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Redline Recoveryfradulent collections attempts

harassing phone calls regarding American Express payment that I had already made. When I called Amex, they said that my account was never turned over to collections, that they do not work with Redline Recovery and that the call was a scam. Amex suggested I google Redline Recovery myself to see their fraudulent track record.

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  • Ac
    ac818 Nov 10, 2009

    We are subjected to 15 to 20 robo calls per day from Redline. I have written per FCC rules and still they continue. Can anyone say class action law suit?

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  • Ac
    ac818 Nov 10, 2009

    For got to note, we are NOT the debtor.

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  • He
    heath1000 Dec 11, 2009

    This agency keeps calling me and yelling at me when I tell them to stop calling. I do not even know the person they ae looking for. After I told the man to stop calling and I hung up, he called me right back and told me they would keep harrassing me because of my attitude. What attitude should I have of I don't know the person. Why would I stay on the line? Why should I have to do anything if it is not me?
    This agency should be shut down for harrassment.

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  • PublicServiceMsg Dec 15, 2009

    Get the name of the representative and contact management. Just blogging will not solve the problem. Reputable agencies do not tolerate this type of behavior. The industry is trying to stop the agencies that do allow collectors to act like you describe. The individual will not be long in any agency.

    If it is a wrong number the companies really do not want to continue to call. They want to know it is not a good number so they can start searching for a good number. A dead end is a dead end, repeated calls will not change that.

    Another problem is that if you get someone else's number, it is probable you will have more than one collection agency calling, repeatedly. Keep track of who you've told "wrong number". When you get the same company twice, talk to management; then the BBB if you get a 3rd call.

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  • Ti
    TiredoftheCrimes Dec 16, 2009

    PublicServiceMsg is lying. I have been receiving calls for years asking to speak with a stranger. They think I know the stranger. I don't. Never heard of him, until the phone calls started. I don't like liars that come on these online forums and act like they "know" collection agencies are legit. Collection agencies are ### lying thieves that operate with impunity because the U.S. government has been bought off by corporate scammers. They harrass innocent people. They do not care if you are the person, they will keep calling. Why? Because there's a chance they may get to talk to your old grandmother who will get all scared and think you are the one in debt. They want to confuse an elderly person who is suffering from dementia, take advantage of her, mind-rape her, get her to divulge financial information so they can siphon funds from her bank account. I have no patience with these ###. I spend my days researching to find out where they live, where their houses are.

    fax [protected]

    [email protected] <= unknown first name. Maybe Bob.
    [email protected] <= this is greg paulo.

    set your modem/computer/fax to autodial their toll-free numbers to let them know what you think of them:



    They mind-rape elderly people over the phone, phishing for financial information.

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  • PublicServiceMsg Jan 16, 2010

    You are a piece of work. With your clear level of education, you have the nerve to call anyone a liar. And to further you are going to say the government has been bought off by the collection agencies, the ### lying theives. Collection agencies are legitimate businesses. Where would we be without credit. What happened to people being good for their word, it was their bond. What will that get you now?? Go to your bank and tell them you promise to pay it back. The elderly have debt too. What would you do without your credit cards ?? NO one cares about the interest or late penalty while they are happily swiping that credit card. But oh, miss a payment and get into collections. The collectors are the ###? What about the shop-a-holic? The I've lost my job and lived off the credit cards? The I own a business and am opening another location and cannot make a payment for a few more months, although I haven't paid in over a year. Collectors are ###? A recent complaint call into the agency was the wife complaining that we called her employee at work, the business they owned, but could not pay their credit card. Didn't have a problem getting supplies for the business on the credit card; but now that we want them to pay for it, it's a problem; it's grounds for a complaint.

    You have a unique situation with your grandparent. They should not have even discussed the bill without your permission and that would have cleared up the "wrong party" part. If you get a number that belonged to someone else, it is not the collection agencies fault. They call what they are given. You can have your number removed; that is not a lie; file a complaint with management if you get another call; that is not a lie. Complaining here is not going to help; that is not a lie. Educate yourself; you will not be a victim; that is not a lie. Stand your ground when you are right. Do not allow yourself to be abused by anyone. Whining on the internet is not going to get your phone number removed from the records. Further, you need to follow collection industry . com for updates on what the government is doing to the collection industry, or insideARM . com.

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  • Kv
    kvh Mar 04, 2010

    i offered to settle a debt with redline. i called them, and asked how we can take care of the account. When he offered me a settlement, i said " OK, i'll send the payment tonite when i get home from work, where do i send it" he said no, he could not take a payment by mail. so he officially turned down my payment cause i wouldnt pay over the phone. which, i NEVER pay collection agencies over the pnone. always by mail and no other collection agency had a problem. so whats he hiding? why cant he give me the address? why was he so adament about me not having proof my payment. yeah, it is a scam, . and its scary as hell

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  • Bi
    Bigman RL Mar 09, 2010

    It is funny how people get so angry at a debt collectgor when a debt collector calls their home. Why not get mad at yourselves for ruuning up a high credit card bill and then having the nerve to not want to pay it. I bet if you loaned some one money, you will be calling non stop to get your money back. This is why we are in a financial crisis now it is because people like you who think credit cards are free money when you don't realize that tax payers are the ones who are picking up you bill. But you have the nerve to get mad a debt collector who is trying to do the average tax payer a favor. Now kvh! have you ever thought that they are doing you a favor by settling your account when you clearly signed a legal contract stating that you agree to pay the late fee and interest on the card if you failed to make your schedule payments? Then you get upset when they tell you that they are not going to settle for your lame stall tactics by saying you are going to mail off the payment. Who is really the scam artist? If you really wanted to settle your account then you would have had no problems paying over the phone since you obviously had the money right? Well you did say you were going to mail it off that night right? Yeah, you are the scam artist. Collectors have one of the hardest jobs ever. How many people do you know that has to try to convince a theif to return the merchandise they stole? It is funny how so many people try to use the economy as an excuse not to pay their bills. I have no job. It is hard to find work. I have no money to pay anything but it is funny how you still have your cell phone on. How you still have your lights on and your not missing any meals everyday. It is funny how you have no job but you are gone all the time every day and your just too busy to pick up your phone. It just amazes me!!! But bill collectors are the ones who are running a scam. It is time to wake up and take care of your own responsibilities. No one should have to call you and tell you to do what you already know you should have done a long time ago. Stop making other people suffer with the cost of living starting to rise all because no one wants to take care of their responsibilities and pay what they owe. Even Jesus said, "Pay to Ceasar what is owed to Ceasar." Meaning, PAY YOUR DEBT!!! If you get upset with this message then you are feeling guilty. No one ever said the truth didn't hurt!!

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  • Ts
    Tsalagiman May 04, 2010

    @BigmanRL: In your post, you are assuming when Redline or any collection agency calls, then it is automatically because the person receiving these calls are irresponsible and not paying their bills. Not in every case. This lowlife agency has currently started harassing my elderly parents about some Capital One bill owed by someone whose name is not even close to theirs. They are the second owner of the home they live in and have lived at that address for over 30 years. No one by the name Redline is giving has ever lived there. First, it was the phone calls. They first asked for this person, then asked my father for his name. The Redline was hateful and rude to my almost 80-year-old father. My father, of course, refused to give it. My father told them to never call them again.

    Today, my parents received a collection letter from Redline about the same account, address to this same unknown individual. My parents do not believe this to be a case of identity theft or address borrowing. There has been absolutely no prior mail with this individuals name on it. Not from Capitol One, not anyone.

    I advised them to send them a letter by certified mail, return receipt requested informing them that no one by that name has ever lived there, and to cease and desist contacting them. After the letter is confirmed delivered and signed for, I advised them if Redline contacts them any more to retain an attorney.

    No matter what you say, there is no excuse for this type of behavior from a so-called "legitimate" industry. The abuses are well documented and widespread. Whether or not someone owes a bill is not an excuse to abuse, intimidate, and violate the law. Collection agencies depend on people's ignorance of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in order to make their money. Abuses include threatening to put people in prison, take their homes, their cars, the list just goes on and on.

    In the case of my parents, there is absolutely no way you can justify Redline's behavior. Such incidents are not isolated. You are the one that needs to wake up. Not everyone contacted by these outfits is a non-bill paying scam artist thief. It's good that you have never had a catastrophic illness resulting in tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's good that you have apparently never been laid off and had to decide between a credit card payment or food on the table. It's good that apparently you have never had to suddenly take in an elderly parent or place one in a nursing home forcing you to choose between their care or a credit card bill. You see, not everyone that gets behind on their bills is a lazy, freeloading bum. I would not be surprised to learn that you were an employee of a collection agency. If not, you sure spent a lot of time defending their abusive, unethical, and many times illegal tactics.

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  • Ba
    babsbunny Aug 04, 2010

    Bigman How about all of the peopl;e who have lost thier jobs to this great economy of ours? Sometimes its all you have just to feed your kids, so yeah I would let some bills go before I let my kids go hungry. Also debt collecters should be nice. If it wasn't for people being behind on something then they wouldn't have a job. Would they be in the same boat then?

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  • Dr
    drums_and_cymbals Jun 15, 2011

    Received a call from them tonight 6/14/11. They were trying to collect a debt from a Discover account from 2008 and both the address and social that allegedly belonged to me was incorrect. I told them several times i dont owe anything to Discover! It is a scam all of the way... Note to Red Line when you put someone else on the phone to handle the call after the initial person who made the call, make sure she isnt over heard in the background talking jive like you are calling from a house phone.

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  • K1
    K_135 Jun 29, 2011

    @ Drums and Cymbals
    File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission
    And if I were you I would pull my credit report to assure they are not trashing your score with fraudulent debt claims. Best Wishes, and record every call, phone #, and other details if they attempt to reach you again.

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  • Yo
    Yourmom2012 Mar 13, 2012

    @BigmanRL: I pray that you loose your job so you can understand what others have gone through. You have been lucky enough to get out of this economic crisis without major issues... obviously. Your karma will bite you for this big time. Oh yeah you are ###!

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  • Wa
    Watchdogmomma Jul 30, 2013

    Hey BigmanRI the reason why people to not make payments over the telephone is maybe due to fraudulent companies get that information from hacking the collection agencies, credit card companies, banks, or if you have just purchased something online. Hackers can get your personal information any where on the internet these days. It has happen at my personal bank not only to me but also to other customers at that bank as well as other area banks in my city. How do I know this, for one thing my bank recognized the name of the fraudulent company, this company would always take out $30 (sometimes every 2 weeks in some cases), and my bank had told me that I was not the only one who's account they attacked. The Assistant manager had also informed me that other area big banks have also had a particular fraudulent company attack their account holders also. So I can see why someone would want to mail their payment in. I have taken things further by offering to either mail a money order, do a quick collect payment with WU (which some collectors do accept) for those that do not accept that form of payment, then I will put the payment on a prepaid credit card after I have the payment on the prepaid credit card then I will call them back and let them run the card. I refuse to give out my banking information to 3rd party companies, esp the collection agencies for I know for a fact that there client information is not secured and easily accessible by these scam artists. I know for it has happened to me already and I have reported them (the fraudulent company that I was speaking of earlier that is).

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