Real Estate Client ReferralsThey are awful!


To Realtors and Home Buyers/Sellers: DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! They were dropped by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because of the number of complaints and unresolved complaints received. They hire employees who use deception and are rude and very unprofessional.


  • Cm
    C.M. Dec 17, 2007

    You should go to and take a look at the 40+ testimonials that have been sent to us from agents all over North America that are making money hand-over-fist using this company. Maybe it wasnt the company... Maybe it was you.

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  • Br
    BROKER Apr 25, 2008


    I think the BBB says it all. Company has been in business since 2003 and only has 40 testimonials? How many of them are REAL.

    Sorry, You Loose.

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  • Ag
    Agent May 08, 2008

    I agree that anyone who is considering in Services such as the real estate client referrals should NOT proceed.

    Another company taking hard earned Realtor dollars and not providing any services to support any of their claims.

    Plus once you pass the 90 day period where most of the activity occurs you are basically out of luck and can not get your money back.


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  • De
    Deena Westberry May 20, 2008

    This company is taking advantage of REALTORS. They promise to that you can get your money back but do not follow through. I tried to talk with supervisors but could get nowhere. Before I signed on I check with some of their testimonials, wish I would have done a goole search instead.


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  • Mi
    Michelle Sep 12, 2008

    Real Estate Client Referrals - What a big joke!
    These people are taking advantage of realtors. I've seen more bad comments on the web about this company than i've seen good comments. I have called some of the testimonials on their website, a couple agents i spoke with said they had to go through about 50+ leads to even get a buyer that may be a potential client. Two agents i spoke with have only gotten 2 sales each out of the many referrals they've gotten from RECR and they've been with RECR 1-2 RECR's "1 in 5 closings" comment they have on their website is a big lie!!
    It's hard to believe that they've been in business for over 5 years and only have about 15 people on their website that gave a testimonial about the service...very strange!
    Stay clear of this company and please do not give them your credit card number. When i signed up for their service i remember clicking the NO button on the auto-replenish question on the confirmation form and still they automatically replenished my account when it got down to zero.

    Has anyone ever heard of RECR's owner Jeremiah Thompson who was supposedly a top-producer with REMAX. I have been a REMAX agent for 15 years and have never heard about this guy. I have asked prominent realtors that have been around longer than i have and they have never heard of him...and that is if that is his real name!!! If you're running a scam do you want to be sued by a realty company by claiming that you used to work for them!

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  • Je
    Jez Oct 31, 2008

    Worst experience ever!! DO NOT USE THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY!! They lied and said they guaranteed each referral. NOT TRUE. It depends on how much you spend according to them. The person that called me, lied up and down. I will never ever recommend using them. Terrible customer service. Rude and unprofessional. Basicly the attitude when I found out they were bogus was o'well sucks to be you.. Well I will never get taken like that again. I paid for that important lesson.
    Check them out first People.. You were forwarned by many here..

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  • Rl
    RL Dec 04, 2008

    We had the horrible and costly experience of working w/ this company. They gave us a lead for another area and then charged us and would not credit it off. Beware of free leads - they charge your account for everything first and then give you the "free leads". They do not put in writing what they say they will do. REad the contract is full of loop holes for them to keep their money, and they will!!

    They scammed us with supposed leads in our area and only had the one false one, then said give them some time and they will advertise and get some. We took huge area just to get leads - they don't have them!!

    Also, don't bother talking to their agents. They tell you anything because they get good leads for doing it. I called them (2) back and told them about having a problem and they said they were diappointed to hear, would talk to the company and try and help. Conversation was all very nice with the agents. Then company said if I talk to one of their "agents" again, they will sue me for upsetting them.

    It is absolutely nothing they promise and if you try to get credit for a bad lead or break your money back guarantee, they will be UGLY. Watch out big time for Gary and Amber... the sales people are sweet but powerless and can't deliver what they say.

    Jeremiah Thompson has nothing to do w/ this company anymore. Try talking to him...

    NO matter what you do, you will not get all your money back. Expect to lose $300 going in if you want to get away.

    This was a very unpleasant learning experience for me...hope you can learn from my mistake.

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  • Pa
    Patrick Apr 18, 2009

    I received a call from a collection agency representing them today trying to get money from me. I explained that this company didn't do anything that they promised and therefore, I had nothing to settle. They won't be getting any money from me. AMEX refunded my money since they are a fraud. I suppose I will have to see them in court if they decide to ding my credit. Rip-off artists!

    Broker in CA

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  • Co
    Colorado Mtn RE girl May 11, 2009

    I was a victim of a similar scam called e-perks. Or, Ejerks as I like to now call them. Be a smart agent and get your clients the old fashioned way-earn them! If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. If you google real estate in my area you will find my web site. Why would someone contact an independant company to find a Realtor when it is just as easy to get on the web and find one? Or many for that matter. Spend your money to promote yourself-not someone else's bogus company. BTW, I checked w/the BBB...Real Estate Client Referals is NOT a member! They'll tell you they are though.

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  • Rc
    RC Realtor Jul 10, 2009

    They got me too but I won in the long run because my credit card company investigated and gave me my money back.

    When I tried to cancel the service they gave me the run around and their emails were vicious. I sent all the emails to my credit card company. I think that helped tremendously.

    Money back guarantee is a lie. Qualified lead is a lie. We verify the buyers ability to finance with their lender...yet another lie.

    When they call don't say anything just hang up quickly.

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  • Ma
    MA Realtor Jul 26, 2009

    I am kicking myself for not checking the net first before falling for the RECR sales pitch and the very nice and friendly saleswoman who did a number on me.

    In short, I agree with all the complaints. I was given totally bogus referrals, some were not qualifed, some not highly motivated, some not in my market area. All but one wanted foreclosure properties that I was not at all interested. I actually tried to cancel the very same day they sold me the program because of the first so=called qualified buyer. Total run-around. They are very slick, very experieinced at how to entrap hapless Realtors and extract money. I filed a complaint with the attorney general as well as the BBB.

    What legitimate company would treat customers the way they do?

    Stay clear!!!.

    MA Realtor

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  • reality truth Aug 04, 2009

    I too have been ripped off by these 5 person based in CA farce... The Atty General's of several states are investigating the inumerous complaints against this not do biz with this scam of a company!

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  • Da
    Danny Shepard Jan 27, 2010

    I just received a message from D********** at (406) 329-7652 that he had a buyer pre-approved for $320, 000 looking for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the Portland area. He left his number as (406) 532-3756.

    I may be in my first year of business, but I like information. I did reverse number searches and saw that the calls came from unlisted numbers in Missoula, MT. I then Googled the numbers, which led me to this site, along with several others that share the same negative comments and warnings.

    NAR has been good about promoting agents' physical safety, but I am glad we are able to provide each other with valuable warnings.

    If anyone has any legitimate questions about real estate in the Portland, OR area, please visit my site or send an email. I would leave my number, but that would be too ironic for this post.

    Danny Shepard

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  • Co
    CompJock Feb 09, 2010

    My wife is an agent with ReMax. She was approached 10/8/2009 by RECR. We were under the impression that it was $99 per referral. We were NOT told that my credit card would be docked for the entire $990. The first referral was from an 18 year old student with a part time waitress job. My wife was told that they would replace the lead. Meanwhile I found out that the entire $990 was charged to my card. As of Dec. 2009, the lead was not replaced. I called Discover card & disputed the charge. I then mailed a certified letter on 12/8/2009 to RECR asking for a refund & to close the account. RECR told Discover card that the fee was NOT refundable. I then had a rather heated conversation with RECR. (like talking to a brick wall) They contend that since the charge was in dispute that I waived the 90 day refund policy. Even though they received the certified letter 62 days after signing up. I now have supplied all documentation to Discover card & they seem more than willing to charge this back.

    It appears that this will be a happy ending to a long drawn out ordeal.


    You have been warned!

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  • Kt
    ktjacen Sep 20, 2010

    Do you really want to see this change? Jeremiah Thompson sold this business to Curt Jacobsen sometime last year. Mr Thompson is somewhere in South America hiding out. Probably trying to invent his newest scam and avoid legal prosecution feom his old ventures.

    It took a lot of digging to verify all this info so here you go. Lets contact the real owner and get our money back. Or maybe it is time to complere a class action suit. Mr Thompson faced this before with his free real estate referral company.

    Mr Jacobsen is fair. Call or email him I am sure he had no idea whar he bought or how terrible the employees are. Treating people with disrespect is the preditory style of all management.

    Here is a link to Curt's business email and his ethical company.

    Corporate Technology Group

    910 Brooks (same address)

    910 Brooks St.
    Missoula, MT 59801
    Phone: (406) 532-7660
    Fax: (406) 532-7650

    Curt and Lanny Jacobsen should hear how agents are being trated by the monsters they trust.

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  • Gr
    Grant D. V. Aug 19, 2011

    Betty was great, then she was fired, or relocated or moved or whatever they try to cover their ### with. The service dropped like a ton of lead. I complained and said I would like a refund and got this email in return from Nathan Mitchell (an ### of a client services rep) "Thank you for your email. In the last string I went through and spelled out the services for you, as well as the benefits of the dispute process. I apologize if you don't understand it, but, there's no clearer way to word it. Even though your temper tantrum communications in our string of emails would point against the conclusion, you're an adult, and as an adult you must assume responsibility for your own actions." He is right. I lost my money and have no hope of getting it back because RECR is a bad company, with poor customer service and even worse leads. I am now getting my free leads after spending over $5, 000. They don't have valid phone numbers or are on social security income and want me to help them make a million without a penny. Come on! I hate this company. Though I did like dealing with Betty in the beginning, it has fallen far since I signed up. To think that the manager Nathan Mitchell, could be such an ### to his long-time client. Stay clear of this company and never hire Nathan Mitchell for any client or customer service job!

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  • Li
    Lisa Clary Apr 02, 2015

    I just got a call from them. I am so thankful that I read this and was informed! I have learned the hard way to always look them up before signing up!! Thanks guys!!

    Lisa Clary
    Baytown, TX

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  • Du
    Dunham10 Apr 03, 2015

    In short, I agree with all the complaints. I was given a different territory than the lady had discussed. Called customer service the same day and left message of the mistake they made. Jessica who doesn't have a supervisor (said she was the owner..wouldn't give her last name) said to me they would month. They didn't care they were keeping my first month told her I would have credit card cancel and she said go ahead she wins 90% of those cases, , , Well I would stay far away from this outfit. No need to waste out money...times are hard enough as it is! I did have it disputed on credit card. We will see...


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  • Ro
    Rosalie Pribbenow Jan 06, 2016

    Thank you so much guys I was about to sign up with this company before I started reading the reviews!!!

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