Quest.netAccording to the online research the company is a scam!

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According to the research online regarding the company its been banned in Nepal and Bhutan and it collapsed in srilanka and Philippines and even in chennai in India it had a shut down due to scam reasons but still the company seems to be on its feet in mumbai in India.

I wonder how and why... when its been legally banned and shut down in these countries how come is it still functioning in mumbai... isn't binary system where they are selling products to its own members a scam.


  • Ma
    Mahadi Nov 04, 2016

    MY membership number is HZ678872 form dubai uae, i have called many many times to book for hotel at egypt giza movenpik but they are telling me that they are waiting for comfirmation form hotel form past 10 days i kept on calling bearing all phone charges, as my date of travle is nearing only when they confirm the hotel i can book flight ticket visa but still im not getting the confirmation. kindly do something i am speaking to ur cc ambasador ms raikaan but she is going on saying wait wait. as my membership is getting expired on 23rd november i need complete refund for this if it does not get confirmed. and 6 months extension for my membership.

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  • Ki
    Kiran Shrestha Jul 05, 2013

    This Is Really Fraud Company! Why? Because In 2000 I Was Been Costumer n Paid 450 Amount Of USD . After The Government Announcement was Total Band .And Then i Try To Contact IN Company More Than 50-60 Times No body Gave Answer Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
    After All I Paid 450 USD
    So Do U Have Any idea To Get Back Money Please If Yes Then Let Me Know Soon
    [email protected]

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  • Ma
    malvikaa solanki Aug 02, 2012

    Qvi / Quest Net is fraud, call up there holiday package hotels you will know. why did they change company name because it is banned

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  • Sh
    shilpi100 Jul 06, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ““I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the entire management of Agile informatics who give me opportunity to work with there organization. Great people great work environment of work so dn't bothered negative comment some foolish people do that if you want to work with this organization than your most welcome.

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  • Ad
    Adils2 Apr 10, 2012

    It is definitely a scam! Be wise...dont put your hard earned money in these fraud schemes. Even i have lost money 2-3 years back in this business in Mumbai. The business model is actually crafted very wickedly...makes you believe that the products sold are of numismatic value n crap...if you go to sell them in the market n everyone will show you the door. All the topliners(people who introduce you to the business) disappear after getting you enrolled... Unfortunately questnet has good backing by govts due to the involvement of govt officials too...obviously their palms have been greased so as to allow them to run questnet.
    Most of the posts here praising questnet here are clearly posted by questnet company hired surfers or by some newly entered dumb fu** can make out from the vernacular languages used by them.
    Beware of questnet!

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  • Pu
    purple_ Aug 19, 2011

    Hi, if you want to join Quest net in dubai with a good team and get all the trainings and help and stuff you can contact [email protected] i will help you

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  • Ku
    Kumar_India Jun 14, 2011

    I was an IR 4 years back. I am not doing it now. The reasons of everyones Innocence; Cheatings by friends to their own friends and pretending themselves that they didn't cheat but cheated by the top guys and company; Un-Educated guys like Auto Wala, Rick Shaw Walas, Village guys; Lazy goons; Friends who left the two guys after being referred; Political & Police hunt on money, People who jealous of the people who earned more money who joined recently than the people who joined very late; people who are greedy on money - made this legitimate business system got collapsed in India. This happens in any networking. Thank god!! this business system is so transparent in helping to know who really are well being. What research the complainers done was the crap of all the scraps written by those fellows whom i mentioned before. And these compaliners were debating like as if they burnt day & night oil for months and years to collect information. I noticed one person compalined like "Checks stopped so this business is cheat". What is the ### is that??? My checks stopped 2 years back. But still this is a legitimate business. The complainers whoever joined previosuly must have an IR id and password. How many of them read the "Terms & Conditions", "Policies & Procedures" ? If you have read it, you no need to worry about it. I earned 10 Lakhs in a very legitimate way by investing 1.2 lakhs in a matter of one year. And nothing left in my pocket right now. Comic is it?? After taxes I took only one lakh (Its still my xtra money apart from my career) for my expenses and remaining lakh of rupees, I spent to whomever joined the business under me whoever I met. Yes of course, you can this is business tactics. But some guys who joined after me earned in crores. I saw people under him doing business in a way of chating people. That doesn't mean that the guy who earned crores was teaching his feloow guys to cheat people. "Terms & Conditions", "Policies & Procedures" clearly states what must do and must not do. But damn everybody needs vice-vera. If is it so, suffer. who cares. If i got chance still I will do it. People were crying like this is a tree structure, binary structure blah blah...OMG...Hope most were IT guys here. I will end up by giving one simple example. Can a CEO IT company have atleast minimum of 2 vice-presidents for various depts, Can a president have minimum of 2 directors, can a director headingtwo clients, Can a client have a minimum of 2 projects lead by project managers, can a project have minimum 2 project leaders, can a project leader have minimum of 2 frehers?? Now the question is who is earning more money??? Of, course CEO. He is in the top most tree. The difference is the business process. Here everybody will get salary because you are an employee of the company. Here also policitcs, appraisal, cheating everything is there but this is not a transparent process. The business process of QuestNet is each and every individual is a Business man here. If you felt like an employee in questnet, i think you spit yourself on your face. This is totally a transparent process.

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  • Ka
    karan6699 May 30, 2011

    This Quest Net Company Is One Kind Of Mafia !
    Its Like a Knight Mare.
    Came Taking 450 US Dollars And Gone.
    No Product No Money Back
    Is This Good ? Dear My Friends
    [email protected]

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  • Pr
    Priankbhatt May 25, 2011

    A ### called Gaurav Tripathi brainwashed me by showing how much he is earning and that too without much pain. I had full faith on that ### as I was new in Mumbai and he was a colleague of mine. For weeks, he brainwashed me by narrating his future dreams and how easily he would achieve them. ### didn't reveal just used to pass a smile with aplomb until one day he took me to Andheri Subha Galaxy where another ### Gaurav Mishra brainwashed me. The thing why I believed them was that they were very friendly and I thought why would the ###ing ### cheat on me and make money on my cost.
    I also trapped two of my friends, for whom I will have a life long feeling of guilt. But I am sure that those ### will never have any guilty feeling. My advise to everyone is "If something sounds too good to be true, its false".

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  • Ye
    Yeshey Drukpa Mar 11, 2011

    I am neutral to every complains and sopports for the Questnet Company...I am deaf and blind to the others comments on the Business. There is nothing perfecr in this world, only think is we have to make it perfect by ourself in the things what we believe in.

    Therefore, I don't bother on others mind set. I beleive in Quest net and want to help others to change their life. So if anyone wants to change their life please let me know:
    Mr. Yeshey, Thimphu: Bhutan, Email: [email protected], 00975-[protected], Fax: [protected] Tel: [protected] or join directly from: AB040944

    Thanks and see you on the top!

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  • Ka
    Kamo707 Feb 27, 2011

    Just think about it! If your profit is from your subgroups, imagine that you are in the group of one million people who joined recently and has no subgroups. In this case, at least 2 million people must join so that each man/wm in the upper group (1 mll) earned their first revenue which is not even comparable to the cost.

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  • Sa
    sam1234567 Feb 21, 2011

    some people will try to fool you and sell this bio disc, they are the master of words so stay away from them and any one trying to sell this product they are all thieves trying to fool you and snach your hard earned money.

    They have already lost their Rs. 30000/- or more and are trying to recover it by fooling you. They might manage to get their accunts credited but what about one more account in which they are getting credited with Curses.

    God will not spare them however please be careful of such thugs (Thieves). x(

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  • Sa
    sam1234567 Feb 21, 2011

    a person name manjit singh bassan will try to fool you and sell this product, he is master of words so stay away from him and any one trying to sell this product they are all thieves trying to fool you and snach your hard earned money.

    They have already lost their Rs. 30000/- or more and are trying to recover it by fooling you. They might manage to get their accunts credited but what about one more account in which they are getting credited with Curses.

    God will not spare them however please be careful of such thugs (Thieves). x(

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  • As
    Ashok mehta Jan 25, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I joined questnet on recommendations of friend 0ver 3 years ago. I still have not recd my coins. The ghovt has stopped the Indian office and frozen the bank accounts, and now they the guys on top are going to Honk Kong and bringing these coins in for IRs but in their areas like Mumbai, Goa etc. There is not postal delivery system now as the coins get pinched. Even the courier companies they engaged were pinching the coins and the IRs were getting the coin boxes in mail and on opening there were no coins. Same with Bio disc. The people on top are making money and those at bottyom have lost out. I paid if I remember 76000/- for 2 sets of coins and with great difficulty have got about half back. They have no delivery system in India except what they bring in personally and thern you are supposed to travel and collect the coins. I stay 1000 kms from Mumbai, so to collect the cost of travelling is prohibitive. What profit is it to me. Its definitely a scam in India. So beware.

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  • Le
    Lemesa Leta Senbeta Jan 24, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please pay me . It is my asset, not yours.
    If not God follow my asset!you know every things clearly unless
    you want to theft it.if you are human kind, unless you are theft kind.

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  • De
    Devang P Jan 22, 2011

    There must be some problem with the delivery system. Are you sure that the package wasn't returned to the company or the receiver failed to produced the proper identification proof at the time of delivery. In that case, it may take longer than usual to receive the product. You can go on the company website and fill the appropriate customer inquiry form with all your customer details and the company officials will get back to you.

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  • De
    Devang P Jan 22, 2011

    QuestNet is one of the best MLM companies in this world, with a simple business structure and amazing products. I have been a member of QuestNet for 3 years now and am really satisfied with th returns I have got. QuestNet has helped me survive the most hard period of my life and I am very very thankful to the company. Long Live QuestNet!

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  • Ri
    Ricky Lee Jan 20, 2011

    To Blurgirl...I am Malaysian too. And believe me, I have gone thru the pro and cons too about the company. And here is what I can tell you.
    1. the company is legitimate and is growing fast. Check out our local newspaper daily and u should be able to find out more positive news aboyt it.
    2. the Biodisc is simply an amazing and remarkable product. Don't have to take my word for it, just read the testimonies online from all over the world. And furthermore, TV1 has even made coverage on Biodisc itself. Check it out in youtube. So, that should clear ur doubt about Biodisc. There are other products but Biodisc is the killer product.
    3. the business plan is by far much more simpler and profitable than any MLM. And you have the opportunity to achieve Financial Freedom, but effort is needed. With no effort, dun even dream of that. This is not quick-rich-scheme plan or even a pyramid system. But if u love the product, then juz purchase the product. Forget about the bsnez plan.

    First of all... u don't have to listen to those who will try to pull u down, just because they dun want to take the risk. To be rich and successful, the risks r always there. So are the opportunities. To reach out and grab it, it's up to u. If u keep on listening to others, well...u will be like the others. Nothing happens. 10 years down the road, u will still be where u r now.

    Well, best of luck.

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  • Ri
    Ricky Lee Jan 20, 2011

    Well...whadaya's 2011 now and Questnet has grown tremendously. So for all those ignorant fools (u should know who u r..)...i bet u guys feel like sticking ur head in the sand now huh...well, nevermind. It is still not too late to change ur life. Stop complaining and do something about it.

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  • Bl
    blurgirl Oct 28, 2010

    I am a Malaysian and I have just join Quest Net, but after reading so much comment and the pro and corn, i'm really confused. I donno whether my decision is correct or wrong anymore.#
    So far, i have invite some of my frens but they all have a clear mind and reject the offer.
    I really feel difficult in this situation..

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  • Af
    affgg Oct 15, 2010

    Before joining quest net i thought this is a great company and most of the people succeeded and
    i was having the ability to work and become success just in a few months just like others but
    after joining i heard from many of my friends that this health product which the company is
    selling is not is not the price of the product, First its too expensive second its useless and
    i have the chi pendent using for 1 week and did not feel any changes, also how can i trust
    this product and what actually its made from. In my opinion i made a mistake joining the
    company, this company is not selling the product, the company is forcing people to join but
    no they are not selling the product; they are selling code in this case you should buy the
    product and become a member and find other people to come under you so that they buy the
    product and you earn commission on that even if the member do not like the product they just
    buy to become a member. I became a member before 1 month now i am confused to start this
    business because i need the proof that this product really helps people for their needs and
    also the product is not fake please help me to proof this, it would be appreciated
    Thank you

    [email protected]

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  • Aa
    AAA2010 Aug 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Do you know that this company has no refund policy and refuse to cancel any purchase order ...what regulation gave them this right...what a company..

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  • Ro
    Ronniejmangalis77 Jun 22, 2010

    Dear Reena Kadiri,

    wake up and smell the coffee. its time to change. Regret posting this? its not your fault. Be a [censor] today and a successful person tomorrow. Have a great day..

    Ronnie JM of M'sia

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  • Jh
    jhainee May 14, 2010

    to clear things out...u may think this is a scam or something...but the VISION of the company is RYTHM - "RAISE YOURSELF TO HELP MANKIND"
    If those friends of yours are in trouble because of the credits well it's their fault not to blame in the company because the company has a very excellent system. If you are really a true networker you should be well equipped with knowledge and wisdom...
    according to Pathman: this is a really serious business...
    our big earnings is the result of our hardships and trainings to mold us into a person with integrity and personality...
    sayonara...have a nice day ahead...(^^, )

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  • Le
    Lemesa Leta Senbeta Apr 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Name is Lemesa Leta Senbeta from Ethiopia. I have bought your product in about2005-2006 online Golden watch by $600USAD at that time, but still now I can't get my asset .please how I can get it. my E-mail is [email protected]

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  • Mi
    M.Ishaq Apr 11, 2010

    Quest net is a pure e-commerce company, it is the successful e-commerce company in the world. I am very sorry for those who have failed in this business. I would like to ask some questions from them who have failed in this business,
    When you joined this business do have enough knowledge to conduct it?
    Were there any training session for you?
    Was there a reason of joining it (Compelling reason)?
    How much serious were you in your work (Took it as a hobby or seriously want to achieve something)?
    Do you attend the company events?
    How do you approach people?
    Were your prospecting strong?
    Do you clear there concerns regarding the company profile and the plan?
    Do you train or transfer enough knowledge to you new sign-ups or down liners?
    I don't think the business or the system is not working you as your self are you following the system the way the business should be done.You have to follow the way it is done nothing new should be added in this plan, So how the ### can say that the company plan is not working it is a failure?


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  • Iw
    iwasstupid Apr 08, 2010

    nothing good about network marketing.
    - to get someone sign up you tell him white lie-actually cheating, but networkers like you allow cheating in ur business, and make it as a must.
    - you tell your downline, this is their business and nothing can stop them earn money, actually you are saying, "my downline is my money, and I cant earn if he stop doing business business/ taking a rest, so let me energized him everytime so that I can relax and earn money from him"
    - your product is sooo expensive, i have 3 biodiscs, stupid product i had ever purhcased. and your company lie about the inventor of the biodisc, Ian Lyon. He is not even a doctor, but your company said he is a doctor - a surgeon to be specified. So the product is designed by someone who hv no qualification as per claim by your company.
    - your events all are expensive, what a money sucker... VIJAY! If your really appreciate your people, you shoudl arrange free events, so that your people can be appreciated and many can come
    - you will say other people who quit as a loser, but actually you are the loser, you dont want to change even you find out this business is difficult (difficult because required you to cheat and fooling people). Many other busines outside which give you more income, and not required you to cheeat. You afraid to stop because you been telling alot of lie to your friend, you afraid your friend will come back and claim their money back. You also has been spending alot of time and money, and effort to build your network, so you afraid of wasting.

    so networkers, think back of what your did and about to do.. pls dont cheat people around.

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  • My
    My choosen business Apr 07, 2010

    accually questnet is a good network marketing.PPL who that cant make that network will always says 101 reason like nut.So, no body can be come somebody in questnet.Believe in, u hardwork will care another 3 generation in Quest Net.The-V

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  • Bb
    B.Bass Apr 07, 2010

    I can be the biggest sceptic & the biggest ‘Doubting Thomas’ out there! So I understand all the negativity. If you’re looking for a scam, go to ‘You Tube’ & search “Money as Debt”. Guys wake up…this whole system is a scam.

    With regards to Quest net the problem with any organisation boils down to people. Out of 100 people the majority are likely to fail. Sorry…that’s life. Most people on a diet will fail…that’s life! Most people on an exercise program will fail…that's life. Most people who want to play a musical instrument will fail. We are all human…that’s life!!

    Before you join Quest net do your due diligence. Go to their offices…for example I’m in London UK, Qi-ltd have 2 offices. Do not believe the hype go and see for yourself, if you cannot go physically then call all the worldwide offices. Make sure they’re there. Take an educated decision. If you join & it does work out, so what...that’s life. Most businesses fail with in 3 years, would you call them a scam…

    I decided to take responsibility for my own life & it is liberating. I reluctantly signed up to Quest net & so far I have been pleasantly shocked. It is working on many levels. The old business model based on corruption, greed & competition will make way for a structure based on truth & ethics you will witness this with-in 10 years. Even if you don’t get involved sit back & watch what will happen.

    However I have found it to be extremely hard work. You need to refer people. But there are no sales or time targets. You must refer at least 2 people & that activates your business.

    It is an opportunity that forces you to look with-in. This is not comfortable sometimes. It has force me out of my comfort zone & I don’t like being out of my comfort zone. Only get involved if you are prepared to bust your butt. Let the truth be know...stay away if you are looking for an easy ride. It really does involve hard work. This is something you may not be prepared for, I wasn’t.

    So far, so good it's working - everyone I've referred is enjoying their product apart from 1 guy. Personally I have no complaint.

    Feel free to mail me at [email protected] do not make a half-baked decision. I would be glad to help.

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  • Ti
    tired-of-questnet Apr 03, 2010

    Yeay! finally I am free from Quest Net. After holding my intention for quite some times... finally I announced to my people that I am not in the business anymore, I AM QUIT!, and after that my life is sooo greattt!!! no calls.. no product complaints... no stress.. no stupid repetitious meeting .. and no arrogant uplines come and scolding me anymore.. in fact, i hv free time to do what ever i want, and increase my profit in such a way i want.
    Really, network marketing will always be my last option to get involve in... PLEASE PEOPLE, my mental, brain, physical, emotion, financial were suffered when i got involved in QUEST NET... now all are good..



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  • Vi
    vinod33 Feb 10, 2010

    people wake up who said Quest net is illegal, when elephant goes dogs will shout louder and louder the same way is applied for every new evolution like Questnet

    i am working for the same company since many days and i am getting my cheques and and peoples product and their cheques on time.

    all the negative thinking people are the failures in their own self eg:- if any students were drop out of the college, its not that colleges is bad, but the student is not behaving as their regulations and standards.

    same here if you dont fill the initial form correctly and still the credits cards of the people and spend the amount illegally finally what happens the person who's credit card was stollen he will blame the company

    however please dont make propaganda of the company, because they are helping the poor countries at the time of natural dishaster and many countries who have been attacked by western countries

    guys if you cannot help them please dont blame them

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  • Ma
    mAdnAd Jan 12, 2010

    The only difference among all there is deviation in their common understanding and approach...there are 100s of such scams happening via internet...these companies create mammoths out of no investment...and the victims are poor people who decide to let their meager brains follow the trap.

    There is no doubt in a chain of 100 people 10 would benefit but surely 90 would sit and curse the time they opted for such methods to multiply their hard earned money...

    Whomsoever here claims that any internet based MLM is genuine and ethical, must enroll into schools again as they have been missing something called as common sense...

    Its your money ...its your mind...burn it...spend it..or multiply it ...but chose better options to do that...

    Its like putting your money with people who end up eating it away, while you sip coladas in grey shade...

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  • To
    Tork Jan 10, 2010


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  • To
    Tork Jan 10, 2010


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  • Vt
    vtvsimbu Dec 31, 2009

    we were the member of this company .so we gave reference to our close family member. he also joined this company. he have"nt get any product till now.{2 years}please help us what actions shuold be taken to punish the culprits.if they dont give us the products, then they should return ...

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  • Qu
    QUest net sucks Dec 10, 2009

    This is a piece of ### business cheating others in the name of doing a business. Instead of doing this business its better you can send your family for begging. I guess your house or your wealth has been purchased from the money that you cheated the downline people. Hey Questnet supporters/lovers listen here never cheat any one in the name of business. If you people still supporting this nonsense do you guys have guts to return the money atleast for the downline people who joined under you. Can you guys answer in the next review.

    You know what, I was under the team "OCEAN". I was joined in the compulsion of Mr. Vinodh Motha but that ###er did not attend the call once after the case is escalated to CBI. I even told that I am not interested but brain washed me like some thing and cheated me. Is it possible to arrest that ###er. Alryt considered even he has the family I dont mind he is arrested or not. Is it possible to return my money. Its my hard earned money and I did wasted it. Never encourage this type of business in INDIA henceforth.

    Hello its for everyone who are the lovers and still in the business of QUEST NET
    If you are interested just go ahead with this business can you all co-ordinate and return the money who lost it. I am speaking for every one who lost the money. I am sure you guys dont do that. ### you all...

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  • Ah
    AhmedOdeh Nov 23, 2009

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  • Ha
    hate Vijay Oct 31, 2009

    Readers please agree that all dreams set up by your upline base on you 8 Basic Building Blocks DVD is just a LUST and GREED.
    You never have these thought before you joining quest net but now they told you to pursue this thing so called as DREAM.
    What use of private jet and luxurious car? If u cant afford, just simply cant afford, and why u need to work like a dog just to full fill your LUST.
    Why you need to have a mansion if u hv only 2 children and 1 wife? Does 2 storey house with 4 rooms not enough for you?
    Why use of insurance that u pays every months if u said you do quest net to prepare you family from any difficulties in future?
    What use of your degree and masters, and your working experience if u said that you need quest net because u afraid you company is going to shut down?

    DREAM!!! This is that stupid Pathman and Vijay taught me last time, I used to believe for the past 3 years and now I realized that I shudnt believe these people anymore.
    They manipulate word DREAm to get people work like a dog to make them rich.
    Vijay will become fatter and fatter. LOL
    I used almost USD4000 for products, camps, seminars, traveling, and stupid VCons. but until today i only earn usd1500.

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  • Sl
    slave Sep 28, 2009

    O people ...Be aware...Zuhur is coming...holy Quran says: Dajjal will come before the judgement day ..he will come promising plenty of food, money to people, although he is an amazing dabger fo r the Earth..Allah bless us, the universe..I am supplicating on behalf of the Earth...I have attendes a lot of this kind of 'millioeers' seminars where people are properly instructed how to tell lies even to the closest people around themself. As if they want the whole human get money...This is rediculous..Where are you...O Imam Mehdi O Isa (a.s) millionair Sinatirajah Eswaran please be kind...There is Allah who will ask all of us..

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  • Ga
    GANDHIMATHI Sep 08, 2009

    hi everyone, i'am from malaysia.I am working as an Engineer in small town call Teluk Intan, Perak.I was introduce Questnet by, my collage mate.Now, already 1 years in this journey, i'am going to resign soon cause my earning power per month more than what i earning prevoius.From no body, now i became somebody.As usuall other MLM company are very joulous with Questnet because of their effeciency on Company background that they talking about.QUESTNET CHANGE MY LIFE AND FROM ME I CHANGE MORE 1, 000PPL LIFE IN QUESTNET.I HOPE EVERY ONE WILL JOIN IN QUESTNET, AND GO MONEY FEEDOM LIKE ME.


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