Real Estate REOJoyce Essex - Liar and Manipulator


Educated? Not. Nice? Not. Intelligent? Not.
A member of my family went to school with you... back when CSUN was not a university. You went to a 2 year college. Stop lying to everyone... you never went to university.
You also never studied econ. There was no econ department then. You studied how to cook and clean... home economics… this is what you learned in college. Now this is all fine. Many good people go to two year colleges. But why lie to everyone? Why lie on your websites? You are a liar!

Nice? If you make as much money as you claim... why not pay your employees reasonable salaries?

Intelligent? If it was not for Harvey (a former asset manager), you would not have gotten anywhere. Stop taking all the credit. Talking about intelligent... Do you even now how to do a BPO? When was the last time you did a BPO?

And selling homes of movie stars? What movie stars are you talking about? Which stars would want your presence? You are sooo boring... stop those lies!

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