Ramon ThomasScam and cheating


Ramon Thomas offers useless information that is simply regurgitated internet spam. All his 'INSIGHT' can be found online free of charge. He claims to be a 'life coach' who charges you $200 per month for only 2 sessions. Wow $100 per session he must be coining it at the cost of brainless internet browsers looking for some direction in life.

If he was legit operator why is there only a cellular number to get into contact with him? My advice to anyone stupid enough to consider forking out their hard earned $$$$ DON'T!!!

Rather Google the info you're looking for, and let Ramon Thomas get a real job.


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    anonymous__ Jun 24, 2015

    I sent him a private coaching message on his website a few years ago with personal information & now it seems he leeked his private coaching messages online. Dont know if it's an useless website he developed or if he is reckless with private client information but he's definitely never hearing from me again.

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