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Received a notice from A.C.A. Recovery, Inc. stating that my account from Regional Yellow Pages Online had been turned over to them for collection. I never authorized any business from Regional Yellow Pages. They played a very suspect tape with the voice of my ex-office manager supposedly authorizing this. Each answer on this tape had a tremendous pause between each answer, not a normal conversation. I called her and she said she never authorized anything as she kne she did not have the authority. This collection agency claims I owe over $600. I have never received a bill from Regional Yellow Pages that I am aware of or I would have definately disputed it at that time. I am going through legal channels now.


  • Aa
    AAJVA Sep 18, 2009
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    Verified customer

    The same thing has happened to me. I am even on the tape. I have told them several times to fax me the information regarding this account. They haven't produced anything except an invoice. I also have nothing in my records of this company. Fishy I say. I am currently disputing this also. These online scammers are misleading and very tricky.

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  • I also have been receiving invoice from Regional Yellow Pages Online, of which they claims was authorized by my office manager who really knows better that authorize anything.
    When they talked to her, they turned around and said that I verbally authorized it two years ago. If so why are they just billing us now. For sure I did nor agree on anyhting. They can not produce anything to prove that I authorized or agree on anything.
    Please try to stop this people. they are scamming a lot of people.
    This one is from Regional Yellow Pages Online
    626 Rex-Corp Plaza, PHB-6111
    Uniondale, NY 11556

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  • Me
    Merry Ann Oct 02, 2009

    I am in the middle of the same exact scam - is there any way out of this???

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  • SPG Consultants Oct 02, 2009

    It is a well known fact that dealing with telemarketing agents can sometimes be one of life's most stressful and stagnating experiences.

     Harassing calls, threats and use of obscene language can pressurize you to the edge and moreover, a collector may embarrass you by contacting your employer or even be pursued to disburse for a debt that is not rightfully yours.

     There are limits on how far telemarketers can go, that is why we provide information on how to put an end to telemarketer calls and more efficiently, how to correspond with them about your account and/or to dispute a collection action and can teach you what are your rights in terms of privacy.

    You can find out more information on our website:

     By informing each other, we protect each other.


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  • Gm
    GMWIZ Oct 07, 2009

    I am currently in the midst of this nonsense. It began with getting a call from a person saying my ad was being cancelled, I said I was not aware of the ad, but send an invoice, and I would look at it. An invoice came a month later with a stamp on the envelope, (not metered mail). It appeared to be a normal invoice wanting $430 or so. I looked at the website, which was not easily found on a first, second or third page google search. Did not find my business listed. Ignored the invoice. Get a call from a foreign speaking woman from the "pre-legal" dept. who basically demanded payment or go to collections. I said I believe this to be a scam, and need proof of authorization for this ad. She said she would contact her "I.T. dept" and get that proof. A couple weeks later she calls again with the same demands, but this time I only have 3 days until collection. I said I never got the proof I asked for, she said she had called me with that recording of myself, which is not true. Once again, I said I'm not falling for this, so, come up with that proof or go fu*k yourself, and this time you only have 3 days sweetheart, the burden of proof is on you, get busy. I have no intention of paying anything, even if they come up with some sort of edited version of a phone call. I hear these people will call you, ask questions that make you say "yes", and edit it into a false approval.

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  • Cs
    CS Boston Oct 23, 2009

    Hi, I got the same letter from ACA Recovery for the unauthorized listing on Regional Yellow Pages Online.
    Perhaps could you advise what have you done to stop this scamming?

    Thank you.

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  • Mi
    Miss Edie Nov 09, 2009

    I also got the same letter from A.C. A. Recovery saying I authorized to be put on the Regional Yellow Pages On Line, I never authorized anything, the lady I talked to from this company was very rude and told me to have my lawyer ready, because I was getting Sued for this unpaid balance, then she hung up on me. I like the way when you're on hold how they say they are a professional company with professional customer service help, what ever. I tried to dispute the recording they played for me, but the person at this company just yelled at me then proceeded to play the recording again, I hung up knowing I wasn't going to get any where with this person, 10 minutes later she called me back and then she proceeded to tell me I was getting sued and how rude I was for hanging up on her, again What Ever. I can't believe this company is in business. All I can say to this company bring on your Lawyer's, you don't have anything with my signature on it authorizing anything, all you have is a recording, I would like to see that stand up in court and also they misspelled my name

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  • Co
    Corvette Clinic Nov 10, 2009

    We experienced the same situation at our business location. Same exact senario!
    The A.C.A. Recovery, Inc. is trying to extort money from us stating that we authorized the listing? All I can say is whoever you are your not going to get away with this current scam that you are trying to pull off on small businesses!

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  • Ww
    wwnf Nov 16, 2009

    I have the exact same experience as Corvette Clinic - right down to misspelling my name. Every time I insisted on written, signed documentation, all she would say was that I had a verbal contract and that there was no way to contact the originator of the bill, that they would not answer my calls. So I am going to file this under SCAMS and file a complaint with the FTC

    "The FTC works for the consumer to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices in the marketplace and to provide information to help consumers spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint in English or Spanish (bilingual counselors are available to take complaints), or to get free information on any of 150 consumer topics, call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP [protected]), or use the complaint form at "

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  • Ge
    Get Even 26 Nov 30, 2009

    We received the same cancellation "invoice" if you read the back carefully, it say that it is not really an invoice but an advertising agreement. If you return and pay it, you are actually obligating yourself to the terms on the "invoice". Call them, tell them you are not paying, and that you have contacted the BBB, FTC, and FCC. They will say that they have to review their records and someone in billing will call you back. That call will never come. What will come is a phone call from a C.S. rep once they find all the complaints you have filed. That rep will deny any wrongdoing but will get rid of the account for free since it was just a misunderstanding. They will also ask that you drop the complaints. DO NOT DO IT! They won't bother you again but everyone needs to be informed about this kind of ###.

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  • Fr
    Frustrated in MN Dec 10, 2009

    Unbelievable ... We just had the same letter from both A.C.A. Recovery and the Regional Yellow Pages Online. I listened to the tape -- it was very convincing that one of my employees had "authorized" this transaction, but in fact, all she was saying was, "yes" to certain questions. I'm certain they rigged the tape. This is unbelievable.

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  • Ad
    adman Dec 11, 2009

    On behalf of a client of mine in Phoenix, AZ, I am going through the exact same run-around. We were first contacted in January of '09 and after many conversations, between Lucy Anderson and myself, the same results...can't produce any written authorization. She can only say it goes back to 2007 and at that time the bill was $479.95 and now in Dec '09 A.C.A. Recovery wants $604.95. The supposed attorney I talked with, Jim Murphy, also could not produce any originating authorization, he only wanted a check or "will take further action". RYPO did agree to negociate it down to their non-profit rate yesterday and was shocked to find out my client is, in fact, a non-profit. I will be referring my complaint to the Attorney General of the State of Arizona. I would encourage all others to contact higher governing bodies than BBB and Chamber of Commerce. I've been in the advertising business for over 34 years and these sort of scams are becoming more and more prevalent every day.

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  • Po
    PO000'd in Tennessee Dec 16, 2009

    I am currently in the same predicament with this ripoff company. They have a recording of me verifying my business address & contact information--There is no clear recording of me agreeing to pay for their service.
    After countless phone calls, intimidation, harrassment, scare tactics & threats toput me in collections & sue me--- I broke down & agreed to pay them--I gave them my credit card number(which they recorded) but fortunately my card denied them-even though I have the money available.

    After doing research on this company & their unscrupulous tactics, I plan to fight this--they bullied me into agreeing to pay them. I have never recieved the first invoice or any written information as to what service they are supposedly providing my company.
    Frustrated in Tennessee

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  • Al
    Almost Conned In California Dec 21, 2009

    We also were scammed. I have been in credit and collections for many years and was already armed and ready after I received the invoice. Their internal collector said the same things as mentioned above and I "duped" her with my own defenses and profanity, and hung up on her saying lets go to court and let the Black Robes decide. Being an old pro, I know what practices are being allowed now days. "Homey don't play that"!!!

    Almost conned in California

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  • Lo
    Lockhart Realty Dec 22, 2009

    OOOOHHH!!!, I definately AGREE. We have received the same stuff and when I ask for them to send me the bill and proof that this is indeed something i signed up for then they just get an attitude and want to know if I plan on paying it and I tell them...NO, I SURE DON'T!!! So, now i have received the "Collections" letter. This is rediculous...I filed a complaint with the BBB, which I am a member of.

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  • Ka
    Kazuo Dec 29, 2009

    I own a salon in Bellevue, Washington and is currently experiencing the same issue. My initial conversation with this company was regarding payment on an invoice due for the year October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2009. I asked them to forward a copy of the invoice for me to review it with my wife and in turn they are using my telephone conversation as an agreement to pay this invoice. My wife has never heard of Regional Yellow Pages Online nor has she agreed to a contract with them. For this very reason, we do not do business verbally. They are trying to misconstrue our conversation to their advantage. I just filed a complaint with the FTC and suggest everyone to do the same. We will have a better case if more people would voice their complaints too.

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  • Dr
    Dr Jim3 Jan 07, 2010

    I am in North Carolina and also have a similar experience. They call up about paying a bill and ask if I am authorized to pay it.
    I told the very clearly I have no idea who they are and if I owe a bill I will pay it, I would have to reseach it. We are not engaged in
    online business so I have no interest in online advertizing. As far as I can tell I never authorized or received any service of any kind
    from this company - if it really exists!
    They played back a tape in which someone asked if I was authorized to pay bills and if I was the person to whom bills should be sent,
    which I am. They say that proves that I agreed to pay the bill. I was very careful not to say I would pay the bill because I was pretty
    sure I did not owe it.
    This company appears to be a scam that trys to bully people into paying for services the never receive.

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  • Et
    etcamp Jan 19, 2010

    Same boat here... we are a church and they did the same exact thing you guys have posted here. I have no plans on paying it and have contacted all the complaint bureaus that I can. Please keep posted if anything transpires with any of you guys dealing with this or if you have any further advice for us all... Thanks.

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  • As
    A SHEAR EXPERIENCE, INC. Jan 19, 2010



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  • Je
    Jenny W Jan 19, 2010

    Same scam with my business I am located in Wisconsin. I called the Regional Yellow Pages On Line when I first received a bill on 8/10/09. I told them flat out that this was a scam and that I never authorized any buisness transactions with them. The girl on the phone ( Sophie ) said she would have an account agent call me be back. That call never came and today the collection letter came from A.C.A Recovery for the exact same amount as many of you have listed above, in the amount of 604.95. My husband called immedietly and after telling them we did not owe this money and that we would be sending them a bill for our time along with the certified dispute letter the girl on the phone from A.C.A. said " No money for me no money for you" and hung up. We will be contacting the BBB in New York and New Jersey as well as Wisconsin. We also plan on contacting the Attorney Generals office. There is no way I will send any of them a dime, like the others have said take me to court and see how far you get. Scams like this have to be stopped so please if this has happened to you contact the BBB and the Attorney Generals office. I feel very bad for the people who were bullied into actually giving these con-artists any money.


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  • Br
    Brian 89 Jan 20, 2010

    It's almost funny to see the exact situation I am going through over and over in previous posts.
    Regional Yellow Pages Online bill for $604.95
    ACA Recovery Inc. Collection Notice
    Recording of employee (Not even associated with the business I am being billed for)

    I just filed a report with the FTC (Federal Trade Comission) @ [protected])
    They said they have been receiving many complaints from this and similar companies
    I was told to let Regional Yellow Pages know that I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Comission and they suggested I also call the State General Attorneys Office which I will do NOW

    Lets stop this SCAM!

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  • Sd
    sdpacers Jan 21, 2010

    I think everyone can take a breath now and be comforted. The Federal Trade Commission has released a report that this is a total international scam. The link to their page on this subject is here:

    I found it after they tried to do the same thing to our church. Thanks

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  • Sd
    sdpacers Jan 21, 2010

    This is a total scam run by an overseas company. The FTC has addressed this scam clearly on a website. I found this after they tried to hit our church.

    Good luck, here is the link:

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  • Br
    Brendan B Jan 21, 2010

    Same thing with me--I'd just be redundant to all the other messages before me. I contacted my attorney, and he told me to tell them "I'm not going to pay and if you want the money you'll have to come to Nevada County California and sue me." I'll keep you updated. I too have contacted the NY Attorney General's office and plan to contact the BBB of both New Jersey and New York. WICKED SCAM!!! Brendan from Grass Valley Ca

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  • Ng
    nga-anna Jan 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yep!!! I am another sucker on Regional Yellow Page Online list. They fax to me a bill saying I owed them $479.95 (last year subscription and late fee.) I call the person in their collection department and told her this was a scam and that I am not going to pay. She threaten to turn my account to a collection agent the next day if I don't pay immediately and another $180 will be add on to the bill and what ever fee or fees that the collection agency charge.

    I filed a complaint to the NY BBB and contact the Legal Aid Society to seek for their help. I also will file a complaint with the CA Attorney General's office. This is sad for all small business like the one I am working at right now. We are struggling to make ends meet and staying afloat to stay in business and these ### (Regional Yellow Page Online) ripping us off. There have got to be some kind of law to put these jerk in jail. Anna from San Jose, CA.

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  • Lo
    Lorenz Hansen Feb 03, 2010

    What a scam, I've just read the previous comments and agree with all writers. I have a small handyman business in Florida (I'm a Brit moved here 6 years ago and love this country...but this scam has really turned my guts over..being asked for $467 for advertising I never asked for, being told that if I don't pay my credit rating will be ruined, if I hire an attorney it will cost me more than double the bill they sent me...just made me mad!! I will not pay them a dime and encourage everyone else in this situation to do the same...complain to all agencies listed above as I plan to do...this has bugged me all day and if there was some way I could sue them for harassment I sure would like to know about it. Again if you are in this situation DO NOT PAY!! FILE COMPLAINTS!!

    Annoyed...Lorenz ...Florida. Feb 3rd 2010

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  • Bb
    B Beck Feb 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same scam with our business ! I spoke with Tom Sykes collection agent at Regional Yellow Pages Online. ( notice on their letter head regional is not cap. they are sly) Tom says the only way to clear this matter is to pay or get an attorney. If you review their reminder close and look at their website none of it adds up. They are charging us for a premium package, on the add it has our name of business, address and phone # the address is incorrect the phone # is a second line not our advertised #. I could go on about their thieving practices, main thing you shouldn't not pay. Call the BBB, FTC, ATG all of this is free of charge file complaints also call the Regional Yellow Pages Online and keep on the agent, in your spare time [protected]

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  • Rw
    rwfer Feb 10, 2010

    Agree, Agree, Agree! Turn these people in if they start harrassing you - and let them know you have done so. This is a fraudulent setup and they are just hoping to get someone who will pay without noticing . . . turn them in to BBB & FTC. When I called the FTC, the lady I talked to stated that the Regional Yellow Pages Online file is as big as the toner file - LOL.

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  • Fe
    Ferrera Nick Feb 11, 2010

    I'm right here with all of you. Aside from my business, I also own a recording studio. After playing back a recording of my office manager saying "yes" to some of their questions, I explained that to the person calling me about how easy it is to record a series of "yes"s and "no"s from people on the phone and manipulate them to make it sound like they are agreeing with everything I say... EVERYTHING. Then I offered an example and told her that "this call is being recorded for quality and training purposes." SHE LOST HER MIND and hung up on me. She then followed with a phone call from a private name and number and asked to speak with the owner. When I told her that was me, she told me to get my lawyer ready.

    I have since called the FTC and my local State Attorney's office.


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  • Td
    tdsWashington Feb 12, 2010

    Groan! We are going through the exact same scenario! Harassment by Lisa with Regional YPO. Phone calls, faxes, saying we authorized the online add and a very stilted recording of my voice. I have asked for written contract and the piece of the recording that actually says what I am agreeing to. "Lisa" told me they only have the recording of when I was switched to their 2nd party verification service, not the first part where I allegedly agreed to the service. Like everyone else, I have been tempted to just pay the bill to avoid a collection threat. But it is a scam, Lisa is a very rude representative and so we will unite and dig in our heels too! Let's all continue to stand our ground against these scammers!

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  • Mi
    Miz. Shoe Feb 18, 2010

    "Jim Murphy" called my company as well...and also played the supposed conversation between Yellow Pages and my contract manager. My contract manager listened to the conversation and remembered speaking to Yellow Pages and said they basically copied and paste the conversation to seem like he authorized it.

    After getting off the phone with "Jim" I googled his name and the dollar amount and all these complaints popped up so I called him back and told him to google his own name and he will see I am not the one to try and trick for money...he was speechless!! It was awesome! People are always trying to scam someone.

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  • Do
    doowop420 Feb 18, 2010

    just got a bill in the mail from these FRAUDS for $480. this is a scam!

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  • Mi
    michael53 Feb 20, 2010

    Add another one to the list. Rec'd phone call saying our account was to be cancelled. Never authorized anything and do not recall ever having a conversation with anyone from RGO. Told the representative we had no account. Next got a letter of "closure" signed by Kenneth Voyce (acct's payable manager) to the effect that we owed $479.95 and upon payment account will be closed. We will of course be contacting our state Ag and also the AG in New York state where this branch of Harrasment Inc. is supposedly based. Amusingly enough, the listing they have falsified for our business is substantially incorrect.It is great to know that others are standing up to this.


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  • Hu
    HUDDLESTON Feb 22, 2010

    Glad to see it's not just me. They've got a recording of me agreeing to this listing under the wrong name of my business. They had an old name that hasn't been used since 2004, and I didn't own the business until 2007... Its funny how every phone call that I actually got somewhere with somebody agreeing that I didn't authorize it, didn't get recorded. Got the letters from A.C.A a couple months ago and the first phone call today. Made me pretty mad, so I googled Regional Yellow Pages Online and found this... makes me even more angry that these people are stealing from small businesses. $600 is tough to make these days to just give away to scammers. Has anyone actually got rid of them, or has everybody paid? Thanks.


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  • Kn
    KNC91704 Mar 12, 2010

    My company was contacted by RYPO asking to update information for an existing account that is up for renewal. I asked at that time if the renewal was free and I was told "yes" so I updated my information by asnwering "yes" to the sales rep's questions. Today my office received a letter from a collection agency stating we owe $500 and if we do not pay then legal action will be taken against us. I contacted the company and spoke to Ray Platel, a collection agent. He began to play the recorded conversation that was completely changed. I never heard myself ask if the renewal was free nor were the questions that were asked in the initial conversation the same as the ones being played back for me. All they had was my voice and they pieced it together with a converstation that would benefit them. I was irrate and imediately asked for dates that all invoices were sent to my company. Mr. Platel tried to say they sent an invoice in Aug. 2009 and then he said he contacted my office in Nov. 2009 and left a message for me and then called again in Dec. 2009. No one in my small office ever recalls speaking to a Mr. Ray Platel nor do they recall an invoice coming to our office. The only information we recieved was a collection note. Other than the "update" phone call we never dealt with this comapny and they never provided a service to my company. The only time we heard we owe them money was at the time of a collection bill that said our "account" was considered old debt and was being turned over to a recovery group. This is boggus and this scam must be stopped. I asked Mr. Platel about the scam that I was reading about online and he would not respond and just said we owe the money or he will sue us and ruin our credit. Let me state for the record that my company and myself are not afraid of RYPO or Mr. Platel and we will not stand for this boggus act. We will NOT pay one penny to this company. As soon as Ray Platel hung up on me I did some research online and found hundreds of compplaints about this company. The scam is getting people to answer "yes" to their questions so they can use your voice to their advantage. Do not be fooled! After researching this comapny I filed a complaint with the FTC, BBB, Attorney Genereal for the state of Georgia, and with the FBI. I know this seems like a lot but it took a total of 25 minutes and it could mean the safety of others personal information. Please let's band together and stop this scammer! I read so many reports of people caving and paying... DO NOT PAY THIS COMANY ANY MONEY! Everytime a person pays it gives this company the motivation to scam someone else. Let's stop their money income and see how well they do scamming people. MAKE THEM GET A REAL JOB AND STOP SCAMMING OTHER AND ROBBING OTHERS OF THEIR MONEY! I would just like to say one more time that my company does not care if Mr. Platel calls every single day of the week.. WE will not send any money to him or his company and we will file a complaint every single time he contacts our comapny. Do not be afraid of this scam... They will not take legal action against you because they are not a legal company. Tell them you never authorized any service with them nor do you wish to initiate service with them and you are contacting the FBI, FTC, and BBB. Then ask for their business license and say your attorney will be in touch. Hang up and do not talk to them again. Eventaully the calls will stop. My company will contact our attorney if RYPO contacts us again. THIS SCAM MUST BE STOPPED!!! Never answer "yes" to anything.. in fact do not answer any questions just state what you need to say and hang up. LET'S NOT BE AFRAID TO STAND UP FOR OURSELVES!! STOP THE SCAMMERS!

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  • Jo
    Joseph H. Walkenhauer, Business Owner Mar 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My company, Sun Pacific Services also has the same unauthorized charge! They also have a partial conversation of us on tape authorizing this charge. They only recorded the confirmation portion of the conversation, not the conversation in its entirety. We had told them several times that we did not want to be listed with their company. They then proceeded to call and speak with the owner of the company who was in the midst of traveling at the time and on his cell phone and stated that they were our Yellow Page ad for our Hawaii based company and that we had been running with them for years. This was an out and out lie!! They also did not emphasize the fact that they were a .com company-though they were asked several times where this ad would be placed.
    Upon our "confirmation" of the "ad" they were told to run the same ad as they have always ran for our company. Though we had never advertised with them before and they did not have ad copy they still supposedly made an ad for company.
    Now the "attorney" for the company is calling our office making statements that we are deadbeats who do not pay our bills, (Mind you we have a perfect credit rating and have been in business 25years) and became even more belligerent as we denied the charge then proceeded to say that he would ruin our credit once this was turned in as a bad debt.

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  • Co
    ConfusedMad Mar 22, 2010

    I got a call from RYP's "legal department" this morning offering to cut a deal if the bill got paid today. When my boss refused to pay and hung up on the caller the guy called back and told ME that this whole mess would be reflected on my personal credit record as my name was on the account as office manager. Does anyone know if they can do that?

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  • Jj
    jjz6 Mar 24, 2010

    Got my call from Candace O'neil today. Same S___ as everyone else. I am in Minnesota. They played a tape of my daughter saying yes, yes, yes, to all kind s of questions. They told me under 500.00 does not need a written only a verbal agreement. I never recieved any of their bills. I even looked up my add and on the invoice it stated that I was to get hours of operation, web conection, full business discription and directions. HA none of that was there. So they never even bothered to follow up on what was a agreement upon on their invoice according to them. So they broke the contract. If they were a rep company they would have did a follow up to get everything. I am NOT going to pay a dime. Let them come to MN to court for 479.00. SCAM SCAM SCAM. When I told her about the scam idea she said o no we are not that kind of company. WRONG. come get your money my mail does not go your way Candace!!!

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  • An
    Annette Mar 27, 2010

    I agree and am in the middle of this as well. I will not pay and I have reported them EVERYWHERE possible as well. I am just wondering at what point they quit? Is anyone far enough to know? do I need to pay my atty to send them a letter or just keep ignoring them? As I said, I have filed with FTC, Atty Generals office, BBB, and small business administration. I would rather pay my atty. than them but hate to pay an atty. if I don't really need to.

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  • Me
    Me, too Mar 30, 2010

    More information ... try to find the ACA Recovery Inc. They have a website, only an 800 number for customer service. I've tried several 800 reverse directory look-ups and this number cannot be found. I have not been contacted by them yet. My banker suggested I have my lawyer write a letter to RYPO, so that is my next step.

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