[Resolved] Ramsey Ford2014 ford flex

K Aug 14, 2018

I am extremely upset with how I have been treated with my 2014 Ford Flex. I purchased the vehicle brand new, I also purchased the highest level extended warranty on this car. I recently went on a short 1 hr trip on Aug 11, 2018 and my car start to stutter at a stop light like it was going to stall. I had no lights come on but at the next light I pulled into a McDonalds so my husband could check what might be the problem. I turned off the car and opened the hood. My husband noticed all the antifreeze pouring onto the ground. The car was not overheating and I had no signs that there was an issue. So he purchased more antifreeze and put it in the reserve only for it to poor right out. At this point we knew there was something wrong so we called road side assistance and had the car towed to Ramsey Ford. On Monday the receptionist (NOT EVEN A MECHANIC) called to tell me the engine block was blown and there was antifreeze in the oil. The estimated costs was $8500 for parts and labor! I still own on this car. I was told when I purchased the extended warranty it was for 100k miles, however now I am told it was only to 75k miles, which I have 88k miles. So I am within the time frame but out on the mileage for the warranty. So they won't fix it under warranty, I have to pay. I am pissed because I have had multiple issues with this Flex, from the fuel pump to the AWD transmission, all of which were thankfully covered under my Extended Warranty that I paid extra for. So I know this vehicle has had issues but I never in my mind would I have thought my engine would go at 88k miles on it and that Ramsey Ford feels this is acceptable. And why wasn't there an overheating sensor or check engine light come on? I have purchased 4 Fords in my short life, I still own my Excursion, and it runs great but this is EXTREMELY disappointing. I cannot understand how the dealership and corporation, who claims to be an outstanding company, can have people stuck with such a horrible product and not back their product. Especially when it should have lasted at least double the mileage then 88k! Ford Motor and Ramsey Ford, please tell my 5 kids why they should buy a FORD, I'd love to know myself!

K. Butler

  • Resolution Statement

    After speaking with a manager at the dealership, my issues where resolved 100%. I am please with how Ramsey Ford and Ford came through and helped out a loyal customer. I am looking forward to purchasing my next Ford at Ramsey. Thank you to all the management for stepping up and taking care of the issue, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful!

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