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went to red lobster near wolfcase in memphis, spent over $70 not including tip, and the meals my wife and i ordered was horrible . the crab legs were like rubber, the lobster tail was tuff and chewy. the sides of vegetables were not cooked fully and the mashed patatoes with lobster sauce was bland and very little meat. i payed $3.99 extra for this unpleasent mess. the 6 oz. filla i had was so peppered down it was difficult to stomach what i ate of it. the garlic bread was good the drinks were ok . sad to say we will not go back to any red lobster again . its just going down hill.

Aug 15, 2019
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  •   Aug 15, 2019

    Next time, invest in a dictionary.

    paid 24.69 crab legs its own meal

    tough 13.99 or 15.99

    filet mignon. 24.79

    why did you pay if it was so terrible? did you send anything back? did you ask for your cow slab to be peppered down?

    3.99 extra for what???? those upgraded mashed potatoes??? now you know you cant go wrong with butter or sour cream.

    and you are [censored]ing about all that plus drinks?? 70 dollars for two people at pushing 30 dollars each??? really? and you paid it full and clear???

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