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Real Canadian Superstore / canadian springs water 1.8 liters

You have a deal that says if you buy 3 Canadain Springs large waters you get the deal so that is all well and good. The problem is you never have it in the store for weeks and weeks this goes on and when I justed asked the lady when today it's supposed to be in she snapped at me saying "I don't know when" I have seen it in other stores across the board just not your North Van store where I live. I have asked to talk to the Manager and Ed said" he didn't know what happened they missed the delivery again" and how is this okay again? How simple is it to make an order from this company and fulfill it? I suggest maybe just stop selling it if you can't figure it out each bottle is a $10.00 deposit. Each store has different stickers for the bottles. Please look into this and make it right.

  • Updated by mtop, Mar 07, 2019

    Yeah, who are you and why are you on my thread at all? Or is it what trolls do no matter what? You have ZERO ideas of my attitude and zero idea of what business actually is obviously but here is an idea "go [censored] yourself"! please and thank you so much for your co-operation in this matter that has NOTHING to do with you at all.

  • Updated by mtop, Mar 08, 2019

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Mar 6, 2019

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