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I am anuradha kasaudhan my ir id is in719968 of qnet world. It's a pyramid scheme, which is an unsustainable business model. Those who have already enrolled would act as they are earning huge through this, just to entice and lure. Once in, you will figure out that you have been made a scape goat and will shamelessly lure people so as to recover the huge sum you paid.
One day I received call from my friend she told me we running a e-commerce business and we are actually working on a wonderful business alongside a few people from iit/iim and are looking for like-minded people to expand. I think you have the potential and would be a great fit, besides you can make big bucks in a short while. " when I ask, could you please explain in detail, the reply would be "it's difficult to explain it on phone. I will arrange business meeting.

After long conversation for my friend I went to meet people at coffee shop ccd at green park for meeting.
Meeting was take 4 to 5 hour. Where mostly person engaged with new person to take 4 to 5 hour of meeting. First they ask some question like why r u want doing business? They emotionally pin me. And told if you want to do something different for yourself and your family then we told you about new era business. And those who had already fallen into the trap of mlm, though desperate inside to sign the next person would act as if they have made millions. They told "what do u do on weekends? Do you think u can survive on your meager salary? Why not explore options to earn part time, while you continue your regular job? I will show you the way to earn big bucks. You just need to spend half an hour daily or a few hours on the weekend" by falsely hyping all this. They would try to brainwash and make you the next one in this business. If you don’t agree and not continue then 4-5 guys jointly forced you for, hype and put a mental pressure to sign up under them. - do not budge under pressure.

After all I brainwashed and I collect amount who I can from my friend and colleague, somehow I pay rs 21000. But after some day they called me again for more money total rs 75000. They also told, ask to your friends for remaining money. Your friends will definitely help you. They trying to convince me by telling if you want do something different and big in your life, arrange money as soon as possible. They forcibly insist me also you can arrange money by taking loan from bank.

Next day morning, I realized that there is something fishy in this business & going in wrong direction, need to talk and discuss all about qnet world business with my close friends. Then I called to my close friend and explained him what happened with me and what I invest in qnet world business and all. After that he scold me and told you are very stupid and don’t think how to do business and all. What you know about qnet world? Qnet world is a big fraud and scam company who making fool people of india. Its is mlm based company and wrongly promised to you, you can millionaire in some year by investing your some time and some money. He scold me and go and check about qnet world scam on internet through image, news and quora and some other complaint sites.

After that I go through all this and shocked. I saw a list of scam of qnet world. I totally disappointed with myself what I did? I felt I lost my all money rs 21000 who I arrange with my pocket money, friend and colleagues. I earn monthly only 11000 and I don’t know how to return money which I have taken with my friend and colleague for this scam qnet world. I depressed and not able to think what I do? I didn’t sleep from two or three days.

After some days when I felt relaxed and think how can I get my money back? Then I called to khushboo agrawal - in612384, pune – [protected] and told her I don’t want continue this business with scam qnet world and you don’t brief me about business, product, and scheme in clear way. You wrongly guide me because of yourself income and all. You convinced me and forced me for business meeting with your upline reshu singhal, new delhi – [protected]. Suddenly she cut my phone. Then my very hopeless because she cut my phone and she is my dearest friend from last 7 years we know each other very well. I had blind faith on her and I invested my money behalf on her for this scam qnet world business.

After that I called to reshu singhal, new delhi – [protected] upline of khushboo agrawal - in612384, pune – [protected]. Reshu singhal is that person who make me fool in business meeting of green park.
I asked to her how can I get my money back rs 21, 000. Then she told me anuradha you are very depressed and need to meet me and we will short out everything. Then I went and meet with her, when I reached there I asw she come with 3 & 4 people who is already in this business scam qnet world. They all emotionally pin me and told refund is not possible because your product purchased from us site. They all told me, learn & continue with this money only. Don't worry about more money to invest. They showed me a video “the secret of becoming mentally strong” from you tube. They also trying to convince me by so many of example and false resource like you are doing job from 1.5 year. Your income is very low how to do complete your dream and your family dream. They jibe on my current life and saying you live with as usual survive your life. You can’t grow in your life. After listen all that I am getting frustrate and my mind is totally blank. Suddenly I left that place and come back to my room. It’s horrible for me because I had realized they all making me fool and I lost my all money.

They created a whatsaap group related to my activities with all their scam qnet world member. Ankur nayak ([protected]) , ankit singhal ([protected]) , kanika garg ([protected]) , khushboo agrawal ([protected]) , reshu singhal ([protected]) , unknown ([protected]) and me.
They message me on whatsaap in a group which is made by khushboo agrawal.
We r looking for people who are mentally and emotionally strong.
I think it will take time for u get thr.
- plz return books they cost 1000rs. Either courier them or meet reshu and hand over.
- refund won't be possible. If u were not sure in that moment then u wound have taken decision. I hope person who take u thru entire concept must hv told u about importance of decision.
Still we will try but chances are very less.
Now option left, u start business with the money u put in & understand everything learn and grow or don't do anything at all.

After this I sent mail to global. [protected]@qnet.Net, support. [protected]@qnetindia.In, [protected]@qnetindia.In reagarding cancel my product. They revert me
Thank you for your purchase of a product. Please be advised that under the terms and conditions of sale, and the commercial terms applicable thereunder, the sale is governed by the terms and conditions. This has been expressly agreed upon by you accordingly. As such, any refund request for processing is due to be made within the allowed grace period of 7 days from the date of purchase.
The date of purchase and applicable terms have thereby passed. We regret that we are unable to process any refund as a result of the same, and there is no obligation for us to do so in the circumstances.
Date of purchase: 24 dec 2016
I totally frustrated and feeling low, all are making me fool qnet world is a big scam in india. They have very large network by that they misleading and misspelling product of scam qnet world.

Complaint against qnet world scam

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