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Readers Digest / unsolicited books

Elizabeth Cole on Oct 15, 2018

Readers Digest sends my mother hard cover books that she has not requested, plus enclosed invoices., with no accompanying phone numbers to call and request this "service" cease. Her caregivers have returned the packages unopened, yet the charges have continued to accumulate. She is 87...

Reader's Digest / Trusted Media Brands / reader's digest

Misinfo on Jan 25, 2018

Contacted Reader's Digest, they can not stop my subscription as I 'ordered it from a different agency'. I don't remember what agency, it was a school promo from my grand-daughter 2 years ago! I want to cancel as I don't read it. Only indication is it is from PO Box in Harlan IA. I haven't...

Readers Digest / annoying

Josiane Smith on Aug 28, 2017

I wrote them an email asking to cancel because we didn't need their books. Nothing can't stop them from sending them to me and billing for their crap. I cancelled four times, returned all the books they sent. And 5 months I was leading a normal life. But they started it again...

Readers Digest / book

Linda Polston on May 16, 2017

You have sent me 2 collection letters about some readers digest books. I have subscribed to a readers digest magazine but not to books. I can no longer see to read small type or long books at my age of 73. For several years now. You refer to an acct. #RDB00256768185. Please remove my name...

Readers Digest / condensed books-cust #00076597301

Beverly Jacobson on Dec 21, 2015

I received another letter, this one threatening to cut off my subscription to condensed books for non-payment. You need to do a better job of posting your payments. My bill-pay at bank shows 1 book pd on 11/17/15 and the other paid on 11/23/15. I would think you've had ample time to apply...

Readers Digest / stolen money

Lenny S on Mar 10, 2014

We decided not renew our subscription to Readers Digest and told them so. Of course they ignored this request and charged our credit card $32.98. When we complained about this they returned $21.98 to the credit card keeping $10.99 we complained about this oversight they ignored us again...

Reader's Digest / No my legal name and only give me emai account and let me pay their money

ANTONY LIU on Jan 16, 2013

Hi there, Today I have got pay bill from reader's digest again. I really have no idea about it. There bill no my legal name and so on. It only shows my nickname. Their email often came to my inbox, so I had cancled their email, but now they mail their paper mail to me. So I do think government need to stop them to do it, ok? Thanks, Antony liu

Readers Digest / unwanted book club subscription

Topazmoon11 on Nov 15, 2012

The same complaint as everyone who accidentally entered the Sweepstakes without noticing that they entered me in the book club. Then kept billing me $30.52 after I had immediately cancelled and been notified that I could ignore any bill. Thanks for providing the customer service phone...

Readers Digest / avoid this company at all costs

Lokoloe on Nov 6, 2012

They shipped a paperback crossword puzzle book to me that I did not order and are hassling me to pay for it. On the outside, it clearly read: free gift enclosed. Nothing else. I had no reason to suspect that there was no free gift enclosed, just something they wanted to sell to me...

Readers Digest / false contest

lisa46 on May 8, 2012

I recieved a piece of paper telling me to go to there website and play the ssvault game and unlock the vault and win money well went to this so called site but no contest or anything for this i really think someone should really investigate this sweepstake company aka books cuz its all lies everything they send out is lies

Readers Digest Nikon S6200 Camera / not available in our area

Mary-Lou Burrell on Apr 21, 2012

I have received an entry card from Readers Digest about the Nikon S6200 Camera. The card does not say that it is only good in a certain Province or Country. When I entered ( it took me to a site that doesn't have a place to enter the access code of 72449. I...

Readers Digest /

bruno keller on Mar 31, 2012

Readers Digest should be investigated regarding cash give a ways to get orders for videos or books etc. Have received mail since may 2011 with promises Millions of $ will be paid out, however no one has received the promised winnings. Also the invoicing and statements are never correct. I feel the company has perfected the SCAM ARTIST business.

Reader's Digest / Sweepstakes Entry's being returned

Mrs. Cynthia M. Vermette on Mar 25, 2012

I have been entering sweepstakes to Reader’s Digest for years. I recently mailed out - Entry Form: OH 1634 P, Assigned Plan Code: MI/10 with Return of this validated form by April 19, 2012. Today, on Saturday, March 24, 2012 I received in my mailbox the exact same envelope I just...

Readers Digest / they [ick sending me books I never ordered and the last book I returned it bck with out opening it and they are still billing me for it.

steven sanchez on Feb 8, 2012

I Steven Sanchez have received numerous books from readers digest, but I have never ordered these books. I returned the last book reader's digest sent me on December 2011 and I never opened the package. I returned the package back to the US Post Ofice, but they are still billing me...


Susie on Jun 17, 2011

I received in the mail a letter from Reader's Digest. The letter came in a plain white envelope, post marked from Canada. It also had a check in it for $3, 481.10. The check was made out from AIG Annuity Insurance Company The letter said I had won a lump sum payout of $255, 069.00...

Readers Digest / received book I didn't order

tony10059 on May 18, 2011

I received the book 1001 Home Remedies, that i didn't order, i am also concerned about the opening or a credit account, that i didn't request. The book came with a bill for £18.98 - £14.99 for the book plus postage. This book is on Amazon for £5.00 new. What a...

Reader's Digest / Junk Mail Sold Information

JunkMailIsAnnoying on Apr 14, 2011

My mom bought me a subscription in December. Several weeks later, I started receiving a flood of junk mail from third parties. The reason I know it was RD is because they spelled my name incorrectly both on my RD subscription and on every piece of junk mail. It is now mid-April and I am...

Readers Digest / Nintendo Wii / access code supplied not accepted

Included with my Readers Digest was a chance to win 1 of 3 Nintendo Wii. When I logged on to the website and entered the Access Code 51345 it was rejected as not a valid code. This is FALSE ADVERTISING and why are these contests published with INCORRECT ACCESS CODES. the contest close...

Readers Digest / Vol 5 - 10 The Christmas List / did not order, did not receive

Received a bill today addressed to t lewis 714 lake forest drive, vicksburg, ms 39183 for $31.00 past due for above listed which I never ordered and never received. Do not know what it is. Note on bill: pay before dec7, 2010

Reader's Digest / URL not found

My name is sylvie and i work for reader's digest in customer care. If you are trying to find the link www.Rd.Ca/ssvault through a search engine (Google, yahoo, etc.), it is possible that you will not be able to access the website to enter the contest. Some of our contests are "by...