Ramada South Padre Islandcheck in and possible identity theft employee

Y Oct 11, 2019

I checked in at 10/11/19 around 9:40pm.
Freddy one of the front office employee demanded my debit card and made a copy of my Driver Licence and my debit card after I had paid reservation in cash. I asked him why he needed a copy of my debit card if I had paid in cash. He replied with an answer that didn't made sense by saying that they keep a copy of identity and credit card up to 30 days after I check out in case there is damages to room. I think this is so rediculous since this is a busy hotel and as soon as customers check out other customers check in and in 30 days a lot can happen during the stay of other people. I didn't like for him to hold a copy of my driver license and credit card information it is very suspicious as this puts me in a possible identity theft situation. I dislike the unfair reason he gave me and it sounds like a lie. I've been a customer for years and this has never happened to me before. I dislike been lied to and the demanding treatment I got from Mr. Freddy.

Please help me with this issue since they are holding a copy of my identification and my credit card.

Thank you.
Yadira Ch.

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