Rene Portwigsony experia m5 aqua


Good day, I am with Cell C for many years now. In August 2016 my son upgraded his contract (to a Sony Experia C4), but in January 2017 the phone had a software crash (the phone was only 5 months old). I sent the phone to Cell C Repairs. After a couple of days they informed me that the phone was unrepairable. They exchanged the C4 for a Sony Experia M5 Aqua. I received the phone only in a ziplock bag, without the box. Now, on 10 October 2017 I had to send the M5 Aqua in again for a software crash (phone doesn't want to switch on at all). Cell C Repairs quoted me R6061.55 to repair the phone, because it is out of warranty. I've asked Mr Joe Mabunda (a supervisor at Cell C Repairs) how can they say that the warranty has expired if they exchanged the phone in Jan 2017 - the warranty is suppose to be extended for the new phone. They can't use the C4's warranty from Aug 2016. How could they send me a 2nd hand phone if my phone was only 5 month's old. How do I know that this M5 wasn't more that a 1 year old. How do I know if this M5 wasn't a repaired phone in the first place. I don't think this phone is even worth R6000. Pricilla (the service controller that first helped me) said that if the phone was still under the '7 day out of box warranty', they would've repaired/exchanged the phone, but it doesn't make sense because the C4 wasn't under this warranty either. I am waiting for Cell C Repairs to email me the quote on repairs. Is there a way you can help me with this, please?

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