Reidcom InciPhone Scammer


This guy offered iphones to be delivered in 24 hours from payment. So i wired in full, $20, 000.00. He then said that he is waiting on them to receive the wire since it was an international transfer, but to start with he said the supplier was in Ohio. Then he said that someone from Nigeria hacked into his email and changed the banking info and the wire was sent to the wrong bank. Then he said he contacted the bank and told them of this and they were attempting to get the money back. Its bee 3 months now and nothing. This guy is a waste of life. If anyone else got burnt by him please contact me asap. I am filing a suit here in the US where he will be required to appear in US court, please let us know ASAP. This guy doesn't deserve to live another day, he has done this many many times it seems.


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    39043 Jan 30, 2009

    ryan negri, karma is a ###. See what happens when you rip off your customers. Best of luck.

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    drjakedre Mar 16, 2009

    Thanks for this because i was going to deal with
    Thanks a lot you saved me time and a lot of money

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    INTERNET BROKERS Jul 06, 2009

    I did business with him and he tried to scam out of 13, 500.00 but I caught him in his lies, but his lies cost my customer to lose his AMEX card and when I call Kevin Reid he does not answer my calls and he does not answer my emails, I did money gram him 500.00 bucks he has not repaid, STAY AWAY FROM KEVIN REID/ REIDCOM INC

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    TOM KAY Jul 17, 2009

    i hav e done business with kevin and never had a problem with him i did a iphone deal with him, and i got my goods

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