Regency Motor Cars Hemel HempsteadUnapproved invoicing of car service


I purchased my car From Regency Motor Cars in Hemel Hempstead in March. In July, shortly after the legal warranty is terminated, there occurred a diesel particulate filter problem. I made a quick search and learned that it is due to driving habits and unless you drive with high rotation, it is likely to happen to your diesel car. Sales representative is responsible to inform you about this fact before you make your decision, as it is a very common problem. If the filter cannot be regenerated, it has to be replaced, which is a very costly process. I called my dealer and told them that I have this problem. They accepted that it is their responsibility to take the car to service, and that I would not be paying for that. I waited for 3 days and finally was informed that my car was ready to pick up. But when I went to Regency Motor Cars to collect the car, they told me that they paid for the service but I have to pay part of the service, which is due to regeneration of the filter. I reminded them that I was told I would not be paying for any service, and that I was only driving the car for 4-5 months and it takes much more time than this for this problem to occur, so actually they had sold me a problematic car. Besides, they did not even bother to inform me that there may occur extra costs. They explicitly said that I cannot pick up the car unless I pay for that. So I was obliged to pay for a service, that was supposed to be covered by them, as communicated previously.

I explained them that I would be okay to pay for the service if it was communicated in an open and honest way. Not informing about the process or possible costs, and threatening by not delivering the car is unacceptable. They have proven their case that they are not trustworthy, unlike what they claim on their website about "excellent customer service".

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