Real Atlantic Superstorepc grey table cloths


Needed a number of these table cloths and went to Riverview New Brunswick store bought what they had. Later went to Trinity superstore in Moncton, and bought what they had of the larger size. Today went to Main Street superstore and bought a few more. Got to the cash and they were more expensive than the other stores in the surrounding area. The cashier couldn’t do anything so went to customer service. She had to call someone and they did meet the price but she said that Riverview is a different class of store than theirs with more household goods. Trinity has about the size department as Main Street. Was really strange to hear that and also that the difference is price was $2.50 each.
Also do not like your sales that you have to buy 2 to get the sale price forcing me to buy more than needed. Have stopped buying most of my groceries at the superstore.

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