HUGE waste of resources and time. BUYER BEWARE! Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the 2 positive comments made are sales representatives from REPLY. That is how much I trust their services.

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  • Bs
    bsrinkcmo Feb 06, 2009

    This company is definitely a scam. I was contacted by a rep saying that they were waiving the monthly fee and only charging for good leads that were pre-screened and that if there were any problems with any of the leads, you could return it for credit within 72 hours. I agreed and they said they would send up to 10 leads per month. 6 days and 18 leads later, I had caught on and cancelled. 7 of the leads were either bogus numbers, bogus e-mail addresses, houses already listed and not interested in talking to a Realtor or people who just filled out a form in order to look at houses on-line but had no intention of buying / selling. I did get those credited however, what they don't tell you is that "non-reponsive" leads WON'T be credited. In other words, you get charged for the people that don't call back and don't answer your e-mails. They inundate you with leads and by the time you figure out what is happening and cancel, your already way in the hole to them. After 6 days of junk "leads", I got a lovely $605 credit card charge. I'm just in the beginning stages of my credit card dispute but based on my conversations with their customer service reps, they get this alot and are well versed in what they will need to do, say and provide to make the charges stick. I don't hold out a lot of hope that I will be successful but if I can save anybody else this headache and take a bite out of their business, it may be worth it.

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  • Ww
    wwwwwwwwwwwwww Feb 23, 2009

    I Agree with bsrinkcmo. Reply is defiantly a scam. I was not going to let them get away with this and told them I would call the police if my credit card was charged for these fake leads and they backed of charging my credit card. DON'T JOIN them. Reply is running a big scam!!!

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  • Al
    Alison Mar 30, 2009

    Company is definately a SCAM!!! They don't have credible leads and they don't screen anything. I feel like I have been taken by a true con artist. Don't get sucked in by their smooth talking sales people. They will tell you anything to get you to give them your credit card number. SCAM...SCAM...SCAM

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  • Jo
    Jon Apr 07, 2009

    Wow... I have a voice message from Dana at Reply saying that she has a Client came to her website and was looking to do purchase in Phoenix. I called back and left her a voicemail to call me back. Right after I hung up the phone, I went straight to Google and found you guys. Thank you very much guys! This definitely helps. I am not going to talk to them again.
    With all those complaints, I don't think I want any part of it.

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  • Jb
    JBlankenship Apr 10, 2009

    While I can see your frustration, I am actually receiving good clients, while not all the time, I do get 1 or 2 per month that are either ready do business or close. I have closed 1 deal so far using thier leads and this after receiving 11 'valid' as they like to call it, leads. As for their return policy, you just have to stay on top of your account. They have credited me for 3 of my 14 leads. Am I happy, I would say satisfied and if I can get this deal to close in the next 3 weeks I will stay on their program be lean more towards happy.

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  • Js
    jsanders Apr 11, 2009

    I am also on the program and am doing ok with it. See i think the problem is that most agents are spoiled and not actually "sales" people. working with leads i learned i had to put in work instead of just letting people come to me. with things the way they are with the market though i tried it and its going ok. I have closed 2 out of about 26 "valid" leads. Yes i have had to send some back, i just made sure i did it in the amount of time i agreed to (3 days) but im glad i have that option. I look at it this way, about $ 1, 500 and a few cups of coffee with clients got 2 deals to close with commissions that were great. So far the investment is going well. But it is like any investment you have to watch it carefully and work at it. After all if 10 people came to me and said "i want to buy a house" what kind of agent would i be if i couldn't close one. Answer: the kind that shouldn't be...

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  • Me
    megrappler Apr 13, 2009

    I have been in sales all my life and in real estate 21 years. I can usually turn a stone into a sale. I have been a sales trainer and a sales manager for many years. I signed up for Reply Real Estate Service on April 4th 2009 the sales person said I had 3 days to verify the leads and could even get an extension if I needed to. Not one of the leads they sent me was a good vaild lead. Most of the people did not return calls or e-mails or the price range was so off that there was no way they could buy a property in the area they needed or anywhere near that area. They got me for the $60.00 one time sign up fee but I had to cancel my card to make sure I didn't get charged for of these bogus leads. the sales person who signs you up will promise you anything then everytime you complain about the leads they refer you to some credit agreement that I never saw or was told about. be careful!! I would never use there service!!

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  • Td
    tdorris Apr 14, 2009

    What i find funny is that... If you have been in sales all your life and real estate 21 years you should be able to cold call out of a phone book and sell houses... so to say that you cant sell people that acually are interested is some statement about your real sales ability. If you have people come to you and say i want this house heres my money you havnt sold anything, youve just done paper work. Try going door to door selling kirby. Thats when you really know what kind of sales person you are. Thats what i did and am now a great agent. That works the prospects i do get from 3 differant companies.

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  • Kr
    Kris Patterson May 05, 2009

    Reply is a scam. Ask them how many of their "clients" or "leads" answer the phone. I found it to be about 2/10. I bet any positive comments come from the employees of this criminal company. Try and call one your sales rep back when you have a problem. I bet the people who work here cannot answer even the simplest of real estate questions. Why should we give money to people who do not even know what we do for a living.

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  • Da
    darlja1 Jun 22, 2009

    This company needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau and anyone else for unfair business practice. I open my account with them ont May 28, 2009. I received 3 invalid leads, and did exactly what they required. I was still charged $164.00. I called and complained and was told to hang on there. On June 3, 2009, I called to cancel. They told me that they would freeze my account. I got the smooth talking Sales person, Micheal Foreman, stating they the company would make it up to me with all these credits. I checked my account the next day, I was charged, $109.60. I was so upset, I called and left numerous messages, no respond. I am taking this as far as I can until someone respond on when I will get my refunds. How can you cancel and still be charged? I can't beleive they are still getting away with this.

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  • Bo
    bobbygee Aug 01, 2009

    Unfortunately I didn't think to do research on Reply, Inc's reputation and manner of doing business.

    I got a call from them while on vacation. Their sales rep explained that they charge $ 54.95 per valid lead. I would get credit for invalid leads. I signed up for 5 per month and told him I wanted to get no more than one per week - because payment is due within 72 hours of getting the lead. I didn't want a bunch of charges to roll up on me very early in the relationship. He said no problem.

    Upon returning from vacation I looked on Active Rain and found lots of negative feedback on them. I e-mailed to tell them I wanted out. They told me I'm in for for their 30 day cancellation period.

    In the first 2 days they hit me with 5 leads, in two weeks I've been billed for SEVEN leads when I asked for a maximum of FIVE per month! That's $ 384.65 in two weeks!

    They've made no attempt to honor their sales rep's representations, their only replies have said that I owe within 72 hours for any leads sent. Absolutely no recogniton of the fact that their rep agreed to the one per week, 5 per month that was agreed to on the phone.

    Reply Inc., or Reply Real Estate as they go by uses misrepresentation and deception. Avoid them. It will not be a good experience.

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  • Go
    goshawnna Aug 05, 2009

    I enrolled in the service for 5 leads per month. I have put my account on inactive status twice when I was out of town. The first time was great. Rep Nyeisha Ellis and Thyrone Antonion emailed back to confirm receipt of my reguest to accept leads while I was out of town. The 2nd time however, I was still sent leads and they drafted payment causing a huge over draft to my account. I was also told I could do the 5 leads per month. I wanted 1 lead per week and an extra lead at anytime of the month. The internet rep who called me back upon enrolling confirmed that I could do that. But the deceptive scam artists at Reply Real Estate ramrod me with 5 leads in one week. On 7/9/09, I sent multiple requests to [protected], nyeisha ellis and thyrone antonio to keep my account inactive until the 30 day cancellation period expires, which would be 8/8/09. I have not received any confirmations back. When I go into the system to change the leads, the option has been removed so it still says 5 leads per month and I can't change it on my own. Nyiesha and Thyrone have both stopped responding to emails and can't get either one on the phone.

    The contact information I have for Nyeisha Ellis [E] nyeisha.[protected], P] 925.983.3476
    [F] 925 983.3509

    The contact information I have for Thyrone is [E] Thyrone.[protected]
    [P] 925.983.3400 ext 1002

    The people are definately scammers. Over the weekend, they decided to apparently reactivate my account despite my July request and I have since received 3 leads- the 3rd being today. I have sent an email to Nyeisha, Thyrone and service each of the three times- I received an email response back from another scammer named Collette, which reads:

    Colette Munkner to me
    show details Aug 3 (1 day ago) Reply

    Dear Shawnna:

    Thank you for your email. Your request to cancel was received on July 9, 2009. We ask for a 30 day notice to cancel the account therefore your account is due to cancel on August 8, 2009. Any leads received to your account prior to this date are considered valid unless returned for invalid reasons. Thank you for allowing me to assist you today.

    Have a wonderful day!!

    Colette Munkner
    Client Relations and Service Specialist

    Reply! Real Estate
    A division of Reply! Inc.
    12667 Alcosta Blvd., Ste. 200
    San Ramon, California 94583
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (pst)
    Monday- Friday

    You can view the status of your credit requests (plus much more) by logging in to your online account management at:

    ... to which I replied (and still haven't received a response back yet):

    Shawnna Stone to Colette
    show details Aug 3 (1 day ago) Reply

    Your cancellation policy doesn't state that an account has to be active prior to requesting cancellation. I emailed on 7/9/09 to keep my account inactive and cancel on August 8, . 2009.

    The cancellation policy is posted as follows:

    Cancellation Policy.
    You may cancel the program at any time by simply emailing our service team at [protected] You must provide a 30 day written notice. Your program will be cancelled 30 days from the date of notification. We believe that true success requires a long–term approach, we will not build our business by locking you into an extended contract.

    I followed the policy. I am not to be charged for leads after July 9, 2009 and my account is is to be cancelled. Reply Real Estate fraudulently and unethically chose a date to reactivate my account without my consent, conveniently over a weekend in hopes that I wouldn't be checking my emails and messages I'm sure. You people are money grubbing, scam artists and I've reported you as such. I am still fixing my overdrafted bank account because of you frauds.

    I am not to be charged for the leads I received over the weekend. My account has been inactive at my request since July 9, 2009. I have not sent any request, verbal nor written to Reply to reactivate my account. You are a crook.

    STAY AWAY FROM REPLY REAL ESTATE! I have reported them to the BBB of Greater Richmond, the SCC of Virginia and the FTC.

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  • Mi
    Miss Lisa Aug 21, 2009

    Reply Real Estate is definitely a SCAM. I had the misfortune of working there for a week at the San Ramon, CA office and wished that I had found this blog before accepting the job. I had interviewed for the position of Regional Sales Executive that was advertised on but, after the three days of sales training, the job turned out to be nothing more than a boiler room style of “high pressure” telemarketing. We were forced to make over 100 phone calls per day and were threatened to lose our jobs if no sales were made. We were encouraged to do what it took, to close a deal. The veteran employees that obviously bought into this SCAM were professional liars. If anyone is considering a career with Reply Real Estate, please take my advice and stay away.

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  • Ga
    Galtforall Aug 27, 2009

    That's my story above, with a few links to other sites in following posts. I've linked back to here.

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  • Sf
    SFoxer3049 Aug 28, 2009

    I agree that Reply Real Estate is a huge scam!! They ran ads for sellers to get a free CMA, so when I called these so called seller leads, they said "we aren't selling our home, we just responded to the ad for a free CMA for tax purposes!" I think I can do that myself for free on Craigslist, you think? That was two of the leads, the other 3 were invalid phone numbers and email addresses, which they state they scrub the leads for valid contact info! Yeah right!! Good one!! I did get 3 of the 5 credited back and got out of the 30 day notice by removing all zip codes, so they couldn't bury me with fake leads anymore! They are a huge scam!

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  • Ph
    Phil Deming Sep 15, 2009

    If any, or all of you would like to participate in a deceptive trade practice lawsuit against this company, please contact me.

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  • Ri
    Ripped Off Twice x2 Oct 02, 2009

    OCTOBER 2, 2009

    I have canelled twice with Reply, they keep sending leads despite re-notification. The leads are junk leads, people and Real Estate agents promised foreclosure listings in exchange for their name and contact. So, the consumer puts bogus information to avoid the call.

    Return the lead, they battle you and charge you even for legit reasons. They charged me for a Real Estate Agent lead. Do you think the agent will buy or sell a home with me?


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  • Ex
    ExEmpl Oct 05, 2009

    Reply Real Estate is a scam. I worked there a short time and found the job to be horrifying. I would call upon hundreds of realtors, ask them to sign up and hope the whole time when on the phone with them that they would see through my lies.

    I felt bad every time a person gave me their information.

    Its funny on a daily basis Chris, Adam (sales managers) will give out hundreds of dollars to see who can get the highest set up fee, or new sign ups. Some of the reps will save clients they know are interested in until the company pays out these "spiffs".

    We were often encouraged to seek out new realtors because they need our leads, and they are "hungry" and will buy into our sales pitch literally.

    Reply is a joke, you would get better leads from knocking on doors, or asking for leads from your friends.

    If anyone is seeking litigation against Reply you might start with the fed do not disturb list. Reply doesn't even care to have a do not call list, they assume since a realtor is a business they are justified in calling them several times, even after several realtors have asked to be placed on our do not call list.


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  • Mr
    Mr.Good Oct 06, 2009

    Reply Real estate, sale buyer /seller lead, covinced to join $18.00 no-refundable. After that, they sent leads to me, all are bad, not good, the phone some are fraud/email. They charged my credit card over $329.00 that I never agreed to pay because all leads are bad. Told them to stop sending to me and close my account, they keep sending to me and charged my credit card. This company is not good, should I find out with authority to investigate this company?

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  • Dh
    DHender Oct 09, 2009

    REPLY is definitely a SCAM. They are high pressure telemarketers and the leads are NOT good. I have been charged for leads that are currently listed with another agent, for people who have agents and even one that is listed as a short sale.


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  • Reply! Real Estate is a scam. I was called by a guy named Brian McNair (despite being on the national do-not call list). He gave me his whole sales pitch, said they would wave the typical sign-up fee and told me that every lead they would provide me would be properly vetted so as to ensure that it is a genuine lead (e.g. someone who is looking for a real estate agent). I was also told on several occasions by Mr. Brian McNair and another scammer he passed me on to named Kapil Dev Kandeth that if no one answered the email address or phone number that Reply! Real Estate provided I could contact them within 72 hours and they would issue a refund, no questions asked (Section 7 of their "Program Overview").

    Well, most of the "leads" I was given during my 3 days of hell with this corrupt company never returned any my 3 phone calls or 3 emails (for all I know Reply! could have made up the email address or phone numbers). Of the 3 people who I actually spoke with, 2 were already working with another agent and 1 was some guy who was trying to get realtors to visits the homes that he buys and flips. Great leads right?

    When I followed the directions they gave me to notify them of these invalid leads, they charged me for all of them except for one! Here's what the Reply! rep named Brandon Antoin wrote:

    "Typically we can only issue extensions for leads that are non-responsive, not credit/replacements. However, your business is important to us and as a courtesy I have placed a request for a replacement."

    This is quite contrary to what Brian McNair, Kapil Dev Kandeth and Brandon Antoine (another sales rep) told me.

    I encourage all of you who have posted on this site, and anyone else who has dealt with Reply! Real Estate, to report them to the Better Business Bureau so that we can put them out of business. It's unbelievable that, even in a time when most of us our struggling to put food on the table for our kids, there are companies like Reply! Real Estate who are using bait and switch tactics to steal from their fellow neighbors.

    Hopefully, justice will be served.

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  • Pa
    ParrJ Jan 05, 2010

    How is Reply Real Estate a scam when it is corporate partners with large real estate companies such as Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker? They have provided me with numerous solid leads. I have invested so far in excess of $2500 into my business with Reply Real Estate and I have made $29000 in commissions within 16 months of starting the program from their leads alone, which is only set at five a month. Their return policy is very clear, if the lead lacks a correct name, has an invalid phone number, is outside of your target territory, is a minor, or is another real estate agent (usually trying to test the product) you will be credited back to your account. Furthermore, when you sign into the online account manager for the first time you will be able to view and agree to the participation agreement which clearly states the policy on cancels and service pauses. If you wish to cancel with the program you must give a 30 day written notice and you WILL be charged for any leads given during that 30 day period unless the leads are invalid in which case you will receive a credit. And as for pauses to your account for vacations and such I believe I read there is a 7 day limit per month that you can use. And as for the number of invalid leads, Reply uses a company called TargusInfo to verify that all of the names and phone numbers are a match, as you might imagine some will fall through the cracks. Lead generation companies industry standard for sending out the same leads is four times, I did my research as all of you have before I signed up and I spoke to a good friend of mine who recently evaluated the company for an award it received and found that the number of times the average lead was sent out was 1.2 times (4 leads for every 5 agents). I believe most of the agents posting complaints on this board are struggling and were simply searching for a solution to be served to them upon a silver platter, however this is not the case, these leads as with any others must be nurtured into a close with much work and time. This is by far the most cost effective way to generate leads that I have ever had to use. Reply Real Estate has without a doubt helped me succeed during these trying times and I will continue to use them as I hope the rest of you will.

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  • Ni
    Nick T. Jan 07, 2010

    I just received a call from a rep. from a website called who was trying to sell a similar service. When I looked at the testimonials on their website, all of them mention Reply Real Estate - so I called one of the agents on the testimonials. He has done business with Reply but never even heard of RealtyNow (the site where his testimonial was). Could it be that after all of the bad press that Reply Real Estate has been getting, they changed their name and now doing business as
    I have chosen not to spend my marketing $$$ on either lead generation webite - too fishy! Before spending your money, do your homework.

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  • Ba
    bahnstr Jan 18, 2010

    Reply Real Estate set me up promising to deliver "good" leads and I would only have to pay for the "good" leads...95% of what they sent were either working with an agent, not returning the calls I made to them (they said just keep on calling them until they answer which simply put is harrassment and can get me in big time trouble with the state RE commission), had no clue why I was calling, never heard of the person who was on the lead or were simply looking at values in a neighborhood and were not planning on moving.

    They tried and failed TWICE to charge me for over $600 in "lead" fees that were completely bogus or unuseable. I filed a complaint with my Credit Card company who is backing me on this 100%.

    It was all a total waste of my time and efforts for the work they were supposed to be doing for ME. STAY AWAY from these people. I've a complete dossier on them and saved all communications including documenting phone calls.

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  • Tn
    TN REALTOR Jan 22, 2010

    REALTORS BEWARE, CAVEAT EMPTOR WITH REPLY! On January 5, 2010 I was contacted by phone from a salesman form REPLY about a lead service with no contract and no monthly minimum of leads to buy for $54.95 each. I was told that if the lead was not a good lead I simply requested a credit and within 72 hours, I would be issued a credit and a replacement with “no hassle“. I was told that an invalid email or invalid phone number, an under age person, or a realtor testing the system were among some of the reasons for a credit. The monthly fee was permanently waived as evidenced by an email confirming that. a "no hassle" on returning leads for credit was guaranteed! However, once I gave them my credit card number and was allowed to view the standard terms and conditions, some of the perks he offered were not there, which were: no credit allowed for invalid leads if the company can determine that merely the name and either an email address or phone number of the prospect are correct. The "pre-screened" leads are therefore accurate only as to the name and one allegedly correct way to contact the prospect. When I began contacting these prospects NONE of them were legitimate except one that said she was only "curious". I returned each one to REPLY asking for a credit only to receive with long explanations from REPLY that these prospects would not be credited because they had to have BOTH an invalid email and phone number! When I signed with REPLY it was to receive 5-7 leads per month. I was sent 11 leads in about a week and only given website credit for 4. My credit card statement however was billed and never credited for any leads! I used almost 500 pages of copy paper to print off all of the emails between REPLY and myself that took place in a 2 week period. I was also told by the salesman that I could pause my account anytime for up to a month at a time. I contacted Reply after being rejected for the first several credits and told them to place my account on hold till I resolved the credit issue. Reply said they could only pause it for 7 days and continued sending me leads! Now I have been charged with 7 leads all that are invalid at a total price of $384.65 plus the one time $40.00 sign up fee. A total of 11 leads were placed on my account by REPLY on their website.
    So far none of the reported credits from Reply have shown up on my credit card statement. I do expect continuing charges from REPLY over the next month. I have copied all of the emails and prospects forms which is about 500 pages for reference. I checked on Consumer Affairs and Consumer Reports, Consumer Boards and [redacted]ing websites and read dozens of experiences exactly like mine. I feel this is a scam company and should be reported as such and also that credit card companies should be aware of their customers being abused by this company and charge back all of the charges from REPLY. The service is not what I was told it would be. The credits were not issued as promised. REPLY continued sending me leads even after I gave them notice of cancellation and asked them twice to pause my account due to the dispute.
    I tried to resolve the issue by speaking with Dana Wilson which promised to give me better leads and extended time to contact prospects as well as a guarantee that I would close at least one home in the next 60 days or be charged nothing but when the confirming email came in it said I would be charged $50.00 a month to maintain my territory ( I never agreed to this term either). I repeatedly contacted [protected] as required to ask for credit for leads and explained the reasons why only to have my request rejected by REPLY. The customer service people emailed me that the leads must have BOTH an invalid email and phone number and that was never made clear . I plan to forward a copy of this complaint to our State Attorney General as well. This company is getting away with ripping off millions of dollars a year and it is a clear scam if you listen to the sales pitch and compare to actual services. So much for "no hassels" with this rip off company!

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  • Ce
    Central99 Jan 22, 2010

    I'm going through the same thing with reply real estate. My credit card was change almost $800.00. The rep that I spoke to lied to me. They never gave me a change to read the policy. I'll be reporting them to the STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM REPLY REAL ESTATE they are SCAM. In this tough times, i can't believe people will try to scam.

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  • Ti
    tickedoffatreply Jan 23, 2010

    Big scam in my opinion! Hey guys - I am so sick of seeing so many of us get screwed by this group - I set up a website called

    dedicated to organizing the complaints and documenting the scams for future legal action

    Please join us and share your concerns there - we have hired a local attorney and are looking for legal firms in every state to represent our membership. This was started after Reply illegally charged my account - numerous times - even months after we canceled.

    Terrible company to work with! I can't believe Weichert Realty, real and all those others they claim to have signed on board with are actually happy with this company. Their tools look pretty and it seems to work - somewhat - but the leads are mostly bogus and the billing systems sucks royally - they seem to overbill all the time and their refunds/credit policy is not what is promoted to entice realtors to sign up with them... when we realize we have been duped and cancel they snag us for a month of fees - per their screwball illegal cancellation policy... I am sure there are violations of numerous state statutues regarding enticements, consumer fraud and deceptive marketing... not to mention actually delivering what they are billing for... or all the unusual charges that dont even add up to a multiple of any of the lead fee charges they are charging for... total lack of customer support... total scam.

    Join us at

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  • Ch
    chiggins2626 Jan 29, 2010

    BOGUS company is not what it seens. I called several times today and forced them to cancel. They said credit department will look into crediting me for leads I have already received if I dont receive this credit I will be opening a class action lawsuit.

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  • Ru
    Ruth M Feb 04, 2010

    Thank you for posting all of this information. I just received a call from Kelly Garrison of Reply Real Estate [protected] who said that they are a lead referral service and are looking for experts in Scripps Ranch. While I was on the phone with her and she was explaining how the service works I Googled reply real estate and found this. I told her I wasn't interested and hung up. Thank you for saving me my hard earned money!

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  • Je
    jeremymason Feb 08, 2010

    you are stuck by some fake companies .you should have taken care of your credit cards that have been taken by them and though you didn't access the system and you have signed up too you just stay away from these fake real estate companies...

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  • Ba
    BayareaRealtor Mar 02, 2010

    I too was taken in by Reply!. Wish that I would have at least googled the name and checked them out here and on Active Rain. I am trying to get $400.00 credited back but at this point my Chase Credit Card has sided with Reply! stating the 30 day cancellation clause.
    When I initially had problems, I spoke with Ryan who offered to cancel my account - which he did, but then they continued to bill me for leads. I am usually a savvy shopper and intelligent business person but I just didn't see this scam coming. Like other posters, they were sending out the same invalid leads to multiple agents. The salesperson totally misrepresented the lead return policy. Beware - this is a scam!

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  • 4b
    4Brevard Mar 09, 2010

    Like most lead referrals, Reply! Real Estate sends bogus leads. The email and phone number work, but their "leads" are from people who have no intention of working with a Realtor. They either don't respond, or they don't remember leaving their info. They are not leads. They are names and contact info only. If the credit cards get sufficient complaints, Reply! will not be able to take credit cards. Banks don't like dealing with charge-backs.

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  • 4b
    4Brevard Mar 09, 2010

    Thanks to this site I was able to call Visa and block all future charges from They only got me for the initial $1. I bookmarked this site. Thanks everyone!

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  • Je
    jemt attleboro ma Mar 16, 2010

    I joined last Thursday March 11th and within hours had leads and within 3 days- 10 bogus leads, I believe leads are sent to more than one agent contrary to what they said about lead going to only one source. People that I actually did speak with are annoyed because there are being barrarged by phone calls and emails even though they state they didn't request an agent. Beware of this company; I am calling my credit card company immediately to stop any further billing other than the $25. sign up fee and the 54.95 that may result in a buyer. Pretty smooth talking folks, namely Addy and Rhys. Shame on me for not goggling them before I signed on. As a 26 year real estate veteran I should have known better. jm Attleboro Ma

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