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Assalam o alaikum..
I'm muhammad rashid your distributor (rashid brothrr's) sd town jampur. It is stated that according to the company policies if someone terminated from any distribution should warn or any notice received from company or sole but I think due to some personal clashes sole wants me to do the distributions of their other brands like "dostea" and others but i'm not willing to do this because I have many well reputed distributions like "lays" "volka foods", "sm foods" due to shortage of time I apologize from the sole because of this without any warning or any notice sole terminate me from distribution and shifted to a new distributor who is already distributor of their other brands.
I'm your day first distributor in this town and this this type of behavior from sole is totally unfair.
It is requested you to please sort out this issue and come up with satisfactory solution otherwise I will come up with a legal way and sue the company

Sep 30, 2019

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