Red Roof Innsservice/space

A Aug 11, 2018

We stayed at the red roof inn in orange park, fl the weekend of July 27. We had booked for 2 nights but only stayed one and asked for our money back for the second night. Check in was after 3 we arrive at 330 and are told to come bk in an hr. We do, I'm told at ck in that there are no towels in the room someone will bring them up shortly if no 1 does, call the front desk and she'd bring them up immediately. We run up to our room and crash immediately. Wake up an hr later, there's been no towel delivery. I call the front desk clerk who is immediately irriated and tell me they'll let housekeeping know. 2 min later front desk calls bk and says, housekeeping delivered towels. I said no we haven't left the room, no 1 has came. Fast forward 5 min, the front desk clerk is at our door with the housekeeper. No good evening, no anything just points at me, looks at the housekeeper and says, is that her? He shrugs. She looks at me and says he said he gave u towels. I said no 1 has been here. So invite them in to take a look. Of course, the stupid towels were in there as he'd delivered them as we walked up from ck in. I hadn't even looked becAuse i was led to believe it'd b sometime before any1 cld bring them up. She went on to say they had a strick 2 towel per day, per room policy. Fine but man it felt like we were being called out over 2 stupid towels. Poor customer service. I apologized (which she accepted and did not apologize to me for any confusion). I let it go.
Meanwhile if u look outside, u legit see people pulling up to lower rooms where someone quickly comes out of a room, they exchange something through the car window and run bk inside and it happens repeatedly. Obvious drug deals.

Day 2 we r letting our dog potty, away from pavement by a tree off in the cut. I said a few feet away (poop bg in hand) while my husband allows him (leashed mind u) to finish. Just as he wraps up i hear someone yell, u better clean that [censored] up (yes actually says [censored]). My husband says, excuse me what did u say? The guy says, i said u better clean that [censored] up. I said hey man, I'm standing here poop bag in hand. I'm getting it now. My hubs asked why is it any of his business, who is he. He replied, I'm the guy that's gta clean it up if u don't, i work here. My husband told him he cld watch a bit before he jumps to conclusions and also he doesn't have to b an [censored] about it period. The guy bows his chest up and walks away.

We drove around a bit and decided to come bk and ask for our money bk for night 2. We r refunded but told there is manager to speak with. I've called 2x and he's never"available."

Do not stay at red roof inn orange park. Rude workers who apparently take things personally and know nothing about customer service, not to mention the uncertainty and danger of being around drug deals.

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