Resolved RecordGone.comNo Complaints - &A& Rating has successfully handled thousands of cases and has zero complaints with any state bar association. They also have an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

See's spotless reputation with state bar at:

See's Better Business Bureau "A" rating at:

See solid professional rating at (where verified clients and other attorneys can rate law firms) at: has flat fees so clients always know exactly how much they will pay. The prices include the law firm doing the research, paying the court fees, handling opposition from the District Attorney and sending an attorney to court for clients as many as times as necessary.

There are no finance charges and no extra costs for a payment plan. It is the best of all worlds. Clients have total peace-of-mind when using the law firm. They offer fast, professional service that has a money-back-guarantee on most services; so, if your case is denied, you get your money back.

To anyone thinking of using, here is what you know and can verify:

1. ZERO COMPLAINTS against ANY attorney associated with the law firm. (See state bar licenses - links are posted on law firm web site)
2. “A” rating from Better Business Bureau
2. Attorneys graduated from top American Bar Association law firms. (See US News & World Report)
3. A record of success so solid they back almost every service with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If your record isn't cleared you do not have to pay. (See contracts & web content)
4. A LOW PRICE GUARANTEE that says they will beat anyone price by $50. (See contracts & web content)
5. LICENSED attorneys that are regulated by the state attorney general and Supreme Court in each state (verify licenses on state bar web site)
6. RESPECTED by clients and other attorneys


  • Fr
    Fred Reyes Jan 19, 2009 saved my life. after being laid off my job of 20 years, i was being denied every job i applied for becuase my misdemeanor record. had a very friendly staff and the attorneys seemed very knowledgable about expungement. the attorney i worked with specifically was very straightforward and honest with his answers. and even after objections from the district attorney, they were able to expunge my record within a matter of months. now i have a new job and i can support my family. i would recommend to anyone. thanks recordgone!

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  • Lu
    Lux et veritas Jan 22, 2009 is solid. If the BBB gave an A, they are legit.

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  • Po
    Pork McAllister Feb 25, 2009

    Great law firm for expunging criminal records.

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  • Hu
    Hunter72 Apr 17, 2009 helped me. I would recommend

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  • Sm
    Smorris Oct 16, 2009 gave me 20 minutes of good free advice. More than any other attorney. Thank you for the hellp and honest advice.

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  • He
    HendyCab Dec 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I checked, it is true RECORDGONE.COM has an A rating.

    They also go by Law Firm of Higbee & Associates


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  • Ja
    Jakob Stoley Jan 15, 2010

    They are a great firm, got my record removed!

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  • No
    NO Nonn Mar 01, 2010

    This is pure advertising for them. I will be filing a negative remark against recordgone. I have been a client for 3 months and have yet to have them do any work. None at all. I email them and 24-48 hours later i get an email. Stating they are working on my case. Yet, 3 months later they still have yet to do one piece of work. This site is a scam. If you agree to there contract they charge you 250 an hour for emails. I tried to back out of my contract with recordgone after 3 months of no work and they came back stating this and that and it I will have to pay the full 1500! This site is a scam. I truly believe after doing research that the employees of recordgone are more interested in boosting the company image on the web than actually helping paying clients. After 3 months I have yet to even talk to my so called lawyer. I only get the run around from an assistant. Do not throw away your money like I did. Get a real lawyer. In you area. IS A SCAM! 100%

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  • No
    Nonna1 Jul 03, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used this law firm and they got my record expunged for about 1/2 of what my attorney wanted to charge me. They have good communication and customer service. Their money back guarantee was the big difference maker for me, not so much the price. I wanted to know they would fight and they did.

    I would highly recommend them.

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  • No
    not true9999 May 28, 2011

    i am still waiting on record to clear my record sine 3/10/2010 a year . we are in 2011 now and they are still waiting for the judge to make decision on my case. i have never speak to my lawyer and the case manager call and leave message on voice mail. the case manager is a new person ...i had two new. please god help me i am tired of being rip offf by

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  • To
    TOBI-ONE Oct 19, 2012

    I agree with all the bad experiences, I just went through it and what a mess. TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE! service! IT's funny how much it looks like their employees commenting here. Kind of odd they all reference the BBB don't you think? Would a real person reference the BBB? Don't think so.

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  • Br
    BrianSF May 08, 2014

    They got my record expunged fast. The staff was very professional and courteous. Their online case management system is so convenient and makes it very easy to see what you need to complete and you can check on the status of our case at any time. I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal help.

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  • Th
    THIEN L May 09, 2014

    October 30 2013, I decided to hire to do my expungement. After payments has been made, I received their message stated I had to wait for the court to reopen my case to be able to do the expungement. After numerous messages and emails stated that "I called clerk of the court. There is no ruling on your case yet. We will be following again up coming week" it took them 7 months and the last message was on April 30th 2014 saying the samething "I called clerk of the court. There is no ruling on your case yet. We will be following again up coming week". Finally fI got frustrated of waiting and for them saying the samething for the past 7 months, so I emailed them to ask for refund if they unable to get my record expunge. As soon as I emailed them they replied back said that they were unabled to get my record expunge, court denied and they sent me copy of denied letter. Guess what the denial was dated April 21st 2014 but on April 30th 2014 they stilll sending message "I called clerk of the court. There is no ruling on your case yet. We will be following again up coming week". This showing that this law firm is a liar! They only agreed to give me 50% refund minus $120 filing fee, which only left $317.50 but I paid them total of $995.

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